All right, Playdom is releasing more content, more often again, maybe? maybe they'll go back to their weekly schedule? I miss those times, where we'd get Spec Ops, PvP, New Hero/Hero Revamp, lots of nerfs, or just a small patch, but something new and fresh every week.

As for me, I can see myself writing about the new content if there's time and the mood feels like it, seems like a good way to pass the time and share anything without spamming the comments so hard, and who knows, maybe some will read it and I'll even be able to do some help.

Today's topic: Spec Ops 12.

Before we start, here's the epic nerf  and fall of Shell Shocked patch note

Now, as in every Spec Ops: Go to mission one, get your 440 Isos and... lzxdiCX.png

Look at us, making progress already.

Let's see what does this Special Operations brings us, I'll slowly update this as I get to play it day by day, with daily progress and such, for now, let's work with what we have:

First Impressions


Looks great, another Bruiser is always welcome in my arsenal, and I can really see his potential for PvP even on Level 2; his God of War passive is a built in everlong lasting Coordinated Attack+Cooperative Defense, his L2 comes with AoE Despair which will really help to clear all those Rescues and Phoenixs in PvP, just that makes him totally worth it, but man, his L9 even comes with a Catastrophic AoE with 40% chance to Stun and Remove Buffs. Seriously.

Yes, I'm aware that his two best skills come with Cooldowns, but I wouldn't expect it the other way. That way you'll have to be more strategic, and not spam the I win button OP stuff every turn, choose your skills wisely every turn and use them in the perfect time, that's what's all about!

After testing him in Team Up on mission 2 I'm a bit dissapointed of his low attack power, even more for a God of War. But I'm still biased for his Passive and skills, we'll see how we work around his attack (isos, buffs).

Vindication Set

Comes with 5 pieces, that's new, even more: piece one has three versions​, total waste of two researchs / spec ops weapons IMHO, once you get Power Cell Mk III, the other two are pointless to have since they are lower versions and I can see low levels slotting those already.

Here are the pieces:

Power Cell / Power Cell Mk II / Power Cell Mk III (Vindication Set - 1 of 5)

Task Completition Piece, and as it was said already, it comes in three versions.

The entire set is really based/focused on this pieces; they're all Subtle/Quick Actions with 2 Rounds Cooldown, and produce a charge to be consumed by the other pieces of the set for additional functionality.

The Power Cell gives you a Short Burst Charge, while the Power Cell Mk II gives you a High Capacity Charge + Charge Receptors, and finally the Power Cell Mk III gives the same as the II + Sonic Blast.

vhDT4lB.png 6Shf5Be.png VK1cJK2.png

Stalker (Vindication Set - 2 of 5)

Daily Roulette Piece.

I love the name on this one. The usage seems barely decent; places a Electronic Tracking Round on the target and consumes Short Bust Charge to put Surveillance on the Agent, or High Capacity Charge to put Surveilance on the entire team to counter the tracked target (let's all pick up on Rescue and Phoenix someone).

Though I'll have to see this in action, right now I doubt the entire team gets to counter the Tracked Target disregarding who gets hit (that'd make this such a bully weapon and nerf material), I guess most likely, even if all the team has the buff, only the one who gets hit by the Tracked Target will counter, even worse, if only the agent gets the buff, and anyone else gets hit, it's a waste.

This is lowering my interest in this weapon, Overwatch, or Cyclops' L6 > this. Anyways Rescue places Off-Balance AND she'll Status Reset every one of those buffs.


Sonic Blaster (Vindication Set - 3 of 5)

Epic Boss Drop Piece. Disregarding what the Mission Info shows. PD seems drunk this Spec Ops.

AoE weapon with Generalized + Sonic Blast x2 and Consumes Short Bust Charge for Neutralized or High Capacity Charge for Neutralized + Exhausted. Why? Because fudge you everyone. I'm farming for this Got it on first try same as axe, lucky me I guess. Of course, nothing can be too OP, it comes with a well placed 2 rounds cooldown.

