As much as we all love this game, there's one thing that must be said for Marvel: Avengers Alliance. And that it's not exactly clear on what everything is. Oh, the intro when you first start the game does a decent job of things, but for the vast majority there's simply a lot that the game has that can and often DOES go over the heads of newer players. And frankly I don't think anyone of the main chat enjoys seeing new players constantly ask the same questions over and over that, by all rights, they should know but the game fails to appropriately tell them. To that extent, I present you all with this little week and a half worth's of work, My video guide to Marvel: Avengers Alliance!

Marvel Avengers Alliance Guide For Newbies-022:44

Marvel Avengers Alliance Guide For Newbies-0

This should be the basics of everything you need to know!

In this guide, you'll find the following:
  1. Rundown of all the resources in the game and their uses
  2. Rundown of character classes and their strength, weaknesses, and basic stat structure
  3. Rundown of the basics you need to know about each hero: Passives, attacks, and the attack stats.
  4. Rundown of ISO and what they can do for you.

I don't go over everything a player needs to know to excel at the game (It would take a LOT longer and add in things that I don't think everything I'd talk about would be clear to new players), but everything I do mention in here should give even the greenest of newbies a basic understanding of the game and a knowledge of how to go forward. I'm also wanting to improve on this video with all the future ones I'll be working on, but for that, I need people to tell me what they liked, what they didn't like, and where they think I can improve. I've already bought a new microphone to help with the audio quality, so that should at least take care of one problem. I'd also like future ideas that you guys might like to see me do, be it related to M:AA or not, for future videos. I loved doing this so having more material to work with is ALWAYS a good idea.

So suggest away, my friends, and use this guide well! I'm always willing to help those willing to learn!

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