So, really, this is an open thread for discussion of PVP with PKB. I don't really have the energy to keep a full log and do daily updates AND compete in the PVP, so I've opted for the PVP. But, I'm still up for discussing it, probably more without the responsibility of maintaining a blog.

What I'm Running

Since people always want to know, let's clear it up.

I'm running a few different things (different for me), so I'll give em names for easy reference.

Black Queen / Counter Tank

This one's pretty straightfoward, right. I run this on offense to great success. AFK, it's a total dog. Basically, it's very flexible for killing all sorts of teams, but the flexibility is why it doesn't work AFK. The AI is a moron, remember, so it can't really figure who it should kill, and this is a target someone for destruction kind of team,

KitNix / Programmed AI

I think I explained this last season. The Agent is forced into a desired course of action through the use of quick actions, cooldowns and cool ups. There is no way the agent doesn't fire the PEW on the first turn and there is no way he doesn't fire the Flare on the second. What he does on Turn 4 is questionable, since all options are available, but a lot of people die on turn 2, making the question moot.


Extras is the latest thing from my lab. It's winning AFK so I started to play it on offense a bit. The idea here is pretty simple. I'm gonna turn advantage you to death. Fairly effective, and it beats this guy I hate playing with Black Queen as he runs two infiltrators (Now he's back to two scrappers, but I was able to beat him despite much AI nonsense). The flexibility of Omega is great, the chaining with her is great. The only thing is that Quicksilver seems to have a serious mad on for her.

I have evolved this from the original setup of WA/P4/SoA/Coulson to WA/Reboot/Signpost/Hotshot. Hotshot gives better odds of turn advantage than Coulsons and has a shorter cooldown, so will be available sooner. The Signpost provides healing and reduces the damage from DoTs, while the Reboot eliminates a couple possible DoTs as well. I still have Omega for Debuff removal, which means timing is more important with this setup. With Reboot, I gain a QA, I don't commit suicide and I get the effects above.

I'm testing it with Hard Nox in place of Reboot. I gain a burn, but I also gain a 37% boost to Attack and Defense, and preemptive counters on people with burning. Happily, I have Omega and Hotshot to make sure the burns get applied. This is very aggressive and now have multiple shots to preemp. It also juices damage on everything, so fights take less time. Time will tell if this is better than the Reboot setup, which I like a lot.

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