Decided to memorialize this tournament with a blog. Don't have any great love for Songbird, or any strong opinion at all. Feeling a lot of MAApathy lately, as I've been playing Galaxy of Heroes a bit more and spending more time on work and cooking. I don't know that I'm close to giving up the game, but there have been weekends where I didn't play at all. At any rate, the goal here is to win top prizes with minimal volume. Like below 5/day volume. Ordinarily, I would not pass on five a day, but with no lockbox, no construction task and nothing on the daily spin I want, why should I do five if I don't have to and don't want to do so? 

The Teams


Yep. On offense, it's the same old Age of Ultron Blaster Vision, the same old Spitfire, and the same old agent setup that I tweaked a wee bit two seasons ago. In case you don't remember (didn't care or I didn't share), the ISO setups are PKB standard on both heroes. Spitfire has Blood Foil and Calculating EISO, Vision has Unavoidable. The agent is wearing the Tactician E^3 outfit, with Snappy Service, Stun resistance and Widow's Way. Agent uses Custom Possessed Pistol, Cosmic Cardinal, Lantern of Doom, Synthetic Cube and Neurotrope. 

On defense, it's the same Spitfire, Tactician Star-Lord with Sharpshooter EISO and the agent wearing a Blaster E^3 outfit, slotting Phased Frequencies, Inceptive Intangibility and Calculated. He's carrying the Bough of Binding, the Black Roscoe, the Lantern of Doom, the Relentless Rapier and the Cosmic Cardinal. 

If you want to understand the theory on either team, there's a comments section. If you have better ideas for my EISO (really, I'm surprised that I'm packing the Sharpshooter on Star-Lord), comments. Always open to new ideas. 

The Plan

Do five a day. Only on days where I log in and have a red number. I came up with this plan after doing my first five, being at 888, logging off and coming back to a +156 from 10 wins and 2 losses. So, I asked some friends if there was any reason to do daily fights in this one, and they agreed that there wasn't. Day 2, smaller positive number, still 5 offensive fights. It dawned on me then that I can do a lot less volume in the early days of the tournament, and rack up my score on defensive wins. So, let's see how this goes. I believe 130 attacks is 5 per day in this tournament, So, my goal is ADA with <130. 

I would give myself bonus points for <100. But I know me. I will get bored at work, and that'll run up 15 attacks. 

The Daily Report

June 30

Did five fights, up to 888. Logged off. 

July 3

Log in, up to 1044. A green three digit number. A GREEN ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX. I won my first six defenses (+113), lost my next two (-27), and finished with winning 4 more (+70). With defense like that, why do offense. 1044, silver league. 

July 4

Log in, +53. Still going. 3 fights, all wins. Defensive record now at 13-2. No need for offense with defense like that. 1097, still silver league. 

July 5

Log in, red number. -37. 1-3. Maybe not a great idea. Defensive record now at 14-5. Did 5 attacks, all wins for +33. 1094, now in gold. 10 total offensive attacks

July 6

Log in, Green number +36. 2-0 on defense, for a defensive record of 16-5. 1129, still gold, but top 3.91%

July 7

Last night, logged in at home, had a red 17 on 3 fights, going 1-2. Did five attacks, Up 56 points. 1167, still gold, top 3.56%. This morning, no volume overnight, so no offensive volume. Same score, same position, 17-7 on defense. 15-0 on offense, 32-7 overall. 

July 8

Log in, Green 56. 4 wins, 1 loss. All matched people above me so, bad for them, good for me... Wins were two 18s and two 17s and the loss was a 14. No offensive volume. Rating: 1223, top 2.83%. 21-8 (72%) on defense, 15-0 (100%) on offense, 36-8 (82%) overall. 

The other shoe will fall eventually. All I'm doing by playing close to no volume this early is to coast more on defense and spend less time defending offensive gains. It's a bit slow, but I have other things to work on. 

