Rumors get started and advice is given. What should you trust? Who should you ignore? Difficult to decide.

  • Rumors about upcoming heroes:
    • Do trust a link that traces back to a developer talk, either at San Diego Comic Con or from the Playdom Forum.
    • Do trust someone who has looted the information from the XML and can back it up with a Dialogue image.
      • Do be aware that photoshop exists and in most cases, can easily be seen.
    • Do not trust anything else.
      • Things that don't come from the devs are straight speculation. I thought that they would rerelease the Avengers costumes for the core Avengers to promote the release of the DVD in the United States. It has started to come true. But I would not have bet money on that, and I would not have banked on it, even though it was eminently logical. Who knows, maybe my speculation inspired the devs to rerelease the costumes? Unlikely, but maybe.
  • Advice:
    • Do not take advice from anyone who does not have the hero you are asking about leveled to level 9.
      • Many characters have skills at level 9 that completely alter their valuation. Captain America and Iron Man are prime examples. If you have not spammed Iron Man's Chest Beam 3-5 times in a row, you have no idea how strong Iron Man is in a long fight. If you haven't used Shield Guard, you might have some idea how it plays, but you cannot judge your Cap without it.
      • Many characters have reputations as unplayable that are based solely on the interpretation of a few influential posters who formed that opinion without leveling the character. Black Cat, Kitty Pryde, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing all fit that profile, and were ignored by the community for a long time until a few people turned the opinion around.
    • Do not take advice on items from people who are not around your level or higher, or who don't have the item, and several others of roughly equivalent power level.
      • It is easy to say that the item you use is the best item. It's a lot harder to say Weapon A is better than Weapon B unless you have played with both of them.
      • Power level flattens weapons, some fairly harshly. It is worth asking the level of the player, relative to his item. A power level 80 item may be a wrecker at level 75, but not terribly useful at level 120.
    • Lastly, never take advice from someone who doesn't respect you as a player. However long that person has played, they were new once upon a time.
      • If they don't respect you, how can you trust them?

Also, consult multiple pages of this Wiki. Being community run, this is a responsible wiki run by knowledgeable players using the best wisdom available to fill in the pages.

One last caution. Try to think through your problem a bit on your own. That's how you get to be the type of person who gives good advice, rather than the kind that asks for advice and hopes for the best.

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