So, what to buy, who to buy, should you buy? Yes, it's that time again. PKB will answer your questions. Note, these answers are for my play style. Your opnion matters more, but if you want mine...

  • Should I buy Cyclops?
    • Probably yes. If you need a good tactician, are sick of playing Cap, then yes.
      • What Class?
        • Tactician. Two shots with the potential of getting the Blaster bonus for both of them... nice.
        • Not Blaster. One shot with the potential of getting the Blaster bonus that you were already getting... not nice.
          • I also wouldn't pair him with a Blaster... "Whoo hoo... Phoenix stuff triggered... wait... what? I got the same boost I was gonna get anyway?"
  • Should I buy Colossus?
    • No. Modern Colossus is clearly superior.
      • This is a role based assessment. His best use is as a tank. He doesn't automatically tank in his P5 suits, so, you waste time or you don't tank. His damage is so-so, which means, using him as a hammer is not that viable, especially the Scrapper version. He also doesn't do the damage reduction thing that goes with Steel Fortress automatically either. So, P5 Colossus is a lot squishier than Mod. Colossus. At least as squishy as a 7' tall Russian muscle man made out of organic steel gets.
  • Should I buy Emma?
    • If you're in the Emma club, yes.
      • She's a very good character, and her boost gives Unlock Potential around the board, for free, at random. That's a good upgrade.
        • I am not currently playing ANY Emma, so I'm gonna hold off for now. At the rate they're releasing stuff, we could have three new heroes by the end of the month.
      • Tactician. Yep. Keep em original.
        • As an infiltrator, a scrapper will remove her diamond protection, then hit her again for real damage. That does not seem a route to victory.
      • A note: the AI plays her as if she doesn't have the extra. So, she will get her P5 bonus, then Unlock her own potential. Not sure if the buffs are stacking, but it's a burned turn.
  • Should I buy Jean?
    • I am. But it's really your call.
      • I am currently playing no Jean, but the effect is an upgrade and the suit is great.
        • Not sure how I feel about her increasing and decreasing boob size. Mostly positive, I guess.
      • What class?
        • Tactician. I know, don't keep em original.
          • Her accuracy boost will increase criticals. Her blaster suit already gets auto-crits (with ignore defense) on bruisers, so, I'm not sure I see the point. See the comment under Cyclops.
          • As a tactician, she will get more crits and more hits. And can set people up with a TK and a Psi Blast. Nice.

Ultimately, I don't find any of these suits to be musts. As Cyke is getting an alt (in the Jim Lee style, aka my favorite) that is bound to have a better passive, I could see passing on him. As Emma is not likely to have another outfit anytime soon, go for it, even if it isn't overwhelming. As Jean already has an alt suit out, that could get some extra passives in the future, it's more of a dice roll. But I like the suit, and the passive isn't completely worthless... And I have the funds and apparently have infinite capacity for running farming missions... Last thing: Do not buy Colossus. I am saving you disappointment. Get Modern Colossus, leave P5 alone.

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