July 9

Log in. Green 2. Thirteen fights. 6 wins, 7 losses. By the rules of the game, no fights today. Still 15-0 on offense, and now 27-16 on defense. That's a lot of defense for the amount of offense I'm doing. 

July 10

Green 13. 9 fights. 4 wins, 5 loses. No fights necessary, still 15-0 on offense, now 31-21 on defense, 46-21 overall. 

I'm almost looking forward to a time when I have to do a bit of volume to make up a deficit. There are 15 days and some hours left, so, if I did 5 a day starting tomorrow, I would get 75 more fights and finish at 90 for the tournament. If that were to be an ada worthy effort, so sweet. If I have to pull more late volume, I would have an extra ten for the last day or two. I think I will stick to the rules for a bit longer. The longer I stay at 15 fights, the more fights I can run late and stay under 100. 

July 11

Another day, another green number. Plus 21. 3 wins (all plus 19), 3 losses (all minus 12). Since I last did offense, I am 17-16 for +92. Cruising.

Overall stats: 1259, 15-0 offense, 34-24 defense. Top 8331, 3.56%. Gold league. 

July 12

This is getting a bit weird. Plus 65. 5 wins (17x3, 19x2), 2 losses (12x2). That puts me at +157 since I last did an offensive attack. Just cruising. Plenty of margin to keep it under 100. 

Overall stats: 1324, 15-0 offense, 39-26 defense, top 6409, 2.67%, gold league (on volume... clearly Vibro on score)

July 13

Ridiculous. Plus 82. 6 wins (18, 19, 2x20, 2x21), 3 losses (2x12, 13). Plus 239 since my last offensive attack. Up to 1406, 4709th, 1.93%. 

July 14

Happy Bastille Day. They really forgot to storm my walls, as I had no defensive fights at all. A big old zero. I guess if they put up a number, that would be a yellow 0, but it's not a red number, so no new offense. Still holding at +239 since last attack. I'm down to 2.02%, and 5451st, but that's only from other people moving up. Maybe tomorrow will bring a red number. 

July 15

I logged in to a -2, but then remembered, I checked yesterday afternoon, and had +24, so really, it's a ~24 hour +22. Up to 1428, which is +261 since July 7th. Not bad for a week of nonwork. Full detail of yesterday's action as follows: 7 wins (+17x2, +18x2, +19, +20, +21) ,8 losses (-11, -12x2, -14x2, -15x3). 2.20%, 5536th overall. 

July 16

Red twelve. Down to 1416. 4 wins (+20, +19x2, +18), 7 losses (-12x5, -13, -15). I guess I gotta run some offense. Five attacks done, against inferior competition running some fairly random teams (Cable + Sandman... someone and Shocker?!?!?). Sum total of five attacks, Positive 26. Best win, +8. Scrubs. Any rate, progress over yesterday, up to 1442, and now in Diamond. Maybe the matchmaking will present a few people ahead of me. 

July 17

Red 51. Down to 1391. 4 wins (20, 19, 17x2) and 10 losses (11x2, 12x5, 13, 14, 15). Ran some offense, seeing more competitive teams, though some odd decisions, like scrapper P5 Colossus partnered with Bruiser Nul. I get that you want to have class diversity and that you want the Colossus passive and maybe EISO to make your Nul stand up taller, but when you don't go with bruiser Colossus, you allow go first people to kill your Colossus before he does anything, as I did with Spitfire. 5 wins on offense, all 3-0 decisions, but a few more hairy than others. Nothing I was in danger of losing, so no need to switch up what works. 5 wins, (12x2, 15x3) for +69 (1460), which made back my loss. 25 attacks with 7 days left. I can run more volume if I feel the need, but if I can float here for another few days, maybe doing five, I'll be fine for running heavier volume later. 

July 18

Early morning login, red 25. 2 losses (12, 13). Down to 1435, which is better than I have started any day so far, and two losses is a small sample size, that doesn't bother me much. I did five attacks, none particularly interesting, though the teams are getting a bit more logical as we get deeper. +11, 12, 13, 14x2. Up to 1499. Of course, while writing this, I took a -15 defense, so 1484 is what I'm gonna call it. 

