Have to say, not that excited about PVP or the changes to PVP. Not that motivated to play beyond five wins a day and see how I feel about things later in the tournament. The Diamond League weapon doesn't feel like it's worth doing, without it being Quick Action. I already have a tactician trench coat, and Bishop looks fairly Byzantine and of limited use. So, really, I don't feel the need to push, at all.

But competitive fires could be stoked later.

As far as what I'm running, same stuff as last time. Emma, Juggs, War Axe, Triggerman, Angolob, N-Trope.

I'm sorry guys, but at the kickoff of this, I'm just not feeling it. In the least.

In lieu of an actual blog about PVP, let's link some of the better things out there, that don't have my pull, but really should be checked out:


I've been running, with some sucess, a defensive team of:

I will admit, I've joined the herd on running Rescue-Nix. I mean, I cannot read so many people complaining about them and not think that there might be something there. And then, while I will admit, I don't think that Rescue + Shepherd's Staff has good synergy (Rescue can use extra turns like I can use abreast milk pump), it combines a lot of the very annoying things that are out there, which has always been my approach when running separate offensive and defensive teams.

On offense, I am running a completely different team, not one iota of overlap. It's been an evolving process, but again, using things that I know how to use for high aggression with an eye towards the standard meta (meaning dealing with one of or both of Phoenix and Rescue).


The above team kind of stopped working, probably because of stiffer competition, so I went more aggressive:

4 and 8 overnight, which is in the acceptable margin if I were feeling competitive.

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