Two long waits have come to an end. The wait for Daimon Hellstrom (aka Hellstorm), the Son of Satan, promised to us way way back at New York Comic Con 2012. And the wait for new content (I've had nothing but PVP to do since July 1st, and really, I'd completed the Wonderman Op fully a couple weeks before then, so it's been a month since I had much to do). So, here we are. And I love the Hell ouf of the Son of Satan. So, Woo-Hoo, they finally added a character who is PKB approved (after all the Pymholes {3 special ops} and X-Farces {Large number of PVP tourneys}).

Opening Material


Let's get the usual stuff out of the way, just for all the folks who haven't done one of these before. And for the folks who use my guides but never get sick of the stuff at the top

Running The Epic Boss

I highly recommend running the Epic Boss as often as possible. You will need the epic boss drop to complete the forging quest for the Red Sword Of Who Knows What It Does, Other Than Look Awesome When the Agent Carries It. You'll also want to run the Epic rather than spend 25 gold to complete the special op. And there are a lot of free lockboxes available for the Satana Side Quest. So, really, you WANT TO RUN THE EPIC, EARLY AND OFTEN.

To run to epic, you will need, Fantomex (135 CPs), Scarlet Witch (90 CPs), and Iron Fist (15 CPs?!?) for a total of 240 CPs, aka one of the lowest total costs EVER. If 240 CPs sound like a lot of CPs, yeah, you're probably right, but, friend, There are two ways to get CPs:

  1. Spend money
  2. Spend time

There is a Tutorial on getting CPs written by Potkettleblack, which details how you can get CPs for free, given enough time and energy.

No excuses. Run the epic boss. Case closed.

Group Boss Etiquette

Blackheart is in the game!


Of course, Blackheart is a frequent visitor to the wiki, and we ban him every time he comes. He'll probably chime some displeasure or some satisfaction in this very blog. Fear not, the admins will treat him as a group boss, and get rid of him for the umpteenth time. You'd think he'd learn. At any rate, that's not the point of this section.

Don't kill your own Group Boss unless you don't have any active friends. You are making it harder for your friends if you don't leave your group boss active for at least 24 hours before collecting. You could leave him longer, and it would be nice if you do, but you owe it to your friends to leave it up for 24 hours. That's only fair.

Do kill your friend's group bosses. Those GB roulettes can be pretty sweet. And you killing it doesn't keep anyone else from killing it, collecting their lockboxes and their LB roulettes. So, do kill theirs, but don't kill yours.

Efficient Routes

During the task portion of the mission, it is very rarely important to do things via the efficient path, until task 24. When you are going for three star and four star (and beyond), efficient paths are much more important. But relax. It takes time to develop the efficient paths, and they aren't necessary for your first run or two through any of the missions.

Mission 1: I was able to do it without a deploy and leaving one easy fight. So, 2 high, 3 medium, 1 low (always do the hardest mission available) plus the three bird boss. By my math, that's 80 UISO.

Mission 2: Two efficient routes. Unless you have completed the side quest, run it to epic if you can.

Mission 3: Slow down, hoss. Not there yet.

The Task Lists


Group 1 - You Don't Need My Help Here

So, enter the special op, get your 440 UISO and get to work.

  • The Devil You Know - 1 of 25
    • Hydrones
      • Defeat 5 HYDRA Soldiers

You will have to do three fight to get your 5 Hydra soldiers. No big whoop.

  • The Devil You Know - 2 of 25
    • Cunning Ploy
      • Complete a Deploy

Probably doesn't have to be done in special ops. But, I like reading the text.

  • The Devil You Know - 3 of 25
    • Astral Rejection
      • Defeat Baron Mordo

Our first use of Daimon Hellstrom, who I am liking quite a bit, even without ISO. Mordo is annoying, but pretty weak if you can get ahead of him and keep him from phasing or locking down one of your heroes.

  • The Devil You Know - 4 of 25
    • Black And Blue
      • Defeat 3 Bruiser Demons

Easy to find. I think I capped two in the other miniboss mission. There are 6 total bruiser demons on the map, not counting the two in the miniboss fight. I ran inefficiently. No big whoop.

