I get a lot of questions on my wall, which I don't really care for for a number of reasons, efficiency and workload being the main two reasons. Repetition would be the third major reason, so I thought I'd create one page where I can answer all of these questions, so, here we go:

Command Points/Roulettes

Does Challenge Mode Alter the Odds?

Yes and No. In season 1, the only aspect of roulettes (aka Galas) that challenge mode alters is the gear. One piece of equipment is switched out for a customized piece of equipment. The CP odds, the crystal odds, the consumable odds, and even the gear odds remain unchanged.

In season 2, thus far, the odds of the Gala popping CP is reduced in normal mode, and returned to the normal rate in challenge mode. Don't run Season 2 in normal mode more than once, unless you are farming a specific piece of gear.

Has Mission X.X Had Its Drop Rate Reduced/Increased?

No. You're going through a rough spot. Keep chugging along and your luck will turn. They have altered the odds exactly once, almost a year prior to the day I am writing this answer. In that time, people have asked if the rate has been cranked up or down about 3 times a month. At no point has it changed from the 25/20/5 odds for Low/Middle/High CPs. SPECIAL NOTE: Chaper 12 has had it's rates reduced below 25/20/5. They are still more efficient, by a wide margin.

Does Playdom Alter the Odds for CP Around Releases/Limited Releases/Special Ops?

No. See the above answer. They don't jerk the roulettes around to increase profit. At least, they never have to this point.

What Are the Odds of Getting Gear X?

All gear is dropped at 5%. In any given spin, you have a 5% chance of getting Gear X. Conversely, that means there is a 95% chance of not gettiing Gear X on any given spin. If you know how to run a binomial distribution, you can see that it can take a very large number of attempts to get a particular piece of gear. Hang tough. You'll get it eventually.


What Do You Think About a PVP Team of Hero X and Hero Y?

I take a holistic approach to PVP that requires a deeper look that Hero X and Hero X. The heroes have to support the agent set up and vice versa. I also would look at what other people are playing. Since the people in high league L300 PVP largely play a different set of heroes than people in lower leagues and/or lower levels, my opinion won't be complete. My advice is pretty clear in two blogs I've written:

What Are You Running in PVP Now?

You can find what I'm running in the most recent tournament post on this page:

Potkettleblack PVP Archive

I keep the most recent blog post updated with whatever I'm trying out.

Item X is OP!

I probably don't agree and I'm sorry to inform you that I don't really care. Pretty much everything can be beaten, pretty much nothing guarantees success, so it's worth taking a look at what you're complaining about and figuring out what you need to change to beat it. Complaining to me is the least useful thing you can do, as I can't change anything for you and I'm pretty short on empathy at the best of times.

Special Operations

Where's my 440 Unstable ISO?

You need to start the operation by clicking on the jet or clicking to start the operation in the dialog before you get your UISO. It would be a good idea not to collect any UISO gifts until after you have started the operation.

My UISO gifts arent applying!

First, refresh your game. Sometimes it takes a refresh before they show up. Second, there is a right way to accept gifts and a wrong way. The proper way to accept them involves opening the game, going to the Messages screen, and clicking to accept the gift(s) that you want. I click 50 of whatever, until it tells me the gift limit has been reached. The wrong way to accept gifts is by clicking anything that says you have gifts in MAA anywhere in Facebook. If you are accepting the right way and you have refreshed your game, and you still don't have UISO, it's time to contact support, from the link in the game. AWCs, sorry, but you will have to register there. They don't tolerate anonymity.

I Keep Getting Stupid Consumables From the Daily Bonus! F*&!% Thing Isn't Random!

Uhm, settle down, kid. First, we need to be clear that your odds are not 1/9 for each slot on the roulettes. M'kay? The roulette is a visual presentation of a very skewed table. The consumables are the most likely drops. The "non-junk" like the 1000 UISO, the gear, the 100 UISO, the gold and the CP are generally pretty low odds, like <10% for any of them and <5% for the best stuff. So, you are anywhere from 90-95% unlikely to get the specific piece of non-junk that you want. Accept that you have 20 some odd spins to get the thing you want, and that no roulette is really worth respinning more than a couple times at the very end.

