There have been enough repetitive questions about how PVP is scored asked to merit either a boiler plate answer or a blog. Since I haven't done a blog since the Rocket Raccoon tournament, blog it is. And of course, the blog can be thrown into a template for anyone to use... winner winner. 

Elo Scoring

PVP scoring is based on an Elo scoring system. Elo is not an acronym (unlike the Strange Magic of the Electric Light Orchestra), it's actually named for it's inventor, Arpad Elo, a physics professor and chess player. You can read all about the history and flaws of the system here . The short of it is that, in an effort to more accurately rate players to create meaningful matches on the way to Grandmaster rankings, Elo developed a system where your rating would be compared to the rating of your opponent, and the relative gain and loss would compare the two ratings. It basically kept people from feasting on unskilled players to get a high rating. 

PVP Implementation

Let's start with some rules. 

  1. The winner of a fight wins the exact same points as the loser of the fight loses. 
  2. The higher rated player risks more points on a loss and gains fewer on a win. 
  3. The most you can win or lose from a PVP fight is 30
    1. There are occasionally bugs that produce larger totals by double counting. Occasionally. 
  4. Everyone starts the tournament with 800 points. 

With those rules in place, we can say that a PVP tournament is a closed economy. There is currently no way for points to escape the system and the only way for new points to come into the system is for a new player to join, thereby adding 800 points to the total available. It's a lot like tournament poker. Everyone has the same buy-in, and the total chips move around, but never increase or decrease. 

So, how does this produce the scores in PVP? Glad you asked. In every fight, your rating is compared to that of your opponent. Your levels, your armories and your roster composition are not factored. So, in the opening fights of the tournament, when everyone has 800 points, the difficulty can be all over the map. 

In every fight, a total of 30 points are up for either player. If two players are matched, and their ratings are equal, say 800 vs 800, they will each risk losing 15 points against winning 15 points. Again, the level of difficulty of the fight and the margin of victory do not matter. Only the initial rating. 

In a less symmetrical fight, the player with the higher rating risks more points to gain fewer points. At 850 vs 750, the 850 player will risk 20 points if he loses to win 10 points if he wins. He can go to either 830 or 860. See, 30 points net in each fight, win or lose. The player who is 750 will be either 770 or 740. He gains more because he beat an opponent who is higher on the ladder. As the margin between the two players widens, the more the lower rated player stands to gain. At 700 vs 900, it should be about 25 points to gain vs 5 to lose for the lower rated player. 

There is a curve, where at 350-400 points, you get 1 point for the victory as the higher rated player and lose 29 points for the loss. At roughly 500 points of difference, you are risking the full 30 for 0 reward. 

More To Come

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