• Pillsy74

    I personally have over 200 gold at the moment.  I have not spent a dime on the game.  I have spent around 150 gold on Warbringer Axe, Quantum Jumper and Coulson's Revenge, and I'm going to reforge the weapons at some point.  I'm level 163 currently.  I have spent plenty of gold on CPs, especially in SO2.  I've also occasionally bought Unstable ISO-8 with gold if I needed to win a battle or do research.

    If I had been smarter in the beginning with gold, I'd probably have 100 more.

    A tutorial on how to get gold (some of this MAY only apply in the US):

    The first ways to get gold are as above.  Level up. 4 star missions.  Do decently in PVP tourneys (always enter them NO MATTER WHAT for the 100k silver guarnateed - that's enough to train a level 9…

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