  • The Devil You Know - 5 of 25
    • Take Him To Task
      • Defeat Taskmaster

I'm not jazzed like everyone else by Taskmaster. Maybe when/if he lockboxes, but seriously, I'm with Cap on this one:


  • The Devil You Know - 6 of 25
    • Seals In Freshness
      • Research the Soul Jar in the Lab

Easy peasy. Like I said, you don't need me for that. You get 8 hours off. I took overnight, because I don't feel a huge sense of urgency.

A note before we put it down. If you don't have two stars, you might want to wait to do your second run. I didn't, and I'm a touch jammed up (but unworried) on the first Satana task (stupid not reading ahead). At any rate, if you get the two stars, you don't need to worry and if you ran it again like I had originally wrote, there's no need to run it a third time for the first Satana task.

Group 2 - I Write These, Why?

So, we finished our research, we have our two stars in mission one, we're ready for action. This second set is plenty easy.

  • The Devil You Know - 7 of 25
    • Black Arts
      • Complete a Battle with Blackheart

Complete is a bit of a misnomer. Start a battle with him, do your knocks, let him flee, and move on. That's a completion. You can start this battle on any spec ops map. You don't have to worry about completing the mission and closing the map, it will migrate with you. Completing this task will also start the "From Hell's Heart" Lock Box quests. I'm not going to go to mental with completing those fast, especially as they don't fit particularly well with our tasks for a while. Never fear, we'll get there.


  • From Hell's Heart - 1 of 6
    • Scrap Heap
      • Defeat 10 Scrapper Demons
        • Tetrabrach, Harpe, and Incascia are found in Missions 1 and 3.

So, we could run Mission 1 again, to complete this task, except there are only 8 in an inefficient run, and while we could take our 6 or 8 and count on getting them from Blackhearts that our friends load, I say we just chill and let it happen. We're going to Mission 2.

  • The Devil You Know - 8 of 25
    • Half Time
      • Defeat 2 Members of the Wrecking Crew

You can set up your first run of Mission 2 to be task efficient, by running the single mini, and the hardest available fights, two bird Venom and start over. Or you can run it to Epic (recommended if possible).

These guys? Again? It's funny, even Tony Stark is sick of them. At any rate, pick yer poison. Since Satana is the team up, I went with Thunderball. She's got some nice tricks. That's my first impression.

  • The Devil You Know - 9 of 25
    • Mission Accomplished
      • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 1

Yeah, that's why I wanted to get the two stars before coming here. Mission accomplished, indeed.

  • The Devil You Know - 10 of 25
    • We Are Venom
      • Defeat Venom

Easy fight, imho. You can switch out Satana, improve your class matchups, or you can play it with her. Either way, Venom isn't that great and Wrecker is, for better or worse, still Wrecker.

NOTE: If you are running this mission to epic, do not do what I did and fight Mephisto right away. We will want it for task 12. (stupid not reading ahead me).

  • The Devil You Know - 11 of 25
    • Stick A Fork In It
      • Upgrade the Trident to the Infernal Trident in the Lab

That's group 2. 24 hours off, as we upgrade the trident to the other trident, which we will later upgrade to the other trident. The three tridents have synergy, but feel way to slow to be practically useful. Now, if you had a nice way of propogating Soulfire, the final trident might be worthy of some play, but this is starting to feel to combo based to be useful, especially by the AI.

Group 3 - Spec Op Tasks, Very Few Spec Ops Requirements

This is an odd little group. five tasks, only one actually has to occur in the special ops. Do it the smart way and it's cheap. Do it like I did and you will be short on ISO for the final task of the group.


  • The Devil You Know - 12 of 25
    • Daughter of the Devil
      • Use Satana's Fires of Hell 3 Times
        • Fires of Hell is Satana's second ability.

Yeah, it's her second ability and it has a two round cool down. So, we need 5 rounds of combat to make this happen. Be warned.

If you did this right, you have Mephisto available for combat at the end of your first run. Perfect. I didn't do that (and actually, it's easier to stall some Wrecking Crew, but whatever), so it cost me more UISO. I spent my UISO like a drunken sailor.

A tip for keeping UnIso'd Satana alive for 5 rounds so she can do her moves without dying or killing everyone: I used Omega who has terrible synergy with Satana. Between her mirror images, her tanking ability, and her healing ability, Omega is a really effective staller. Rescue might not be a bad call either.