(Picture courtesy of @ScarlettOlivia)

Void Generator (Vindication Set - 4 of 5)

Score Challenge Reward Piece. (Practically a freebie)

Debuff based weapon. As everything else on this set, works with the first piece, specially Mk II & III versions.

First off, let me Remove Buffs from a target, then consume Short Bust Charge so you get a cool shield Void Shield for the Agent or consume High Capacity Charge for the Void Shield on the whole team, (clears and prevents debuffs, and attackers lose 1 buff, really, I love this shield). 2 Rounds Cooldown as well.


The Obliterator (Vindication Set - 5 of 5)

The 64 gold buy Piece.

Finally, the last piece has arrived, for 1 week to buy. IMHO it's based to screw Rescue, it's Catastrophic so she (nor anyone) can tank it, it Exploits Flying and we all know you-know-who flies, and it has Shield Breaker with Short Bust Charge, no words needed. As for the High Capacity Charge? Shield Breaker + a neat follow-up of this weapon. It also has Obliterated, a cool combination of Burning and Weakened, and I'm wondering if they stack, or Obliterated causes both buffs instead. Will have to wait for someone to use it on deffense PvP against me, since I doubt I'll get it (saving up for a cool gadget like Neurotrope *cross fingers*).

PS: Also, 6 hits AoE + possible follow-up, good to Farm Acorns.


Boss Drops

  1. Warsplitter Axe don't get your hopes up, you read the name wrong, this isn't Warbringer Axe, could be OP, nice damage and Deadly Crits can only make it better, plus it neutralizes one enemy AND buff up your team with 25% attack power (so far it's stacking with the usual Strengthened buff, most likely a bug soon to be fixed). Has a 2 rounds cooldown but it isn't a big deal, really, I wouldn't be mad if the roulette lands on it and lucky me, got it on first roulette. :D
  2. Guided Repeater how much do you like Hawkeye? of course, it doesn't come with the shiny effects of Heroic Age. Still, I can see potential in Pinpoint Target + Rapid Fire. <-- Maybe I should farm for this one to get all the boss drop weapons.
  3. Blade Catcher looks like made to counter the bleeders, it isn't rocking my world. But I got one anyways.

Task list

Nothing out of the ordinary on the tasks per se, 25 tasks and get the hero.

But there are also 4 side quests: Challenges on the Score for every Boss and Epic Boss in the Spec Ops, rewards for the Boss Challenges are 1 CP each, and as mentioned above, a free Void Generator as a reward for the Epic Boss Challenge. Great!

As for the action course, I'll work it and study it for a good plan, will be detailed in daily progress, and the always trustworthy full task list is right there on the title, click it, click it!


  • Mission 1 just requires Nightcrawler and 4 open deploys.
  • The Epic Boss is Venom, found in Mission 2 and the required heroes for Deploys are HerculesShatterstar and Thor, + another 2 open deploys.
Epic ic
Hercules Icon Large 1
Epic ic
Shatterstar Icon Large 1
Epic ic
Thor Icon Large 1
90 Command point icon 135 Command point icon 90 Command point icon
  • Command point icon Total Command Points required: 315
  • Mission 3 is something new, 5 open deploys.
  • If you're in need of command points, you can always see PKB's CP farming guide, or you can use 25 gold, but I wouldn't recommend that.

Efficient Paths

  1. ​Medium -> Medium -> Medium -> High -> High -> Low -> 3 Bird. Or you can do a deploy to avoid the low, save some energy and maybe get something useful. Total: 70 energy, 80 isos.
  2. N/A Epic.
  3. High -> High -> Medium -> High -> High -> Medium -> 3 Bird.


