The new season has started. Again, I don't have the motivation to do a whole production of a blog post. So, consider this an open thread. I've kind of rediscovered an interest in talking PVP, and the folks who read my PVP blogs apparently love to talk PVP, so please, talk some PVP in the comments.


Okay, let me get this straight. I get up to 5 free lockboxes a day (x 21 days of PVP), I get 40 from tasks, and there are 2-5-10 on the daily bonus. And they'll probably run this for this tournament and the next.

Yeah, those of us who play PVP will be collecting this one in due time.

And of course you know, open them ten at a time if you want to get covers.

Juggernaut Dialogue 1

I'm the Juggernaut. I took magical steroids. My 70's partner Black Tom says "They're magically delicious."

The Main Event

Well, here's what. I don't need the Bruiser Aegis Armor, as the Power Armor appears to be superior. I don't see a particular need for the Spear... But, as always, I'm driven, so it's Rulk or Bust.

What I'm Running

At the outset:


The final refinement of Extras from last season faces a few challenges, but nothing really major. I was happy enough to have this work acceptably on defense and exceptionally on offense, once I got accustomed to Omega. I will say this, I think Omega is the most complicated hero to play in PVP because she can go several different directions, all of which are dictated by the tactical situation. There is no simple formula for her. I accept everyone's reports that her AI is terrible, but it still wins about 20% of my AFKs in the high leagues, so as terrible as it is, it's good enough. In the scroll version of extras, there is no hero that bothers me. In the Warbringer, I can have a bit of trouble with Magneto and Captain America.

I will update if I switch, but if you hear nothing, I'm running the scroll version of Extras.

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