I play enough PvP that I look for goofy thing to do. I like to try and combine skills to find things that might work in PvP, or that might turn underused heroes into abused people. Inspired by the release of Psylocke and her level 2 skill, I thought I'd put together a compendium of what I call "Stupid Hero Tricks."

Some heroes have skills that are better suited to Stupid Hero Tricks. My original favorite is Hulk, in his World War Hulk Alternate. The passive enables people to get very large in fairly short order. That's not the stupid hero trick. The trick is when you match that with people who have processes that will benefit from them being stupidly large. My favorite to pair with him is Magik. Her Fiery Retribution increases in damage as ATK increases. As do her limbo demons (albeit more slowly). The stupid trick comes in when a double enraged, multi-Hulk Up Hulk gets Fiery Retribution, is touched by someone, and then one shot over kills them with Fiery Retribution. I'm going to give that as the example for what a Stupid Hero Trick is. A way of combining skills from heroes to make goofiness ensue.

You can see how this works with World War Hulk. Anyone who has damage dealing processes (Magik, Human Torch, Scarlet Witch, counter-attackers and assisting attackers) benefits disproportionally from standing next to World War Hulk.

Psylocke's works a bit differently. Her L2 works as an extremely efficient Avenger Cooperative Attack process. One neat trick is to pair her with someone who benefits from charges that process on their default attack: Hulk, Thor, Gambit. With a little bit of luck, you can get Thor fully charged before his turn, every round. Mix in Avengers Thor for more procs. You can also get Hulk fairly largely charged pretty fast with this (and maybe a well timed QJ). A 5 charge Hulk actually hits very hard with his Rage Punch, which has High Crits. Worthy of consideration.

A different trick is to put her with people who put bleeds on with their L1, like Tigra, Black Panther, Black Cat and the much hated Wolverine. Consider that three out of four of those do something nasty with bleeds (and then there's the much hated Wolverine). Black Cat can set up her own Nerve Chop on the first turn if the turns work nicely. Black Panther can add a second stack for the inevitable Wakandan Arts. And Tigra adds bleeds, self-buffs, and has deadly crits on her L1.

A third trick is to get people to set up their own combo. Iron Fist is a good example, as his The Iron Fist likes Combo Setup. Mockingbird gets a shot at debuffs, that she can then use Mockingblow on. The list goes on and on. Torch uses his flame stream by default. Ghost Rider stacks a debuff and a sin. And so on.

This post is a work in progress. I have other stuff to do before I put in a comprehensive list.

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