  • The fights are easier every day or is it just me? You can pretty much one shot anything in Spec Ops now.
  • I like the trend of including unreleased heroes in the Spec Ops, gives a chance to try them out before you get your hands on them, even all their 4 skills.
  • There seems to be a Glitch in the Team Up fights, where when you change your Agent or Heroes uniform, the team up will swap for another hero, in my case is Fantomex (he always gets in the middle when another hero can't be present because deploy, remote ops, training, etc). No big deal, just be sure to go out and back in the fight, so you start it with the right team up.
  • As of right now, Unstable Iso-8 doesn't seem to be dropping from allies, it may delay our progress in Spec Ops a couple of days. Edit: they're dropping again, from allies maps and fights.
  • PD devs were drunk while doing this Spec Op.
  • Game is turning into a Neutralizing strategy.

Daily Progress

23/08/2013 - Dear Spec Ops Journal  

Just unlocked it. Let's work!

First off, collect daily visit from friends, ironic, 0 Isos, and I had already farmed the 50 gifts, and the Free Stuff page just got 5 for me (still: Yey for freebies!), it's ok just day 1 and I won't need over 440 to kick off any Spec Ops

PS: I'll log my resource usage for this Spec Ops.

PPS: My first rounds will be full deploys, so don't expect for a Minimum/Optimal Path at start, I may bring one later, or link a good one from another post, don't worry.

Task progress:

  • Task 1/25 (Defeat 4 Test Subjects): First fight, a medium one (10 Isos) and 4/5 progress, go for a Deploy (another 10 isos, I know it's not optimal for minimum path, but I like to do them all at least once, besides, I'll need this for next task), another medium fight (another 10 isos) and we're done here.
    • Reward: 100 XP for the agent, and unlocked side tasks.
    • Total so far: 30 Isos, 20 energy.
  • Task 2/25 (Two Deploys): Yes it can be done outside Spec Ops, but since we're here; collect the previous one, send another (10 iso) and do another fight, this time a High one (10 isos). Collect the second deploy and done.
    • Reward: 1000 Silver.
    • Total so far: 50 Isos, 30 energy.
  • Task 3/25 (Defeat Ironclad): Look! Another deploy *sends Black Cat* (10 isos), as usual in any first go in Spec Ops, don't expect a three bird. Fight Ironclad (another 20 Isos and 10 energy).
    • Reward: 200 XP for Agent.
    • Total so far: 80 Isos, 40 energy. Man I'm an Isos wasting machine.
  • Task 4/25 (Use Bishop in Combat): Cool, we'll get a chance to test the seemingly complicated new hero, not cool a Bruiser vs 2 Blasters, Captain America, Tactician Suit Up! Fight X-Ray (20 isos, 10 energy) oh and I Got another two deploys, so another 20 isos. Btw, first specific hero one, Nightcrawler. Fight is done, and I prooved that Bishop is a Tank for Blasters, lol.
    • Reward: 1 Command Point.
    • Total so far: 120 Isos, 50 energy.
    • Note: there seems to be a glitch where Fantomex or another hero would take the place of Bishop when selecting heroes, just get out and go back before the start, no big deal.

(remember me not to use .jpg and stick to the .png plx)

  • Task 5/25 (Use Hercules Gift's of Battle): IF you do have Herc, don't waste the fight on the Ares boss fight, since you'll need that for task 7 (after the research). I was surprised to see he has been a team up only in spec ops, sadly, this means if you don't have him, you'll need to do another run, or just farm the 90 cps since you'll need him anyways for the epic boss. I did the task outside, Practice PvP, so I don't burn more resources for a change. However, I had the most stupid fight and had to do two, turn order can be a B****. :|
    • Reward: 1000 Silver reward, and the blueprint for the research on next task.
    • Total so far: 120 Isos, 50 energy. And a bit of my mental sanity.
    • Hint: ​IF you're planning on buying Herc, wait untill you're done with the 1st SideTask/Challenge (Score of 67500 on Ares), it'll be easier this way, and more likely the Challenge will demand a mandatory 2nd run since the first one the mini bosses are defeated one by one. We'll see tomorrow how I do it.
  • Task 6/25 (1st Research): All right, 60 isos, 100 silver and 8 hours. This is it for night for this Spec Ops.
    • Total so far: 180 Isos, 50 energy, 100 silver.

