As my readers know, I am kind of Woody Allen neurotic about what happens in PVP when I'm not playing PVP, aka Defensive PVP or AFK PVP. I have changed the mojo so many times, and made so many tweaks, I have probably lost the data through too much experimentation. I came up with an idea. Something I hadn't seen in my PVP travels. I considered the things that I hated in PVP. The things that made me mental. The bad beats. The sequencing problems. The 48 Annhilator guys. Everything. And I put together a team that made the most with what I had.

The Chaos Slate

Inspired by the Minnesota Republican Party, who, given 13 at large delegates, sent 12 Ron Paul supporters and Michelle Bachmann to the convention... a set of delegates described as the Chaos Slate, I decided to put some crazy thought into what I was doing, and do some crazy things.

The Heroes:


MB gets extra turns against multi-classed teams. She is very disruptive as her extra turns come randomly interspersed in the sequence of attack. She winds up in the counter class of single class teams, and finds the creamy middle in two class teams. She puts a wide array of disruptive debuffs on the opponent and she's murder on tanks. She also hits like a truck. In PvE, I routinely hit for 10K on Epic Magneto. In PvP, I have seen hits as high as 20K. It's unnecessary, but you get the point. She hits HARD, very quickly.

Scarlet Witch

SW has a very consistent AFK process. She will always use Chaos Shield first, Hex second, Probability Field third, then repeat. An extra turn will see her use Hex (if there are unhexed enemies) or Arcane Blast (on a Hexed foe). The consistency is both odd (She should be more random, and she should Hex first, imho) and comforting, as the three skill setup is very disruptive. A good run of Hex and an opponent will kill themselves. It neuters extra turns. Chaos Shield (according to some) procs better for AFK teams (I don't know that I buy this, but I'm willing to accept it as a working theory). And Probability Field is massively disruptive, even possibly landing Sudden Death or Regeneration.

Agent Load Out:

Generalist Commander Trench

Solves class change problems from enemy Mockingbirds, prevents Combat Reflexes from triggering without a blaster to switch MB, no vulnerabilities. Oh, and my crystals are cranked, so it's my best suit.


Why should MB do all the heavy hitting?

Magnetic Field Generator

Extra Turns (my hallmark) and defensive capability for a squishy team.

Quantum Jumper

Extra Turns. Do not like potential conflict with MFG, and might switch one out.

Digital Decoy

Squishy team needs something. DigiDecoy is annoying as all get out. And this is a team designed around bad beats, extra turns and delays.

Closing Notes:

  1. The Chaos Slate is not expected to win every fight. The synergy is minimal (by design) and the AI could mess up the Agent something fierce. But, by combining many of the things I don't like to see in PvP, I hope to improve AFK to something like 40-60% wins, from the 20-25% it was before.
  2. I have a high PvP bonus and am at a high level. Your results will vary. The strategy is experimental, though showing good results through 50 observations and some tweaking. I believe it to be sound, but you are getting your money's worth. I stand behind the article, but it is not presented as optimal strategy, but rather a topic of conversation.

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