I could swear I said I was done with these...

Someone please: Rescue Me!

Before we get into it, be sure to click all the external links I post. Fun. 

Free Stuff for Facebook Players for some free UISO. I know I will want it, so you will probably want it more, since I did the last op without taking any gift ISO in the last week and still wound up with almost 600 left over after five starring everything (I did get the 1000, but 600 left, and left 350 from gifts on the table... )

You will need: Punisher (135 CP), Union Jack (90 CP), and War Machine (48 CP) to unlock the Epic Boss (Iron Patriot Armor War Machine) in mission 2. If you have none of these, it is a mere 273 CP (down from 315) which works out to roughly 82 runs of your favorite epic boss mission to farm on, or 248 runs of your favorite non-epic boss. For my money, that's 1640 energy on 12.2 (Kitty Pryde), 5740 energy on 4.4 (Storm), 2480 energy for any of Chapter 12 M1, 3, 4 and 5 or 7440 on 7.3. Get to work, but 12.2 should make this a lot easier.

Efficient Paths

I know this is the only reason you pros come to this page anymore, so I'll put this towards the top.

Mission One

Basically, if you don't do any deploys and consistently opt for the most difficult fight available...

  • Medium, Medium, Low, High, High, Medium, Three Bird (80 UISO)

Mission Two

The epic boss lives here, and it's always efficient to run the epic.

  • Epic Run: All deploys, All non-boss fights, Three bird, Epic (160 UISO)
  • Non Epic: All non-boss fights, One Deploy (100 UISO)

Mission Three

Not available yet, but just try doing the hardest available fight and seeing where that gets you. I am pretty sure you can get there by doing every fight and no deploys. I know you can get there with one deploy.

A Quick Word About the Golden Ironman and the Iron Pepsi Can

You probably want to buy these, as they probably won't go on sale again until the DVD comes out, if ever. I have no opinion as to which class you should get and if you ask me, you will get a response that I cannot guarantee to be civil. Something from "I don't know" to "I don't care" to "Think for yourself" to "Get the hell away from me." It's not you, individually. It's the mass of people asking me for an opinion on lots of different things, and using me as a crutch in place of real thinking. It wears on a body.

Day One - Call 911

As always, day one is light lifting.

Task 1 - Field Trip

  • Defeat 5 A.I.M. FieldTech Troops

Pretty straightforward, right. Do the medium fight, do the easy fight, task complete. These guys are wusses.

Task 2  - Helping Hand

  • Complete a Deploy

Pick your favorite mission outside of Spec Ops that starts with a deploy (I'd recommend 12.2 if you have it) and get your deploy on.

NOTE: I went fishing for an epic on the first mission, so did the deploy in the mission.

Task 3 - From Russia With Death

  • Defeat a Mini-Boss in Mission 1

I did Crimson Dynamo... didn't we just kill this guy in the last op. Oh yeah, they even talk about it. He and Wimplash are becoming the new Wrecking Crew... Any rate, his helpers tank for him, so if you are trying to exploit him with a tactician, he had better be stealthy (or Magneto, like I used... he's a one man wrecking crew in this fight).

Task 4 - Distressed Property

  • Use 1 Distress Call

You probably have to do another fight. Use a distress call. I kind of forgot for a few fights because I was distracted at work... No big deal. I love the free ones. You can do this outside of ops.

NOTE: This is not collect a distress call, it requires the use of one.

Task 5 - Titanic

  • Defeat Titanium Man

He's almost comical. Cold War Tech. I two birded him with Wimplash. Cap A plus the latest Iron Man. Not hard. If you did not get two stars on mission 1 (Task 9) after your Titanium Man experience, you will probably want to run it again. If you stick to the hardest available fight, you should be able to do all three bosses together without wasting UISO on deploys.

Task 6 - Armor Up

  • Research the Armor Plating in the Lab

60 UISO to start the reseach, and we're done.

Time to relax for the day... light lifting, so some relaxing music... From Russia With Love - Matt Monro

Day Two - I A.I.M to Please

Very light lifting through task 11...