24/08/2013 - Between First and Second Research

So I just woke up today with 20 Isos from the roulette, -71 on the PvP rating, a glimpse on the Piece 2/5 of the set (posted above), and the 6th task completed by over 8 hours, lol I sleep too late last night derping around here, but it's ok just day 2 and everybody will get Ares sooner or later.

Let us continue, I'll farm daily gifts and allys visit later, hoping they're dropping Isos now, lol.

Task progress:

  • Task 6/25 (1st Research): done now.
    • Reward: Stealth Field
    • Total so far: 180 isos, 50 energy, 100 silver

  • Task 7/25 (Defeat Ares): this is where it gets interesting, since the regular tasks usually demand you to defeat the mini bosses alone, such score would be a real Challenge for a single boss. As expected, I failed the Challenge, meaning another run, but it's ok, that'll help to 3 - 4 star it. For now, let's pick up Kurt from the Deploy, he's been there for over 12 hours, lol. At least unlocked Mission 2, so I can take a Screenshot of the epic weapon (posted above), and I'll do the 1st Challenge before the task 8.
dCTSxCH.png Rz2p8VW.png ... Failed.

  • Challenge 1/4 (Ares again with at least 67500 score): well, time to figure out an optimal route, I guess. This is what I had to do: Medium -> Medium -> Medium -> High -> High -> Low -> 3 bird. Just pick the highest one always, used 70 energy and 80 isos here, though I guess I could've sent 1 deploy to save 10 energy, and still use 80 isos and maybe get something from Kurt's deploy. Fighting Ares twice gave me a glimpse on how his AI will behave.
    • Reward: 1 Command Point (and another on roulette xD)
    • Total so far: 280 isos, 130 energy, 100 silver.

Better, and I 3 stared the mission already:

  • Task 8/25 (5 PvP): easy piesy. You can do it on practice, I'll do my 5 dailies and get that out of the way. I'm happy to say I did not see a single Rescue today. still some Nixs, but that's not as half annoying as Rescue is.
    • Reward: 100 XP for the agent. 5 daily boxes and other 2 on roulette.
    • Total so far: 280 isos, 130 energy, 100 silver.

  • Task 9/25 (2 star mission 1): piece of cake, if you did everything right, this should be done already.
    • Reward: 100 XP for the agent.
    • Total so far: 280 isos, 130 energy, 100 silver.

  • Task 10/25 (Use Ares in combat): Off to mission 2, and to look up for the first mini boss. Load the mission, a Low, an open Deploy and a Medium and What is this? A Team up in a non boss fight? Well this will save me time and resources for this fight, and no need to bring down the first mini boss. :)... Ares hits dissapointingly low for the god of war, though I'm still biased for his God of War passive.
    • Reward: 1000 silver, and the Blueprint for the research on next task.
    • Total so far: 300 isos, 140 energy, 100 silver.
    • Note: I was able to replicate the glitch, when you change your agents gear, or alts uniform, the team up will swap for another hero, in my case. Fantomex, be carefull of this and don't start the mission wrong, go out, go back in and everything should be fine.

  • Task 11/25 (2nd research): Another 80 isos, 100 silver and this time 1day wait. This is it for today, I still have to farm my daily gifts and visit allies, that'll help with the Iso storage, I'm starting to run short.
    • Total so far: 380 isos, 140 energy, 200 silver.

PD: If you're ahead of me, there are a couple of tasks with Ares involved, that's why there are some team ups in regular fights, use them wisely, for tasks 12 and 15, and use the mini boss/boss fights for their respective tasks, 13 and 14.


25/08/2013 - Between Second and Third Research

Today  I woke up to realize PD has failed again, this time it brought me the Daily Roulette from previous season, at least I won 20 cps, doesn't hurt. I got another -64 in deffense but I couldn't care less right now, I'll focus on the 5 daily for PvP and tinker my team again to try to win more deffenses. But right now it's all about Spec Ops.