  • The Devil You Know - 13 of 25
    • Helping Hands
      • Complete 5 Deploys
        • The can be done outside of Special Ops.

Of course they CAN be done outside of special ops. But since I boned the call on the Epic Boss or the previous task, and I was already in to Thunderball... I made the decision to do a second epic run, which would use 5 deploys...

Suboptimal planning leads to suboptimal outcomes, but this one will work out in the end. If I were to pick a misison to get 5 deploys, 7.3 would be the call. 3-4 fights, and you're done. 12.4 has 3 deploys from one fight, but it's a long fight. Either way, at this moment, BEFORE YOU DO YOUR DEPLOYS you should probably send your heroes on 10 minute flights... because:

  • The Devil You Know - 14 of 25
    • Jet Set
      • Complete 5 Flight Deck Missions

Yeah. Love them freebies.

  • The Devil You Know - 15 of 25
    • Versus
      • Fight 5 PVP Battles

Get your PVP on. Even if it's practice. You don't even have to win these.

  • The Devil You Know - 16 of 25
    • Third Time's A Charm
      • Upgrade the Infernal Trident to the Netheranium Trident in the Lab

Big research, 48 hours, and we're done with ops for a couple days.

Group 4 - This Is More Complicated Than It Looks


Well, Mea Culpa. I've been lazy, haven't looked ahead until now, and I see I've messed some things up. Oh well, that's why they make em 23 days long.

  • The Devil You Know - 17 of 25
    • Malleus Maleficarum
      • Defeat 5 Infiltrator Demons
        • Domina, Meretrix, and Subcinctus are found in Mission 2

The tooltip points you to Missions 2 and 3, but there ain't no infiltrator demons on Mission 3. Worse, there are only 4 on M2, assuming you run it with the Wrecker Miniboss broken out. See, if I'd done the deploys in 7.3, I'd be somewhere in M2, able to do a couple Epic runs, and done... this way... depression...

Except. Couchpotatocnpb reminds me there are these things, called Blackheart fights which spawn demons of all flavors, and I should be able to finish this task there! Woo Hoo! Elation! Thanks, Bro.

The way it actually worked out was this: After doing my five deploys for task 13, I had not completed all the fights, and as it happened, there was one fight with an infiltrator, Venom, and Wrecker (who also has an infiltrator demon. So, I got impatient, got my two succubi, solo'd Venom, banged Mephisto, and ran it back again efficiently (do everything) since I only needed three more succubi. I then looked ahead at the tasks and did not do the three-bird fight, the reason for which will become apparent shortly.

I did it like that because I got tired of waiting for my Blackhearts to appear. Of course, as soon as I do it, I refreshed, and got 11 Blackhearts... Stupid game.

At any rate, somewhere before all this, I got my Scrappy demons, which completed task 1 of the the side quest. You know, that one that's been hanging out there for a while. Woo-hoo, progress! I bet she's annoyed that I've gone this far on Hellstrom without worrying a bit about her.


Today's Contestant on Real or Fake: Satana!

  • From Hell's Heart - 2 of 6
    • Soul Collector
      • Collect 5 Soul Jars

These things drop pretty easy, especially from Blackheart fights. Five wasn't a problem. Not the least bit. I got them with plenty of Blackhearts left. Which was good because...

  • From Hell's Heart - 3 of 6
    • Dread Locks
      • Fight Blackheart 5 Times

Well, it's good to have a lot of friends. Especially ones who know that you play the game kind of obsessively, so will always be available to do a social task.

A couple notes on Blackheart. It is possible to kill him in one go. As I said last op, I think that's not the best social thing to do. In fact, doing your 5-10% is right neighborly. But, if you're curious, check out Phatestlewtz's blog, detailing how he took Blackheart from 100% to 0% in 1 fight (Scrapper Only). I've used his method, tweaked it a bit, but won't do it to my own BH. Another strategy uses an updated version of an old PVP team I used to use(Note: The EA-GA-P4 combo is what works. you don't want to lift the heroes as there are better heroes and you don't need multiple routes to victory). A third variatiion uses The Doombringer Strategy (with which I screwed up two Blackhearts because it won't work on the tactician version). I link all of these ways of doing Blackheart in one go because they're useful when fighting OTHER PEOPLE's Blackhearts. Don't do it to your own, unless you don't have allies.