Should I Open Lockboxes 1x1 or 10 at a time?

Ten at a time until you get the hero. One at a time afterwards. Your odds of getting comics are better 10 at a time. You do not want comics once you have the hero, ergo, 1x1 after.

What is proper group boss etiquette?

It's important to be considerate. If everyone is considerate, than the number of lockboxes collected will be maximized for all players, and gold paid to Playdom for extra lockboxes will be minimized. Since everyone seems to think that Playdom are solely focused on money, proper group boss etiquette is your way of sticking it to the man. But it only works if a large chunk of everyone does it. Four simple rules.

  1. Always start your own group boss. You don't have to attack him, but you should spawn him every 72 hours or so.
  2. If you have active friends, don't kill your own group boss. If you kill it, they will not get a shot at it, which results in fewer lockboxes.
    1. If you don't have active friends, go get some. Put them on a restricted list, and let them see game posts and only game posts. Or not even that. Or make some friends. Whatever.
  3. Do not collect your dead group boss for at least 24 hours. 48 hours is better. 71 hours and 59 minutes is best, but 24 is sufficient.
  4. Wail on everyone else's group boss as hard as you can. Since your ally collecting is what limits other people's ability to collect LBs from the group boss, it is in your interest (and everyone else's) for you to actually kill everyone's group boss but your own. You get extra LBs. It is easier for other people to get extra LBs. And your ally will collect his LBs. Everyone wins if you kill your ally's group boss.


Will They Ever Rerelease Special Op Hero X or Limited Edition Uniform Y?

They have rereleased each special op hero at least once, for 200 cp. They have rereleased Mockingbird a second time, at a lower price, as part of an anniversary sale, by popular demand. It does seem possible that they could rerelease other special ops heroes a second time, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting.

Limited alts are generally released as promotional materials. They have rereleased them when there was an additional product to market. If you missed the Iron Man 3 alts, there will be a DVD release, which will likely be accompanied by the alts being released again, for a limited time.

I have no idea if there will be a non-lockbox means to get Magneto and Omega.

What Should I Do to Recruit the Special Op Hero? Spend Gold, Get Heroes, Pass?

I do not think there is ever a good reason to pass on any special op hero, no matter how boring or useless they may appear. Firstly, Playdom has tweaked several after release, so it's generally a good idea to have people ahead of the change. Secondly, they rerelease the heroes at 200 CP for a long weekend, several months down the line. That's prohibitive.

I think it's generally the best idea to buy the heroes and run the epic boss. I understand that this is generally around 300 CP worth of heroes and that seems like a large number, but, let's do a bit of math. Eventually, you will want to get all of the heroes. You can do just that by running the epic boss to complete the special op, by getting 3-4 heroes + the special op hero for the cost of the required heroes. Or, if you spend the gold to skip the epic boss task, you will eventually get 3-4 heroes + the special op hero for 25 gold and the cost of the required heroes. This strikes me as a no-brianer, assuming you are not brand new to the game and have Storm and 4.4 or 7.3 or better yet, Chapter 12.

Should I Recruit Hero X (Who I Want) or Wait for Special Ops?

If you have everybody but Hero X, you should recruit Hero X. If you have a large amount of CPs, say 300 + the cost of Hero X, you should buy Hero X. Otherwise, you should work to get a bankroll of 300 CP for the next special operation.

I Have 48/90/135/200 Command Points. Who should I buy from hero A, B C, etc?

I believe that the special ops heroes trump everything else, as they are only available during special ops or for very short windows afterwards. I also believe in collecting all the heroes. So, with that in mind, I don't think spending all your CP for one hero without having a reserve is ever justified, unless it is a limited run for a spec ops hero (regardless of quality), or there is a special ops on, and you are buying a required hero.

