I've created a spreadsheet for tracking Command Points and Boss Drops in each Chapter and Mission. The file can be found at:

Each tab contains a Chapter listing the Missions contained within and the given details for each Mission. Your Mission score is entered under the blue arrow. It will then turn the traffic signal green if you've exceeded the 5-Star score. It will remain red if you are below the cutoff.


Each run of a mission will be entered under the red arrow. You will enter the date, time, mission number, a "N" for a Normal run, a "C" for a Challenge run, the drop received from the boss and the drop received from the epic boss if applicable. You will then copy the formula from the previous row for the "Total". The values entered under Boss and Epic should only be numbers (for the given number of Command Points) or the specific items listed under the "BOSS DROP", "CHALLENGE MODE BOSS DROP", "EPIC BOSS DROP", or "CHALLENGE MODE EPIC BOSS DROP". If you receive a consumable, or ISO-8 Chip, etc, enter "0".


You will then be able to see the statistics for each Mission.

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