Thanks to User:Cyrus Annihilator for suggesting this grouping for this issue of ISO builds. This is a special edition for Special Ops Epic Boss Dormammu. In this post I laid out some strategies for beating The Great Enigma. But how to ISO some of the key players? Cyrus asked and I deliver.


I will be honest, I ISO'd my Herc with Gold. I am a Herc Dork. He's one of my favorite heroes so, I spent for him. And he doesn't disappoint. I'm going to crib someone else's ISO builds for him, and break them down quickly.

Hercules Dialogue 1
  • Defensive Build:
    • 8x 116 health / 23 defense [green(sturdy)]
      • Total: 928 health / 184 defense
  • Offensive Build:
    • 3x 87 health / 17 attack / 17 accuracy [purple(steady)]
    • 3x 17 attack / 17 defense / 17 accuracy [orange(forceful)]
    • 2x 116 health / 23 defense [green(sturdy)]
      • Total: 493 health / 102 attack / 97 defense / 102 accuracy
  • Balanced Build:
    • 8 x 87 health/17 attack /17 accuracy [purple(steady iso-8)]
      • Total : 696 health / 136 attack / 136 accuracy

If you are a regular reader here, you will know that I like to build for purpose and aggression.

Herc's function is to tank to build, then smash hard. By tanking, if he's fortunate, he can wind up with buffed defense, accuracy and evasion. So, I don't know that I need to build the things that are already pretty good (Defense) or shamefully bad (Evasion). So, I will submit a fourth idea:

  • PKB Build:
    • 3x 87 health / 17 attack / 17 accuracy [purple(steady)]
    • 3x 17 attack / 17 defense / 17 accuracy [orange(forceful)]
    • 2x 116 health / 23 accuracy [purple(focused)]
      • Total: 493 health / 102 attack / 51 defense / 148 accuracy


I liked Rogue a lot when she was new, but have kind of shelved her. The progression, for me, is to go with her Absorb Class attack, follow with Southern Comfort, then Drain someone if necessary. Other people (including the AI) perfer to lead with Southern Comfort to get extra turns, then drain class for more damage and a higher stun chance. With Kree Speed and the potential to get extra turns from a tactician, you can see purpose and aggression in her skill set just in the normal build.

Rogue Dialogue 1
  • PKB Build:
    • 3 x87 health / 17 attack /17 accurancy [purple(steady iso-8)]
    • 5 x 23 defense / 23 accurancy [orange(exact iso-8)]
      • Total : 261 health / 51 attack / 115 defense / 166 accuracy

This fixes the Accuracy, which was a 3 bar and jumps it to 5 (or nearly so). That means she will land her attacks more often, which is of more central importance to Rogue, since they chain and have cooldowns on the first two links in the chain. Misses break the chain and really disrupt her effectiveness. Additionally, Southern Comfort increases the damage and effectiveness of her attacks, so, I don't feel the need to strap a ton of attack on her, just enough to improve it a bit. And the defense is from my regular stance of improving the stronger of the two defensive abilities and ignore the weaker, unless we're talking about tanking.

Scarlet Witch

She's fun to play, and people really hate playing against her. I developed the Need for Speed team in response to her presence in PVP, with the agent set up called the "Witch Hunter." That's how critical I saw her. Things have mellowed somewhat on that front (Emma changed that game in a hurry). But she remains a potent PvE character for her ability to foul their strategy, heal the team, repurpose bad buffs into good buffs, and of course, completely change the board with Probability Field.

Scarlet Witch Dialogue 1

Here's the problem from the ISO point of view. She has high stamina, high attack, high accuracy to start (I'd buff to five bars, even though we aren't using her high attack that much in my usage. So, here's the plan:

  1. Iso with Chaotics until the Attack and Accuracy are to 5 bars (and no further).
  2. ISO with Spry crystals the rest of the way.

As you level, the ISO gets more marginal, so you will want to check on her every now and again, and possibly trade out a Spry for a Chaotic. Or, you may like the enhanced livability of an all Spry Witch. I could see going all Spry. Because you really don't need the attack.

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