Task 7 of 25 - A.I.M. to Please

  • Defeat 8 A.I.M. ChemTech Troops

There are a ton of these guys, three to a fight. You don't have to mess up a three bird to get them. I'm running to Epic, but over the course of Day 2 and 3.

Task 8 - Missile Command

  • Use Iron Man Mk 42's Missile Bombardment 3 Times

Good thing I bought his Mk 42 Blaster armor already... Easier if you don't have to beat a boss. You can even do this outside the op. I did it on 12.2, which was dopey, but got through it. Since I don't care about the XP and what not, as long as someone survives the fight...

Task 9 - Mission Accomplished

  • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 1

Told ya so.

Task 10 - Versus

  • Fight 5 PVP Battles

Practice battles count and you don't even have to win these.

Task 11 - Hand Over Fist

  • Upgrade Repulsor Fist to Deflector Fist in the Lab

A long sit and wait, with a bunch of UISO. No big deal, right?

And so ends Day 2. Nothing hard, barely even have to play in the spec ops.

Shoot to Thrill with Iron Man 2

Day Three - You A.I.M Too, Please

This is where it gets a bit tricky, but still, easy going. I think Playdom will want to shake up the task list in the future. The last op was interesting because of the group boss mechanism, which slowed your roll a bit. This one, we're gonna be to task 16 in 3 mission runs, have a large stock of UISO ready for another run for the more loosely formatted tasks... easy going.

Task 12 - Unique Snowflake

  • Defeat Blizzard

He's the boss on Mission 2. I'm running this to Epic, which will work out nicely for the rest of these tasks, even though it's more expensive in the short term. I actually ran right up to him at the end of day 2, because I wanted to clearer picture of my UISO. It worked out fine.

Task 13 - The Friendly Skies

  • Use Rescue's Flyby Attack 3 Times

Rescue is the teamup for the Epic Boss, who happens to live in Mission 2 (and for all the fights in Mission 3). See, this plays perfectly for those of us who always run to epic. The trick will be keeping Iron Pepsi War Machine alive long enough for Rescue to get two turns (since she gets an extra turn for using Flyby... I don't imagine that to be too much of a problem.

If you don't have the required deploys to run to Epic, you are going to have to rerun Mission 2 or crack open Mission 3. Gonna be a long slog for you guys, as you're gonna missions an extra time. Sad pandas...

Task 14 - Gladiator

  • Win 3 PVP Battles

Love those free tasks. No ISO, no planning, just go out and get them.

Task 15 - Play Defense

  • Use 3 Armor Platings in Combat

So, let me get the straight, I can go to the store, buy these things for cash, and then use them on a non-spec op mission... Really!... They're not terrible neither. Nice shield.

Task 16 - Swords to Plowshares

  • Upgrade the Ferric Blade to the Ferric Shield in the Lab

Yeah, that's the big two day research, 160 UISO. I decided not to spend any gold to skip anything this time (last operation, I started the research, then skipped the task to get on with things), so I'm here on day 3, with just the ISO that I started with, collected from gifts, collected from ally maps, won on the daily bonus and farmed from running missions. Had plenty, even with an epic run, so I'm sure even the sad pandas who had to do an extra run for Task 13 have plenty of UISO as well. Much easier than previous ops where I get her stuck for UISO.

So, at the end of the day, we have done two total runs, not done the mission hop, not really done any heavy lifting. Good to know that Playdom keeps making these easier than Sunday morning. If we didn't mess up Task 13, we will be through 16 tasks in two runs (and if I get two stars on mission 2, I will also have 16 and 18 complete in those same two runs). #WeAreFarFromMockingbird

Take a couple of days to relax

The Last Tasks - Jerking Back and Forth

I might've spoken too soon whe I said that this one was going to be easy. It is going to be easy, but looking ahead, there's some shuttling between this mission and that mission and back again that is a tad unsettling. This might take a while, so I feel for you guys who couldn't run to Epic on your first run through, but not too much, because there's plenty of time.

