I keep tabs on things. I like to have data to project the future or understand the present. Playdom doesn't have a lot of pattern to what they do, so this is largely folly, but I think it's interesting to look at the calendars to see what can be seen. At any rate, I thought it would be a good idea to put my calendars up.

NOTE: These calendars only apply to the FB version of the game. I do not play any other version.

Special Operations

I have noted the operation by the main hero obtained, as it was easier for me to think of, as opposed to numbers or titles.

Spec Op Start End Length Gap
MockingbirdMonday, May 14, 2012Wednesday, June 20, 2012370
Emma FrostWednesday, July 25, 2012Monday, August 27, 20123335
MagikFriday, September 21, 2012Tuesday, October 23, 20123225
Ghost RiderFriday, October 26, 2012Tuesday, November 27, 2012323
ValkyrieFriday, November 30, 2012Monday, January 07, 2013383
HavokTuesday, January 29, 2013Monday, February 25, 20132722
Hank PymFriday, March 08, 2013Sunday, March 31, 20132311
VisionFriday, April 05, 2013Sunday, April 28, 2013235
RescueWednesday, May 01, 2013Saturday, June 01, 2013313
WondermanFriday, June 07, 2013Monday, July 01, 2013246
Daimon HellstromSaturday, July 13, 2013Monday, August 05, 20132312
AresFriday, August 23, 2013Monday, September 16, 20132418
Black BoltFriday, September 20, 2013Sunday, October 13, 2013234
HeimdallTuesday, October 29, 2013Friday, November 29, 20133116

Note, Length is the number of days from start to finish. Gap is the number of days from the finish of the previous operation to the start of the new operation.

We can make some very general generalities. Operations in the modern era (I think we can throw out everything from Mock to Valk as the learning period) run from 23 days to 31 days, with the low end being more prevalent and the long end being for extenuating circumstance (Movie promotion, Holidays).

We can also suggest that, when there isn't a specific event to tie to, it's 2-3 weeks between operations. The specific event tie ins mess up the calendar somewhat. You see the Magik-Ghost Rider-Valkyrie cluster, and it was caused by needing the Ghost Rider operation to tie to Halloween and the Valkyrie tie to the holiday season. You can also look at the Pym-Vision-Rescue-Wonderman cluster, and see that there was a need to get the Vision operation in ahead of the Iron Man 3 promotion, and then get the Iron Man 3 promotion (Rescue) going. Since it ran 7-8 days longer than the typical operation, it crammed up against Wonderman's operation. And lastly, Black Bolt was launched to tie in with the Infinity event in the comics and the introduction of the Thane character.

My main conclusion is that we get 2-3 weeks, unless there is a scheduling issue.

PVP Tournaments

Spec Op Start End Length Gap
Red Hulk5/21/20136/10/20132014

Not much pattern to discern there. They had been trending the length downwards from Cable-Red Hulk, at which point they started adding sweeteners to make you play daily PVP. Red Hulk actually had the first major sweetener, with Juggernaut boxes, and much was made of the difficulty in obtaining enough lockboxes, even with daily play. At that point, they seemed to settle on a longer tournament, starting with Angel (sweetened by the Shepherd's Staff), Bishop (Elektra), Spiral (Synthetic Cube) and Domino (Sabretooth).

You can also see a wide variation in the amount of time between PVP tournaments. This might correspond to levels of fatigue and complaint from players. You see the first few were stacked pretty close, and then X-23 and Fantomex had longer gaps. Then, there was some complaint about there being nothing to do in the game, so Shatterstar started promptly. Complaints, longer release for Rulk (or testing on LBs for Juggernaut, or testing of Juggernaut*), then a week off for Angel and then things got longer. We know about the FUBAR Angel thing, which might explain the long layoff. There were a lot of angry people about that one. Hell, I took two PVP seasons off after that tournament. Then 22 days from Bishop to Spiral, which might've been about perfecting multifunction skills and devices and 15 for Domino (testing Sabretooth).

The short of it is, there's really no good predictive measure for when the next PVP will start. I think 27 days is a likely length, but I don't think we can say with any certainty much more about PVP tournaments based on this data.

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