So, I died to Epic Dormammu (I also died to Premium Dormammu the first time I played him, till I figured some things out). Dying in PvE burns me. It makes me look like Dormammu himself.

Dormammu Dialogue

Me, after losing a PvE fight, or 4 consecutive PVP fights. Or seeing the Red Sox win.


At any rate, I figured something out that would work for me, but I didn't want to deplete my cheese resources too deeply. So, I went walking aorund the World Wide Web and found these:


When I say that I didn't want to deplete my cheese resources too deeply, I'apos;m talking about some very specific gear. These were largely limited time consumables that were available for gold. They now drop from deploy drops and some roulettes. We're talking about:

  The Crippler sets people up for Mockingbird to do a ton of damage. The rest of them have some game changing effects. But using a Crippler with Mockingbird is both expensive in terms of limited resources, and cheese. I don't want to use Cheese, but use things that are free or that I have a lot of. But if you're really stuck, cheese will get it done at a cost (PS- W

Basic Tips

  • Any item that removes/protects against Bleed, Burn, Poison or Chill will remove and protect against the Mindless Ones' Abyss Stare. It is a good idea to apply one of these when one of your heroes gets afflicted.
    • The ones that work on the team are massively more efficient.
  • Nanoplague will remove Dormammu's Dancing Flame buff, prevent him from reapplying and make him hittable.
  • Psychic attacks and Area attacks will ignore Dancing Flames.

Cage the Beast

Check out this blog: Invisible Woman and Scarlet Witch vs. Dormammu


Required Heroes:

Required Gear:

Use Captain's Shield Toss to improve GSE and Herc's Rock of Ages (one of his counter moves).

Build Hercules to Blessing of Olympus by using Pankraton Pummel and Rock of Ages, then Column Down. By the point that Herc has gone through that progression, Cap's passive Shield Guard will be gone, so Herc can use Gift of Battle to finish the Blessing of Olympus and make him the tank. Pay careful attention to your turns. You do not want to wind up with Herc and Cap tanking at the same time. After Captain's passive block is done, you'll have them go in turns, Herc, then Cap, until the deed is done.

The agent will use your spotter device on flamehead, use the golden boom box to get extra turns, and use the big gun on Dormy. On the second round, shield up with Magnetic Field Generator if Dormy still has half or more hp, use GSE if it'll kill him and use MFG on the next round.

You will need to use a few healing items. The originator uses 4-6 Shawarmas and sometimes one Chrono Accelerator on the first turn and have Cap use it on their Agent to address sequencing issues. He feels that getting the first turn in this fight is important.

Note: You need Herc and Cap leveled to at least 9 for this to work. It is s a caviar strategy, involving well over 200 CP of heros and outfits and the QJ.

Bringing Doom/Amazing Fate/Iron Fist

This was a strategy that was developed by some people who liked to goof around in PVP. They applied it to the first Special Op (which was very hard indeed) and it lingers for people who like to linger. There is one key required item. It's an epic drop that people don't use much anymore (though it has a cult).

The Doombringer Strategy

Red and White



Emma's L1 and L9 attacks can harm Dormammu even when he has Dancing Flames on. She also can stun people, take half their life easily, limit the damage potential, debuff herself and others, and restore team stamina, which is useful in a long fight like this.

Scarlet Witch provides shielding and healing, Hexing and Vexing. If you have her and have used her, you know she thrives on fouling enemy strategy, can deal some damage, can apply DoTs, and can really tilt the game with a Probability Field.

Soulfinder will provide some Counterattack goodness while also nuking defense. Agent makes the team hit harder with Girl's Best Friend, get extra turns, do some shielding. It's worth noting, if you don't know, MFG and Witch's Chaos Shield are compatible shielding systems. They don't cancel each other. This is not a complicated strategy, though it uses heroes that are not straightforward damage dealers.

Absorbing Chaos


Agent Load Out:

  • Xanthine Alkaloid Injector
  • Quantum Jumper
  • Dark Sigil

Witch protects the team with Chaos Shield, Hexes, and Probability Field. Rogue heals herself and is the primary damage dealer. Agent applies DoTs and critical hits with the Sigil, extra turns and the Stamina rejuvination with XAI.

This strategy removes Colossus as the tank because the original user doesn't trust his P5 to proc.

More to come.

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