Don't Panic.

There will be plenty of time for that later.

Here's some quick advice for making it through the special operation with your wits intact.

First: Repeat after me. "It's only a game." If you don't complete the special op, your life will go on. It will get better. Completing the special op is not that big a high, so, not completing it should not be too big of a low. It's just a game. Relax.

Second: Send UISO. Depending on how many friends you have who play the game, you will want to send anywhere from three to ten sets of UISO out. Figure a 33% of return. Maybe lower. I have >50 and I try to send out 5. That's assuming a 20% of return per gift. I wind up with extra, but it lets me slack on the gift sending later. UISO is important. Vitally so. It is the limited resource. You don't want to leave any unclaimed.

I know we said it's only a game. But if you want to win it without gold expenditure, you are gonna have to put in some dedicated work. If you have a large reserve of energy, you don't have to play every day, but you do have to accept and send gifts everyday.

One last thing: Think of your friends. They are in the same boat you are. So, send 'em a UISO. They might just send you one back. Send 'em five. You might just get five back.

Third: Take a look at the entire task list.


Do not focus strictly on the current task. Or even the task beyond this task. Look at 5-7 tasks at a time. Let me break it up for you:

Tasks 1 - 7 can be done in one game session (given a reserve of small energy).

  1. Start the mission.
  2. Fight the medium mission. (working on task 1)
  3. Go to your flight deck, click to go to a mission (not resume current), flip the tab to non-special op missions, and open 6.4 (if you don't have 6.4 unlocked, 2.5 will work).
  4. Deploy a hero if a deploy mission is available (working on task 2)
  5. Fight some Alpha-Betas (Task 1 Complete)
  6. Pick up your Deploy (Task 2 Complete)
  7. You can abort 6.4/2.5.
  8. Back to Special Op.
  9. Fight Avalanche/Juggernaut. (Task 3 Complete)
  10. Go to Messages, and collect your UISO (you did send it out, right? And we were looking ahead so you didn't already accept it, right?) (Task 4 Complete)
  11. Fight the hardest mission you can find in SO3.M1. We're trying to load the boss with minimal expenditure. If you have to do two fights, you have to do two fights. If you have to do three... you get it. (Task 5)
  12. Fight the boss (Task 5 Complete)
  13. Start your research of the Phoenix Essence (Task 6)
  14. If you did not two star SO3M1 on the first run through, run it again, as minimally as possible. (Task 7)

Doing it this way, you can put it to bed for the night, and come back in the morning, with the research done (Task 6 Completed), which will then run a check on Task 7, which we already completed. 7 tasks, one session.

Taks 8-11 are Day 2. Very short day.

  1. Go to 8.6 (or 7.4, 5.4, 5.1, 1.6, or 1.5... 8.6 or 7.4 would be best. More deploys)
  2. Deploy anyone you can deploy on your non-special mission (Task 10).
  3. Go to PVP
  4. Change your team to have 1-2 X-men in it (Wolverine, Cyclops, Colossus, Kitty, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Storm, Gambit, and Emma count).
  5. Fight 1-2 fights (If you have 1 X-man, 2 fights. 2 X-men, 1 fight... Task 8 Complete)
  6. Back to our non-SpecOp mission
  7. Fight one fight with at least 3 Jotun (Task 9)
  8. Off to Special Ops Mission 2... choose Avengers (Tasks 12 and 13!!!)
  9. Fight the two Medium missions. 7 dead Jotun (Task 9 Complete)
  10. Back to our non-special mission.
  11. Collect any deploys, deploy heroes, do enough fights to complete three Deploys (this is why 8.6 and 7.4 are better). (Task 10 complete)
  12. Go to the lab, and start research on the Faulteater (Task 11).
  13. Don't forget to collect UISO and send more out.

Doing it this way, you have minimized your UISO spend, maximized your gifts, and kept looking ahead.

Tasks 12-16 are Day 3. Very short day, as well.

  2. Complete research (Task 11 Complete).
  3. Fight Executioner (Task 12 Complete... this is why we picked Avengers yesterday. I got lucky).
  4. Finish the mission through the Matt Monro's "From Russia With Love" while doing the fight. You will smile. (Task 13 Complete)
  5. NOW, collect your UISO... send some out while you're here. (Task 14 Complete)
  6. Start Spec Op 3, Mission 2 again, this time choosing X-men.
  7. Fight through as fast as possible, and do the boss fight.
    1. Make sure that you do whatever it takes to use Magik's Stepping Disk 3 times during the fight... we do not want to repeat, right? (Task 15 Complete)
    2. Ideally, we will have two stars in the mission (Task 17)
  8. Research the Phoenix Pinion in the lab. (Task 16)
  9. If you feel motivated, or have a lot of excess UISO, go back and three star Mission 1 and 2 if you haven't already (Task 23)

Three days and you're gonna be done with 17 tasks when you start play on Day 4. Bad news. It becomes a bit of a slog from here. You might be short on UISO for research of the Phoenix Pinion. Take a deep breath. Relax. We are 3 days in a 25 day process that will probably be extended to 30.

Remainder - Task 17-25

  1. Complete the research (Task 16 Complete)
  2. Collect your UISO, Send some UISO.
  3. We've already 3 starred, for task 23, so you will get the 2 star reward (Task 17 Complete)
  4. Go to a non-special op mission. Do enough fights using 1-2 Avengers on your team (long list of people who count). 3-5 fights. (Task 18 complete)
    1. DO NOT DO THIS IN THE SPECIAL OP. We are setting up task 21.
  5. Now, start the Special Op, Mission 3 as the X-MEN. (Task 21)
  6. Fight through the mission, do no deploys and don't fight Captain America (yet) (Task 19 Complete, Task 21)
  7. Go do 3 PvP fights. (Task 20 Complete)
  8. Fight Cap (Task 21 Complete).
  9. Run Spec3.M3 again, only as the Avengers (Task 22)
  10. Minimal completion (No deploys).
  11. Fight Cyclops (Task 22 Complete)
  12. Hopefully, we have 3 stars. Else, we're gonna have to run S3.M3 again. (I'm not up to this, so I don't know if minimal run is the best way to go... I will know later). (Task 23 Complete)
  13. Run S3.M3 maximally (Do ALL deploys, immediately, as soon as they appear), as the X-MEN. (This apparently requires NightSucker, Gambit and Rogue... This is a lot of CP if you don't own everyone, so you'd best be off doing what I've told you to do over here: User_blog:Potkettleblack/Farming:_Or_How_to_Grind_and_Get_Command_Points, or, if you we're gonna skip a task using gold... This is probably the one.)
    1. Because you were a boyscout and read my other post, you have a large set of CPs stored up for just this eventuality).
  14. Fight Iron Man... play Black Sabbath's Iron Man while doing it. Always fun. (Task 24 Complete)
  15. Run S3.M3 maximally, as the AVENGERS (This apparently requires Black Panther...).
  16. Defeat Phoenix, Complete task 25, collect Magik.

That's actually not that hard. I haven't figured the UISO Requirement, because it will happen. With enough UISO and Small Energy, you could bang out 17-25 in one session. If you're an eager beaver, you can do a wee bit each day. But you have 25-30 days to complete this. You can do it.

Relax, take a deep breath, Don't Panic... there will be plenty of time for that later.

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