  • The Devil You Know - 18 of 25
    • Revelations
      • Use Angel's Rapture 3 Times

Well, here's one I can't mess up. Since we most of all of us have Angel, we can do this outside of Special Ops, not have to worry about conserving UISO, and not worry about the multiround cooldown on Rapture. Solved. Easy.

My Angel was actually in the middle of a 12 hour training when this task unexpectedly came up. No big deal. That's why practice PVP exists.

This is a real bitch of a task if you don't have Angel. Rapture causes a lost turn, and gives your other toons more turns. Zoiks. Hard to get two uses in a single wave fight.

  • The Devil You Know - 19 of 25
    • Star Search
      • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 2

Done. 1 Epic run, and done. At this point, I have two lopsided Epic runs, and am close to an efficient one.


  • The Devil You Know - 20 of 25
    • Gladiator
      • Win 3 PVP Battles

Practice PVP, here we come. Again, easy.

Group 5 - The Long Slog to Total Victory

Well, here's the status, I'm in mission 2, with a three bird Venom and a Mephisto to fight. I have 5 scattered tasks to do, plus some mopup on the side quest, and then we're done.

  • The Devil You Know - 21 of 25
    • Son of Satan
      • Use Daimon Hellstrom in 3 Battles

For me, I got #1 in on the end of my third Epic run of Mission 2. So, I started Mission 3. You will want to reload the mission until you start with a hard. Random loads suck. If you do not, and do not do deploys, you will run hard up against the Mordo fight, which is actually an Angel teamup. No good. We need to get to the Taskmaster fight. Taskmaster makes #2 for me, maybe #1 for you. Either way. After Taskmaster, continue to Blackheart, two bird him with Mordo and I was done (you might be #2... doesn't matter).

Complete the mission, start Mission 3 over again. Reload until you have a hard fight at the start. If you need a third Hellstrom use Taskmaster for the purpose.

  • The Devil You Know - 22 of 25
    • Pandora's Box
      • Collect 5 Demonic Lockboxes

Now, you can collect your lockboxes. Easy task with planning. Long wait without.


  • The Devil You Know - 23 of 25
    • The Other Son of Satan
      • Defeat Blackheart

This is the Blackheart in Mission 3, not the group boss one. We've set this one up on our second run of Mission 3, it's either a two bird with Mordo or a three bird with Taskmaster. Either way, not too hard. Exit the map and you should be at...

  • The Devil You Know - 24 of 25
    • Special Operative
      • Complete 3 Stars of Mastery in all Spec Op 11 Missions

Three Stars. Yep, that's where we are. If you're not there, you probably want to go back and fix that at this time.

  • The Devil You Know - 25 of 25 and From Hell's Heart - 4 of 6
    • Enemy Of All/The Devil's Due
      • Defeat Mephisto

One efficient epic run and we collect Hellstrom and get more lockboxes. Not much to say about that, except I LOVE HELLSTROM. So happy he's in the game.


  • From Hell's Heart - 5 of 6
    • Monster Hunter
      • Defeat 30 Demons

A tip for this one. 11.4 has way more than 30 demons, costs no UISO, and counted for the task when I did it. But since you're going to have to get 4 stars in each of the missions, you can do this in the missions and consider it within the flow.

  • From Hell's Heart - 6 of 6
    • Completionist
      • Complete 4 Stars of Mastery in all Spec Op 11 Missions

On my run to get Hellstrom, I got the Nail thingy, which made the Red Grief thingy, and hit my fourth star on the mission. No need to run to epic. Do need stars in mission 1 and 3, but that's just time and patience.

Why I Write These

Throughout the past few special ops, I have asked myself why I continue to do these guides. I came up with some odd answers. First, I really enjoy doing them. I enjoy discussing the op with you guys and helping everyone through them. Very personally rewarding. But, the Blackheart in my own cyberlife provides me with a bit more motivation. I recently learned that he is insanely jealous of the popularity of my blogs. Their ongoing run at the top of the Hot pages has really bothered him for going on a year now. So, yeah, 90% of why I do these is for pleasure and enjoyment, 10% is spite and countertrolling a troll.

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