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    As much as we all love this game, there's one thing that must be said for Marvel: Avengers Alliance. And that it's not exactly clear on what everything is. Oh, the intro when you first start the game does a decent job of things, but for the vast majority there's simply a lot that the game has that can and often DOES go over the heads of newer players. And frankly I don't think anyone of the main chat enjoys seeing new players constantly ask the same questions over and over that, by all rights, they should know but the game fails to appropriately tell them. To that extent, I present you all with this little week and a half worth's of work, My video guide to Marvel: Avengers Alliance!

    In this guide, you'll find the following:

    1. Rundown of all th…
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  • Pokeprof

    Pokeprof's Hero Guide: Who you should do what with and why

    So, with Shade having long since beaten me to continuing PotKettleBlack's work of showing off the characters best used ISO's, I thought I'd offer my own ideas/services in another way. As useful as a set up for your ISO's are, without proper knowledge of the characters in question, or how to properly use them, it kinda makes that meaning less. At best, both Shade and PKB offered some ideas of how to use the characters and what positions they'd fill on a team, but the actual 'Use A for this' was rarely if ever given. So that's what this guide is all about.

    Please keep in mind that I'm in no way perfect in this game, and I've still got a great deal to learn when compared to the likes of…

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    Hero Order Template

    December 18, 2013 by Pokeprof

    One of the best things on the forums for those of us to show off our characters, achivements and like wise is the Templates, which can be found here:

    I've myself used this to great effect on my own page to show off all my current heroes and levels. That said, the current template for people to use is in alphabetical order and I found it a little wanting when I was wanting to plug in my numbers because of the fact that, outside of the original group of heroes that were put into the game, all other heroes we've got are placed in order that they were added in the game, not by their names. As such, I've taken the last…

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    So, you're wanting to get into the wonderful game that mixes up the wonderful up the Marvel Universe with a Battle System of Pokemon and the social aspect of Face book? Well you should look no further then the Avengers Alliance!

    All joking aside, a great game with an addiction nature, there are a LOT of things a newbie should learn and have under their belt if they're going to be any good at the game, much less stand along side the sides of Titans of the lv 300 min-maxers at the top of the game. While I don't know everything and I'm still learning myself, I will do my best to show off what I DO know and help you all progress in the game!

    Started the Game, What do?

    When you first get into the game, there are a lot of things you need to un…

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