Today it may be a slow day, I'm running short on Isos, and the allies maps aren't giving yet, I collected the gifts from yesterday and today and I'm barely on 190, I checked the Task List for today and from that I can see I need 180 just for the tasks, maybe more if I can't pop Dark Hawkeye just doing the fights needed for the tasks... we'll work with what we have. Right now, my research task is still running, so we'll have to wait a little bit. I'll take a look at the comments meanwhile. (:


Task Progress:

  • Task 11/25 (2nd Research): Done now.
    • Reward: 1000 silver and the Power Cell.
    • Total so far: 380 isos, 140 energy, 200 silver.

  • Task 12/25 (Use Ares' L9): I decided, I'll do it with Moonstone instead of the hard fight, that way I make more progress in the mission, and still have the hard fight for task 15, I may need it later, and I'm not sure if there are other regular fights with Ares involved, so this is the best way to go. Oh and pick up Beast, after 24 hours in deploy.
    • Reward: 100 XP for the agent.
    • Total so far: 400 isos, 150 energy, 200 silver.

  • Task 13/25 (Defeat Dark Widow): Jackpot, she popped by killing moonstone
    • Reward: 2000 silver and unlock mission 3.
    • Total so far: 420 isos, 160 energy, 200 silver.

  • Task 14/25 (Defeat Dark Hawkeye): well, he isn't here yet, I guess I'll have to do something else, I was saving hard fight for task 15, but I figure I can do it in a second run for the Challenge task anyways. And just in case, I sent Thor in deploy as well, so that's 20 isos. I didn't needed the deploy to advance and I did miss the 20 isos on it, but who gives. Dark Hawkeye is up.
    • Reward: 100 XP for the agent and 3 command points on the roulette, missed the 20 isos in there as well. 
    • Total so far: 460 isos, 180 energy, 200 silver.

  • Task 15/25 (Ares' L1 twice): All right, re-do for mission 2, this time I'll run an efficient path to save resources, and  leave the epic boss for the time of the 4th Challenge. Did the medium fight, piece of cake, hardest part was not to kill everyone before doing the L1 two times.
    • Reward: 2000 silver and the Blueprint for the research on the next task.
    • Total so far: 470 isos, 190 energy, 200 silver.
  • Task 16/25 (3rd research): Well, I'm 20 isos short for this, but I don't want to wait until tomorrow, so I have to figure out something. There's nothing new on the Free Stuff page yet, daily gifts collected and allies map not giving any, did my 5 pvp dailies for another 5 boxes and open a batch of 10 it was a long shot, didn't got any but at least got my 7th cover xD... all right, I guess I'll have to waste 2 gold. I'm really dispising the whinners go whot rid of isos on allies map right now. Off to research.
    • Total so far: 470 isos, 190 energy, 500 silver, 2 gold.

See you in two days, I guess.

26/08/2013 - Special Comunication

I'm glad to announce that Unstable Isotop-8 are dropping again from allies maps and fights. Also, I got 20 from roulette, and there's a 20 link in the Free Stuff page.

See you tomorrow, or in comments. Cheers!

27/08/2013 - Let's see how far we've come

It's a bit late today, but I've been busy today, and most likely will be all week till friday, some friends came to town and we're hanging out all day after work and I get home late and tired, so updates may be late and slow. 

Without further to do, let's get to work today, I have just above 200 isos from friends, daily gifts and such, from yesterday and today. Let's see what can we do with that.

Task Progress:

  • Task 16/25 (3erd research): done, about 12 hours ago. xD
    • Reward: 100 XP for the Agent and the Power Cell Mk II.
    • Total so far: 470 isos, 190 energy, 500 silver, 2 gold.