July 19

Logged in to +26. Remembered the 15 point loss yesterday AM, but actually, that's factored in the +26. 3 wins (18, 18, 19) and 2 losses (14, 15). I did my five anyway. Seeing more cohesive teams. More Kuurth, more Spitfire. Interesting to see what other people run on their Spitfires. I don't see anyone else running Blood Foil on theirs, but bleeding messes my girl up something fierce, and Spitfire with the bleeding added to her L1, puts out a lot of bleeds very quickly. Any rate, five wins, (and took a defensive loss in there) 12, 13, 14, 14, 15 and a -15, so 1578 and into Vibranium with my 35th attack. 

I made the mistake of looking at it later... I was bored at work. Took another 6 defenses, going 2 (18, 19) and 4 (13, 13, 14, 16), for a -19. So, I did five more, going 5-0 (12x3, 14, 15) for +65, taking my final day tally to 1645 on 40 attacks. 

July 20

Red 19 on 9 defenses... 4 wins (15, 16, 17, 18) and 5 losses (14x2, 15, 16x2). I'm still winning a lot of PVP, but it's not carrying me up anymore, so it's time to run maybe a wee bit of volume. On the other hand, starting the day at 1615, not really a problem. 5-0, only one real scare against an all bruiser team with Kuurth, and the agent using the current set. No one died, but that one felt a bit nervous. Teams are more competitive in the vibro 1600s, more logically constructed, a bit less random. Last team I fought was roughly my defensive team. He had better item bonuses, but a lot of green and purple in his heroes, while I have one spot of green, and everything else white. Made the difference. Five wins (+12, 13, 14x2, 15), parking at 1683, top 1.06%, 2,869th place. 

July 21

Red 24 on 10 defenses. 4 wins (16x3, 18) and 6 losses (14x2, 15x2, 16x2). Open the day at 1659, so still seeing progress day over day. Did offense. Wish I hadn't. 5-4 to get my wins. One was BS, as I missed two kill shots on Nul, and basically ran out of time. I might've made a mistake there. Starting to see well tuned teams, with expensive ISOs and nasty toys arranged logically, like the psychic set from the most recent special operation. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to add Manipulated on a quick or free action, is kind of a dick. At any rate, I did my 5, will adjust my tactics (how I prosecute) before I adjust my strategy (what I use). These are the adjustments I usually make much earlier in the tournament when I run higher volume. 1648 at the end of my offense... ugly. Lower than when I started. Sometimes, I might be better off if I didn't play at all. 

I came back in the afternoon, bored. Had a Red 11 on 1 win (18) and 2 losses (14, 15). So, I did five, nervous based on this morning's activity. Went 5-0 in about 10 minutes (13, 14, 15x3) for +72. Now parked at 1709, 3026th, top 1.1% (I know you can't do a population extraction until the tournament is over, but this suggests a population of 275K, which is about where it's been for the last several tournaments... are we at a stage of equilibrium? I dunno). 

July 22

Red 27 on . 5 wins (17x2, 18x3), 8 losses (13x2, 14x3, 16x3). Doing well enough, given that I'm getting matched up on D, so a 6th win would have put this +3 positive, despite a 6-7. Basically, pulling a bit under .500 is holding me pretty steady. Start the day at 1682. A disappointing 6-3 on offense. That set is liable to be nerfed, if the AI can do one hit kill damage AOE on the second round with proper sequencing, do deadly followup damage with the rifle in the first round... needs a coolup on the Staff of Agony and something else tweaked down. I haven't used it, so I'm not clearly on how it works, but mark words here, Playdom is going to nerf it down quite a bit. Any rate, 6 (13x2, 14x2, 15, 17) and 3 (15, 16x2). I'm getting the same matching as the folks attacking me, but because I'm not winning like I was earlier, it's more of a problem. Any rate, 1721, so basically flat with yesterday. 

