Well, the EA-GA-P4-ARC combo has gone the way of the dodo bird and Emma Frost's dominance of PVP, so it was back to the workshop to come up with something new. After looking at what some other people have come up with, and experimenting with some ideas, I developed a faster, more aggressive version that clears out Arcade (at least, we'll see if it continues to work on the next group boss, whoever that may be) 100% of the time, in 3 rounds or less (against any Arcade but Tactician, this is two rounds).

The Requirements

My requirements are pretty simple. I need a strategy that can take any class of group boss from 100% to 0% in three rounds or fewer. Preferably two rounds. The old EA-GA-P4-ARC worked very efficiently, but they finally killed that off, like we kind of knew they would.

I have an additional requirement, being that it uses heroes I have (never a problem) and gear that I have (a lot of 64g gear is let out because of this requirement).

I had a thing that was nice to have, rather than a strict requirement. It had to work against all classes, without substitutions. When I run a large number of bosses, I do not want to waste time flipping through 13 pages of gear, loading up uniforms, or sorting through 80+ heroes.

The Setup

Pretty simple, actually:

  • Deadpool
    • Savory EISO is a nice to have. Not a must, but it makes this work a lot better.
    • Spicy doesn't do much here, since the strategy goes faster than the group boss is able to kill him.
    • I use Offensive Fighter or whatever they call the scrapper specific crystal that gives a boost to attack for every melee attack.
    • A Relentless Crystal wouldn't be the worst thing.
    • Deadpool must be at least L9.
  • Doctor Voodoo
    • I use the Resonant EISO on my Voodoo, since every little thing he does is magic. This isn't necessary.
    • When I level him to 13, I will throw the Distant EISO to help with his crits, but it doesn't feel necessary.
    • Ditto on the Relentless crystal. At least for any GB who can remove/block buffs, then do stuns.
    • Voodoo must be at least L9.
  • Agent
    • Generalist Commander Trench
      • You can switch this out to match up against specific group bosses, but when I want speed, I want speed.
    • Chaoshot SMG
      • Iso Loaded Scattergun would be an acceptable substitute. Not quite as good because it lacks the exploit that the SMG can do.
      • GG Prototype would be the poor man's version (less consistent at setting up the debuffs)
      • Faulteater would be the homeless man's equivalent (great for doing two, but only two).
    • Mystic
    • Marksman's Spotter
    • Damage Amplifier
      • Accept No Substitutes. There are no substitutes. Sorry kids. This will work okay without, but not 100-0 every time.

The Play

Let's start with the end in our minds. We would like to have Deadpool's L9 ready to go, with all three of his OP/IMBA/Totally Broken buffs in place. We would like to have him do it as fast as possible, and with as many debuffs on the target as possible. That's the end, Deadpool pulling out the silly gun and doing enough damage to put an overkill on the boss.

To get that to happen, we're going to use Doctor Voodoo's Evanodor Compatriot Boost Spell, which will give Deadpool two extra turns in the second round. The downside to the ECBS is that it will zombify the Agent and be the end of Voodoo's turn, which mke turn sequencing important.

Round One

Look at the turn sequencing. Specifically, notice whether the agent goes ahead of Doctor Voodoo. This matters because it alters the timing of the agent's actions.

In the first round, Deadpool will do his L1. Against an infiltrator, Deadpool will do his L2, which gets around Arcade's anti-melee proc. Doctor Voodoo will either use his L1 or his Vodoun Crows. Which he uses is based on a read of what the agent has achieved. If Voodoo goes before the agent, use the L1. Even against tactician Arcade.

The Agent will use his Marksman's Spotter (or substitute) to target the group boss. If he goes ahead of Voodoo, he will then use the first skill of the Chaoshot SMG to apply debuffs. Voodoo's read on using his L1 or his Crows is based on what DoT's the agent applies. If he applies burning, then use Crows. If he applies Chilled, use the L1. The L1 isn't a bad play anyway, as it juices the damage on magic DoTs.

If the agent goes AFTER Doctor Voodoo, he will still use the Spotter to target the GB, then he will use the Damage Amplifier, and then the Chaosshot SMG's first shot.

Round Two

Voodoo is going to use the ECBS on Deadpool. This will result in three turns for Pool. If the Agent goes ahead of Voodoo, he will target again, Damage Amplify, and then use Chaoshot's first skill again. Radiation Exposure, ISO-8 Corruption and Bleeding all stack profitably for exploitation.

Pool will go through his progression, L2-L6-L9. If we are against an infiltrator, and we did the L2 in round one, we will go L6-L6-L9. Either way, this should produce a large number of exploitable debuffs, likely north of 10, possibly north of 20, which should enable his L9 to hit very very hard, multiplied by 1.5 (Dam Amp), ignoring defense, doing extra damage from being OP and IMBA, and a whole bunch of other things we don't much care about. I have done north of 200K per hit, and my GB's have about 407K HP. Typical results, for me, at L300, are about 150-170K per each of the three hits. AKA, dead group boss.


The Tactician version of Arcade's The Cake Is a Lie, can slow you down with stuns. It can also delay the use of the ECBS, which will slow you down to turn three, rather than #2. Pay attention, as ECBS is the only buffing action in this setup, so if Deadpool's The Cake is a Lie wears off before Doctor Voodoo's second turn, you can go in the second turn. Deadpool can get OP/IMBA/Totally Broken while constrained by Cake.

This will not work nearly as well against a group boss with allies. Some tweaking will be required, although the allies don't really mean anything in terms of results.

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