KEYS NO LONGER EXIST, BUT THIS TECHNIQUE WORKS FOR DROPPING ITEMS LIKE UNSTABLE ISO. I AM NOT DELETING THE POST OR REWRITING IT, BUT YOU CAN READ THIS AS A GUIDE TO FARMING CONSUMABLES AND UISO. Each chapter has one or two missions that require the collection of a certain number of useless items to go to the next mission in the chapter. Prior to the revision of combat drop frequency, these were afterthoughts as they dropped like candy. But, these are dark days, friends, and combat drops are simply not flowing 2-4 a fight from normal fighting.

What is an enterprising PvE player to do if they don't want to five star the mission in a long-shot hunt for these annoying useless pieces of junk? Read on, enterprising PvE player.

The Strategy

These missions require a somewhat counter-intuitive style of fighting. Rather than go for one shot knock outs or epic overkills, you want to slow play the non-boss missions. Instead of hard hits, you want to hit soft. But frequently. This is a strategy adapted from farming Command Points (which no longer drop in combat), but it still works for forcing general drops, especially keys with a high rate of success.


  • The Batstone never fails. 4 hits to all enemies, 25% critical, soft damage.
  • The Perforator does 4 hits to all enemies with high crits.
  • The SI-PDW is also fantastic. 4 hits to all enemies, and it counterattacks. No crits, but we don't worry about that anymore.
    • I wouldn't buy one just to farm keys. The Batstone is it's equal and is a silver and purple point purchase or a roulette drop. The same applies for the Golden Batstone and the Batstone Model 7.
  • S.A. Siege and WMI T'Cha are good against single targets. 4 hits with a shot at a followup.
  • Power of Four is not necessary, but if you are farming keys and don't want to level, this is tailor made.

Heroes with multi-attacks
You might also want to use one or more heroes with multihit attacks. Some recomendations:

  • Quicksilver is the current king of multihits with 18 per attack and two attacks a round (more with infiltrators)
  • Emma Frost's L9 attack hits for 24 total hits. Storm's hits all enemies 5 times.
  • Luke Cage and Gambit have 4 hit AOE attacks.
  • Against infiltrators, any scrapper will do, but I find Quicksilver to be the most likely given his high accuracy and insane number of hits. Luke Cage and Black Cat (alternate) work exceedingly well, with 3 x 2 attacks. Sif would be the worst Scrapper for farming keys.
  • When released, Deadpool will probably be the best for single target key drops.
  • Human Torch's flame steam hits 6 times.

Experiment a little and see what works for you. Since this is mission play, and not CP farming, you will want to win the fight, which might alter your team composition or your weapons a bit. One idea might be to bring a doomsday weapon with a warm up, like the Handheld Hohlraum or Human Torch's Nova Blast. I believe, if you run it long enough, you can get 2 or 3 keys from a long enough fight. But definitely one.

Happy hunting.

Note: My observation with little hard data for analysis is that keys drop more as you get more stars. So, if you're having trouble getting keys with this advice, be sure to complete the mission, get some mastery stars, and try again. As a side note, don't send me a message saying it doesn't work and asking what you should do. I wrote this as a public service, but I really don't find this topic interesting in the least.

Final Word:If this isn't working for you, you should try something else. If light hits aren't working, try hitting hard. Try area attacks. I hate to be a jerk but I'm honestly tired of hearing about it. The method works for me. It takes patience. If the method doesn't work for you, do something else. I am turning comments on this post off. I'm sorry, but everything I have to say on this is said.

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