Whenever a new character is announced, discussion will rise up and suggest pretty much every class for the new character and any alternate suits they may have. I developed some quick rules of thumb to help you limit your choices.

  • If the hero manipulates energy, they have a good shot of being a blaster.
    • Heroes that back this theory up include: Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Human Torch, Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange, Storm, Phoenix, Alt. Invis. Woman, Alt. Thor.
    • Blasters who don't fit: Alt. Hawkeye.
    • Heroes that go against type: Cyclops, War Machine, Gambit
  • If a hero can lift and throw a car, they are most likely a bruiser.
    • Support: Hulk, Thor, Colossus, Thing, She-Hulk, Alt. Ms. Marvel, Alt Spiderman (with symbiote).
    • Bruisers who don't fit: Alt. Cap
    • Heroes against type: N/A.
  • If a hero has held a high leadership position (long term team leader, high military commission, national ruler), they are most likely a tactician:
    • Support: Cyclops (X-men leader), Emma Frost (Hellfire Club, X-Men, Mass. Academy), Mr. Fantastic (F4, FF), War Machine (Lt. Colonel), Captain America (Avengers), Alt. Widow (Colonel), Alt. Iron Man (Avengers), Black Panther (King of Wakanda), Hawkeye (WCA), Alt. Storm (X-men, Queen of Wakana).
    • Tacts who don't fit: N/A
    • Heroes against type: Ms. Marvel (Major. Might not be high enough), Dr. Strange (Defenders, high IQ. Defenders has always been a non-team... wait for the alt suit, maybe he will be removed).
  • If a hero was a thief, a spy or sneaks around, most likely an infiltrator:
    • Support: Black Cat (thief), Black Widow (spy), Invisible Woman (Invisibility), Spiderman (Wall climbing), Gambit (thief), Shadowcat (Phasing), Alt. Phoenix (mind erase), Alt. Wolverine (ninja)
    • Infs who don't fit: N/A
    • Heroes against type: Daredevil, Mockingbird
  • If a hero knows kung-fu, ninjistu, edged weapons, or another advanced fighting system, and does not fit anywhere else, they are most likely a scrapper:
    • Support: Iron Fist (K'un Lun Kungfu), Daredevil (ninja), Sif (sword), Wolverine (ninja+claws), Luke Cage (can't throw a car, street fighting), Alt. Black Cat (Claws).
    • Scrappers who don't fit: Alt. Colossus, Alt. Thing. Alt Hulk. (but where else would you put 'em)
    • Heroes against type: Alt. Cap.
  • If a hero has a class mimicry ability or a class negation ability, they are most likely a generalist:
    • Support: Mockingbird (Class advantage), Rogue (Mimicry), Beast (Generalized).

So, now when you want to speculate, do so with these rules of thumb, and you will be right more often than you are wrong.

How did the guide as originally posted, fare in predicting things to come later:

  • Valkyrie - lifts 50 tons - Bruiser - Win!
  • Tigra - No energy, no car throwing, no leadership - scrapper/infiltrator mix - 50/50.
  • Gambit is a thief - Infitrator - Win!
  • Magik uses a sword - Scrapper - Win!
  • Quicksilver did not fit anywhere else - Scrapper - Win!
  • Deadpool - swords and no sneakiness - Scrapper - Win!
  • Hercules - can throw a car - Bruiser - Win!
  • Ghost Rider - Doesn't manipulate energy, does fight with fists and weapons - Scrapper - Win!
  • Beast - Can't throw a car, doesn't fit anywhere - Generalist - Loss!
    • Had no way to know he'd be an anti-weapon weapon.
  • Invis Woman Alt - Projectiles - Blaster - Win
  • Spiderman Alt - I even said he only fit bruiser with the Symbiote - Scrapper - Win!
  • Thing Alt - Didn't fit anywhere else - Scrapper - Win!
  • Mr. Fantastic Alt - Model predicted Scrapper - Infiltrator - Loss!
  • Ms. Marvel Alt - Can throw a car - Bruiser - Win!
  • Emma Alt - Sneaky with psych powers - Inf - Win!
  • Phoenix Alt - Model predicted Inf - Tactician - Loss!
  • Human Torch Alt - Did not know what to do with him - Bruiser - Loss!
  • P5 Cyclops - I called it above - Blaster - Win!

Seriously, this is the model. Stop the speculation.

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