I am working on a bit of a research project and was wondering if you all could help me.

I am interested in fight volume. Fascinated, actually, as I kind of feel trampled in volume.

At any rate, I was hoping that you all could, in the comments, give me the following information in the following format (so I can move it to excel easily)

Agent Name / Agent Level at Conclusion of PVP Tournament 4 / Tournament 4 Attacks / Tournament 4 Defenses / League at Conclusion of Tournament 4

For example:

Provocateur / 258 / 878 / 1205 / Gold

To get your attacks and defenses, do the following:

  1. Open PVP
  2. Open your Battle History
  3. Click on Tournament History
  4. Mouse over Wins
    1. Record Attacking Wins and Defending Wins
  5. Mouse over Losses
    1. Record Attacking Losses and Defending Losses
  6. Add Attacking Wins and Attacking Losses - This is Attacks
  7. Add Defending Wins and Defending Losses - This is Defeneses

Thank you. I will share my findings, should I find anything interesting.

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