Hawkeye and Black Widow are back for sale in their Avengers costumes. This could portend the re-release of the heavy hitting Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor. You are probably wondering, what you should do. I have answers. But these are answers through questions.

  • Should you buy Hawkeye/Black Widow?
    • Do you use Hawkeye or Black Widow frequently?
      • If yes, by all means. They are much improved with Avengers, especially in concert.
      • If not, you probably want to wait until the clock ticks down a bit before making a call.
        • Razorgirl makes a solid point that limited edition characters should not be passed over.
          • "It is better to regret something you did do than something you didn't do." - Satan.
        • The reason for allowing the clock to tick down is that you may want to consider other Avengers uniforms that may or may not be released. You will be well served by waiting if you are of limited resources.
    • Should any of the other movie Avengers be released, should I buy...
      • Avengers Cap?
        • No. World War 2 Captain America is superior as he gets more offensive actions than Avengers Cap, even with Coordinated Attack and Cooperative Defense.
          • Having both, it is very rare that I will use Avengers Cap.
      • Avengers Hulk?
        • Your call. In my opinion, Warbound is better than Coordination and Cooperation. It's a more team based help, and it jacks everyone attacks. I could see an argument the other way, but Warbound is more consistent.
          • The counter argument is that Avengers Hulk gets his Hulk Ups faster. That may work better for your style of play, but I find I don't have a lot of trouble getting Hulk to Hulk Up, while the Warbound makes everyone Hulk Up.
      • Avengers Iron Man?
        • I would not. Iron Man runs on his Chest Beam, which drains a lot of stamina and needs to be fired constantly. I find that the Ugly Iron Man armor with the Energizing Shield, runs a lot more efficiently and I can get Iron Man up to 5 stacks of improved damage on his beam. I will take the increasingly heavy hit over the volume of light hits that Avengers Iron Man creates by spamming his hand repulsors.
      • Avengers Thor?
        • YES! Avengers Thor powers up whenever he coordinates or cooperates, so he reloads quite a bit faster than Normal Thor or "Naf Winged Hat" Thor.
          • The alternative suit has a fairly weak passive, 2 stacks of Might at the start of the fight. This seems very large, but you are not used to using either his Hammer Throw or his Summon Thunder without his Strengthen from his Inspire ability. The 25% to ATK juices the damage quite a bit. So, you face a choice: Waste a Might to strengthen the party, or go half stacked.
          • Avengers Thor does not have this problem. Cooperative attack uses his L2 attack to charge the hammer. So, the more he processes Coop or Coord, the faster Thor is ready to do something large.
          • There are deeper sequencing issues with the Alt Thor that make Avengers Thor flow more naturally. If you want, you can think them through for yourself.
    • Is there anything else I might be on the lookout for?
      • Coulson's Revenge
        • I would rate this as a buy. I bought mine a long time ago, and even with Customized, I still use it. At least one fight a day, frequently more. It would be nice if it were Excelsior gear, but this item remains useful (along with another).
      • Heavy Ion Beam
        • I don't think it's coming back, but if ever it does... get on that. Think about two.
        • That goes somewhat for the Stark Catalyst. Customized would be why it doesn't get it's own bullet.

I think that answers everything. As with all things, this is my tired old advice from leveling up 170 times, and owning all the heroes and most of their alternates. As with all things, your mileage will vary. As with all things, you are encouraged to think about this advice.

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