Task 17 - Mechanic

  • Defeat 2 Mini-Bosses in Mission 2

Another run of Mission 2. Not too bad for the folks who run epic. If you couldn't, this is where it piles up. Since Rescue is the teamup for the Sentinel, but not the Exotank, and the Sentinel seems to load later, you might've wanted to skip hitting the Exotank, and seeing if you can pick that half of this task as part of a two bird with Blizzard. The pick up the second half with a third run of this mission with the Exotank again. It's gonna work out for you guys.

For the Epic runners, my plan is to run it to three bird and epic. Complete this task on the three bird. If you are not confident in your ability to stall the Evil Pepsi Can for three rounds while Diet Coke completes Task 19 for you, you might want to fight the mini bosses separately. More discussion of this later.

Task 18 - Star Search

  • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 2

Well, I did that on my first run, so no big deal.

Task 19 - Enforced Treaty

  • Use Rescue's Protector Protocol 3 Times

Makes me a bit nervous as the move has a one round cool down, so you can't do like we did with the Afterburner effect and just spam it out. We need to do this in three rounds on Evil Pepsi. Or not. Consider, the next task has us going back through one of the missions. Actually, two runs, at least one of which will be in mission 2 or 3. If we can, it's better to do it on Iron Patriot, as it sets things up better. If we can't we can figure out a way to not skunk the Directors (found in hard missions) while getting back to the Sentinel fight. I'm gonna plan like I can do it on Iron Patriot.

That was the theoretical discussion. Let me tell you how it worked out. I used Rescue on Iron Patriot and she died before getting a turn. Dark Pepsi can do damage to an uniso'd unleveled hero if he targets her before she can get her stuff together. So, I basically forfeited the fight, and tried it again, using a Chrono Accelerator to get her setup before she lost the Pepsi Challenge. I got her to use it twice before she bowed out again (I don't like passive play for a reason). But, got my third star on my second run of M2, so I looked at the tasks and saw that there are 3 Directors in Mission 2 and 3 more in Mission 3. Rescue is a teamup for minibosses in Mission 3, so I went there. And booyah, the miniboss that she teams up with (Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo who are fast approaching Wrecking Crew status), to get my final pop of the shield. Much more expensive than I thought it would be. But didn't skunk the setup much, just blew an extra 40 UISO.

Task 20 - Directionless

  • Defeat 5 A.I.M. Directors

There are 2 Directors in Mission 1. There are 5 directors on Mission 2, BUT two of them are in the Exotank fight. There are three directors in Mission 3. Looking ahead, I wound up doing a run of Mission 3 (not minimal, but zero deploys, the Whiplash/Dynamo fight as explained above, and two bird of Savin, which got me 3 of my 5 directors. I then went back to Mission 1, as I needed a third star there. You can do a three bird run there without deploys or mini fights, which worked out well for Task 22.

Task 21 - Resource Management

  • Collect 10 Unstable Iso-8

Farm from allies at this point. Easy.

Task 22 - Who's The Boss

  • Defeat 4 Spec Op 9 Mini-Bosses

Something weird happened when I did this task. I did the three bird fight on Mission 1, which should produce 2 Minibosses. I didn't look, so I'm not sure what happened. I then went to mission 3, to set up task 23, planning on doing an inefficient run to pick up both minibosses. Mission 3 opens with a miniboss option, which I did, and then it was complete. What? Really. Since it was two minis from previous missions, I guess the fights in Mission 3 counte double.

Task 23 - Going to Extremes

  • Defeat Savin

I ran out of ISO here, so will wait for tomorrow, but finish off Savin on my second run of this and I should have  three stars, or I'll make like Steely Dan.

Task 24 - The Stars Align

  • Complete 3 Stars of Mastery in all Spec Op 9 Missions

I will probably have this done by now, maybe with a second run on mission 3, so it's off to...

Task 25 - Red White and Blue

  • Defeat the Iron Patriot Armor

Not that hard, really. Run to epic and bang it out. Done.


Kiss your blonde theory goodbye. Red and loving it.

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