July 23

Green 10 on 3-3 defense. 3 Wins (16, 17, 19) and 3 losses (14x3). Up to 1731. Not doing offense. Yet. Maybe later.

Came back in the evening to a largish drop. Five straight losses (14x2, 15, 16x2), for a red 75, down to 1656... no good. So, get to the roulette. Went 6-3. Six wins (13, 14x2, 15x2, 16, 18)  and three losses (15, 16, 19) for +55. I also took two defenses during this exchange, winning a +18 and losing a -15 for a +3. Leaves me at 1711, a bit down from yesterday, but I'm okay with this. There's a day left, the cheats will come out hard tomorrow if they are still motivated, and I'll either run a lot of volume, or not have to do so. 

July 24

Sat out most of the day. Low volume for me, as I ususally throw some volume either on Friday or Sunday before the end. So, Imagine my surprise when I come back to a red 47. Only negative 47 on 10 wins (15, 16x3, 17x2, 18x1, 19x3) wins and 15 losses (13x3, 14x5, 15x2, 16x5). Would have been a lot worse, but I did go 8-2 over my last ten. If I'd checked earlier in the day, was down as low at 1560, instead of the 1681 I checked in at. Any rate, happy days. 

Went 5 and 0 on offense, with +14x2, +15, +16, and +17. Happy with that. No smurfs, no apparent cheats here, which is both a relief, but also a disappointment, as I'm always happy to stomp a cheating smurf down a fight. Happy that I won five pretty cleanly, given my offensive results the last few days. +76 cleanly... I'll take it. 1757. A bit under 19 hours remaining. 81 attacks, giving me 19 to keep it 100, 18 to keep it under. Unless the bottom completely falls out, I got this. 

July 25 - The End

Took a Red 33, down to 1724. I'd be unhappy, except that it took NINETEEN fights to lose 33 points. That's less than -2 per defense. I will take that to the bank. 8 wins (15x3, 17x3, 19x2) and 11 losses (14x4, 15x3, 16x2, 17x2). I hear you all on the defensive volume, and again stress to you the importance of defense. Each fight is a potential swing of 30 points (you lose 14 or you get 16). So, each defensive win is essentially 30 points in your pocket. That's how I look at them. 

Went 5-1 on offense, losing to a very lucky, very fast Star-Fire team, a lot like what I run. Proc city and turn advantage, not much I could do. The other five, saw a bit of a return of Pestilence + Enchantress and a preference for scrapper worthy (which I find odd, but whatever). Plus 62, up to 1786. 1.32%, top 3797. 

I took 7 defenses, winning one, for a 68 point drop down to 1718. I could have left it there, but I got a wee bit nervous, so did another 5, winning all of them to push me up to 1790 with about three or four hours to go. Got four defense over the final haul, winning one, to finish at 1758. 


Final Results: 84-10 (89.4%) on offense for +901 (Average: 9.6 points per attack). 102-128 (44.3%) +57 on defense (Average: .25 points per defense). 1758 points total, 4890th in the tournament, good enough for top 1.70%. (Estimated population: ~288K... holding steady). All on 94 attacks. 

I did not have my usual offensive win percentage because I didn't load up at the front, when the fights were easier. I might have made more misplays, due to the low volume. I might want to tweak my team for next season, assuming they don't nerf the psychic set into oblivion (which seems exceedingly likely). 

As always, unless you run a ton of volume, you win top marks on defense. You don't have to pull a positive number, though they help. You only need to mitigate your losses so that you can make positive progress with your offense. It also helps to win a high percentage of your offense. Usually, I win a high proportion of my offense, around 93% IIRC. And a lower percentage of defense (around 29% IIRC). This time, flipped around, overall I think my overall win rate for the tournament is maybe my best. 57.8% Maybe not. 

At any rate, been fun, but not the response I was hoping for, so not sure I'll be back with another PVP blog about another PVP slog. 

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