Well, here we are again folks. PKB will lay out the way the world works.
Fairness is about getting what you deserve. The fact of the matter is that deserve has nothing to do with what you get. Check out this video.

All videos aside, the world is inherently unfair. If you can read this, you're richer than at least 2 billion people who can't. That's not fair. But it is real. And in the game, there's no conception of fair. High level players have advantages in special operations. People who park their agents have advantages in PvP. People who have been playing a long time, have advantage left and right. People with more disposable cash will beat you.
All that is to say that nothing is fair. I could make a case that things shouldn't be fair, either.
Last thing. Playdom is a company. It's made up of people. They make mistakes. They fix them when they can. Somethings, they can't fix (like the past). They are entitled to make money from their free to play game. You are entitled not to pay, but that doesn't make you entitled to everything in the game. That's not fair, but it's the way things are.

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