I'd like to talk about this. Since Iately I've been noticing a lot of people freaking out about them. Lately Playdom went in a Gold Sale rampage, with the Refactored Heroes, the Magnetic Lockboxes, IM+WP suitsRescue and now The Chess Set all in a row.


This has been a double edge knife for them, since yes, everybody loves a good sale, but now everybody fears Playdom may be too inclined for gold releases only.


This is an important point which imho needs further detail, because it's one of the things that it's freaking out people the most.

In my opinion, she got re-released before her time (Hank Pym and Vision came before her and haven't been re-released yet). I believe that was due to the Iron Man 3 DVD, and since everything was on gold sale, they just added those two things together.

Giving her an advanced re-release, 50% off, make proffit and advertise from the IM3 DVD, but not everything can be nice and dandy. She had to be with gold.

First Five

I say, not everything has to be this way now (Playdom would lose a big chunk of its audience). Yes, thanks to the Rescue situation, everybody is fearing they'd be out for gold. And while everybody is freaking out, I'm loving this, since I need to get my hands on Mockingbird :} and no, I don't believe they'll release them permanently with gold.

MAYBE an initial sale with gold, but still with the choice to buy them at the usual 200 cps, maybe 100 gold 200 cps foreverer, but most likely, they won't neglect the choice to get heroes via CPs.


Playdom is smart enough, people. While they know gold is their proffit, they also know a large amount of the fan base is made of free riders, which is ok, they like having big numbers, that means more advertising for them, free advertising.

And yes, they can make limited time gold sales with some % discount, I highly doubt they'll ever remove the option to buy heroes with Command Points, because they'd be turning their back against the bigger portion of the players. And anyways if someone wants to get their heroes with RL money, they can just buy the Gold at any time and convert it to CPs without problems.

I guess time will tell.

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