Here are some helpful notes I have gathered form the current spec ops. So far all the tasks on the wiki are the same for iOS. I am not going to obtain more UISO then I need to complete all the tasks. In my opinion the weapons gathered from just doing the tasks are superior to the boss drops. I obtained Baltag's Blaster from an Unstoppable Lockbox so I don't need to try for the mission 3 boss drop.

Update: I have Hank, and I like him. Stealthy L1 to remove Cap's shield guard, L6 area attack to prevent counters, he shrinks and grows. Pretty fun to use, but the passives will take a few rounds to fully activate. This was a very easy Spec Ops.


l = Low threat
m = Medium threat
h = High threat
d = Deploy
two-bird = mini-boss + boss
three-bird = two mini-bosses + boss

Mission 1

  • Minimal run 90 UISO, 60 energy (2 deploys, three-bird) m, d (2 battles), l, l, h (collect deploy after the battle), d (1 battle), m (collect deploy after the battle), three-bird
  • Minimal run without deploys is also 90 UISO, 70 energy (two-bird) m, l, l, h, m, Nitro, two-bird
  • Full run beating all mini bosses separately (done that way to complete all spec ops tasks leading up to research) cost 160 UISO
  • Boss drop: Advanced Idea, QA item, 3 round cooldown, performs a large Psychic attack on all enemies after 3 rounds

Mission 2

  • Minimal run (80 UISO, 60 energy) d, m, l, h, m, h, three-bird
  • Full run beating all mini bosses separately (done that way to complete all spec ops tasks leading up to second research) cost 160 UISO
  • Boss drop: Soldering Iron, prevents technology attacks, slows metal targets

Mission 3

  • Full run to make epic boss appear costs 140 UISO, 70 energy (5 deploys, h,h,m,h,m,three-bird,epic)
  • Boss drop: Baltag's Blaster, radiation exposure, counters all attacks made by enemies with Timestream, 40th Century Man (2 of 4)
  • Epic boss drop: Servoguard Programming Interface, stealthy, summons a random Servoguard to attack the enemy

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