So, the short answer is, that unless this is a 200 CP spend, getting 90 or 135 CP is not an occasion to buy one of several missing heroes. Wait for the ops.

How Would You Iso Hero X?

Consult my guide. It should answer all of your questions and maybe even will create some new questions.

They Should Add a Team-up Bonus to X and Y Because...

But they didn't. And the team-up bonuses could be added to everyone, since pretty much everyone in the marvel universe has been in a big crossover or a Marvel 2-in-1 or a Marvel Team-Up or an A+X at this point. At some point, Playdom drew a line. Your idea was on the other side of that line. I like the creativity, but there's no sense crying over imaginary milk and 50 points to mission scores.


What Are the Odds of Roulette X dropping Gear X?

Assuming that you are not talking about deploy gear, and are only talking about the fixed roulette gear, the answer is 5%. For every single piece of gear in the game, they drop at 5%. So, you might be at this a while if you are farming a particular piece of gear, as each spin has a 95% chance of giving you something else.

Will They Ever Rerelease Limited Edition Item X or Special Operation Item Y?

There's no way of telling, but the odds are against any particular item being rereleased. They rereleased 12 LE items for Christmas (many top sellers, a couple head scratchers that made sense in retrospect). They've put Special Op items in Lockboxes. Limited Edition items have reappeared on the PVP bonus roulette and the daily bonus roulette as well. But there's no guarantee that any specific item will reappear again.

I Have Frozen Hell, Unstable ISO and 75 Infernal Fangs. Can I make Grief?

Yes, you can make grief for the people who answer this question by asking it when it's been answered a lot of times before. But you cannot make Grief (the item), even if you assemble all the requirements from the Ghost Rider Special Operation. That was a limited time side quest, and it is over. They could rerelease Grief through some other means, or change the requirements to unlock the Grief research, but at the present, you cannot turn your Frozen Hell into Grief.

Where Does Gear X Come From?

We have a WIKI for a REASON! Click in the search box, start to type in the name of the gear you are looking for, and, odds on, the wiki will give you options to pull. Pick the one for your gear and read the page. A lot of effort went into putting all those pages there and checking all that information, so you may as well use it rather than bugging the cranky guy.

How Do You Iso Agent Suit X?

I actually don't share this out. Partially because it's my own secret sauce, but partially because I'm not that confident in my own secret sauce. The last thing I ever want to do is advise you to spend gold on something that I don't have 100% confidence in.

Wiki Pages

I want to be clear that I'm the opinion guy, not the code guy.

How Do I Get My Profile To Look Like Yours?

All the info boxes and achievement texts are created using templates. Consult Cyrus Annihilator's guide. I use offsite images for most of my profile needs, which DocBobM explained here.

To set up the tabs and and create the pages, consult Blast Dude's Blog post.

Me Personally

You Are So Cool! I Want to Add You as an Ally!

I'm sorry. I'm just not adding people at present. Not unless we have developed a larger relationship through comments or chat. I don't run a gaming account and I have 70+ MAA allies, about 20 some at L300, so I'm not really adding strangers now. Try the Add Me page.

You Are Such a Jerk! Why Are You So Grumpy?

Well, I have a ton of anonymous people asking me the same questions over and over again, while I am a human being with other things going on in life. You might understand it better when you turn 40, but you might be smart enough to opt out of having all sorts of anonymous people ask you repetitive questions about a facebook game by then. Clearly, I am not possessed of that sort of smarts, else I wouldn't be grumpy or have an FAQ.

Hey, You Work For Playdom, Right? Can You Have Them Do... ?

Well, I don't actually work for Playdom. I never have and probably never willl. I have a degree in business administration and trained to be a strategic consultant, so I have this insight into how a company thinks about things. I apply that to Playdom, which makes me seem like an insider, but really, if I were making some Playdom money on the side of my current job, I wouldn't have student loans to worry about (or be so grumpy).

More to Come

If anyone can think of other questions that people ask to me all the time and that I lose my temper with, please point them out in the comments.

No other comments are going to be here, so no other commentary.

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