  • Task 17/25 (use 3 distress calls): Well, since I'm in mission 2 aiming for the challenge, let's do those here, and meanwhile, go for my first visit to Venom. Did my 3 fights and 3 deploys as well.
    • Reward: 100 XP for the Agent, nothing useful on deploys.
    • Total so far: 530 isos, 220 energy, 500 silver, 2 gold.
  • Challenge 2/4 (92000 Score on Dark Hawkeye): I'm on it dude. The last 2 deploys, the last low fight, aaand 3 bird.
    • Reward: 1 Command point + another 3 on roulette.
    • Total so far: 570 isos, 240 energy, 500 silver, 2 gold

  • Task 18/25 (get 2 stars in Mission 2): Let me kill Venom first, k? Thx, done.
    • Reward: 200 XP for the agent, my 249th level up (from killing Venom, not from those 200 on reward xD), and on yeah THIS on roulette. Man am I lucky or what?
    • Total so far: 590 isos, 250 energy, 500 silver, 2 gold.

And I did 3 star already for task 24 as well.

  • Task 19/25 (Win 3 PvP battles): Time for dailies. GoddamnitIhateRescuesomuch this is the worst season so far.
    • Reward: 1 Command Point. Lots of junk in lockboxes.
    • Total so far: 590 isos, 250 energy, 500 silver, 2 gold, and serioulsy, another portion of my sanity, and a profund hate for this game small headache. Let's call this a night.

28/08/2013 - No Contest

I'm just getting home from a long rough day, and I have to wake up in 5 hours to work, I have an activity at 5 a.m. QQ. Sorry but no update today, at least I farm some isos, I'm at 203, and most likely I'll be able to play at 5 am anyways, lol :)

Nity nites.

29/08/2013 - An Epic Finale

Some days just start better than others:


Now, while I'm sitting on my chair, working, monitoring a 2 - 3 hours process (at home, thanks god for vpns), I'll get to play some. :) then sleep the rest of the morning and go back to work at noon/early afternoon. 

Right now I'm the happy owner of 292 isos, and I may end this in this 2 - 3 hours. Let's see.

Task Progress:

  • Task 20/25 (10 thugs): kick off mission 3 with a High battle, with 5 thughs. Don't worry abut the trippy guy, any buff remover with deal with it, if you don't have any, you can always count with Mystical Munitions. Do a medium one and what's that? Yes, 9/10. Don't be that guy, Playdom... Do another medium. 3 fights, 30 isos.
  • Reward: 100 XP for the Agent and the Power Cell Mk III.
  • Total so far: 620 isos, 280 energy, 500 silver, 2 gold.

Playdom being that guy.


  • Task 21/25 (Use Elektra): this is a long shot, but I have 7 covers, and 5 boxes from yesterday, so I'll do my dailies and see if I can get the last cover, Elektra, and save 20 isos. Wish me luck... (Half hour later) Aaaaand. I got nothing xD except the 5th appareance of cover #2, remember me to spite that one forever. Looks like I'll have to waste those 20 isos and lose the chance to 2 bird the boss by doing the Vulture fight for a taste of Elektra.
    • Reward: 100 XP for the agent.
    • Total so far: 640 isos, 290 energy, 500 silver, 2 gold.

(Got distracted and forgot to take screenshot of her, so here's an image)

  • Task 22/25 (Defeat Dark Thor): Fine. Thor, Modern Blaster Suit Up!
    • Reward: 3000 silver.
    • Total so far: 660 isos, 300 energy, 500 silver, 2 gold.



Jejeje jajaja xD

  • Task 23/25 (Defeat Daken): I'm one fight away from him F***!, so I'll run a High one and Wolvie vs Son of Wolvie it is.
    • Reward: 1 Command Point + another 3 on roulette.
    • Total so far: 690 isos, 310 energy, 500 silver, 2 gold.

  • Challenge 3/4 (105k score on Daken): So a re-do for Mission 3. This is what I did: High -> High -> Medium -> High -> High -> Medium -> Thor Avengers Bruiser Suit Up! -> 3 bird.
    • Reward: 1 Command Point + another on roulette.
    • Total so far: 770 isos, 320 energy, 500 silver, 2 gold.

  • Task 24/25 (3 star everything): Freebie, if you did everything right.
    • Reward: 5k silver.
    • Total so far: 770 isos, 320 energy, 500 silver, 2 gold.

  • Task 25/25 and Challenge 4/4 (Venom + 50000 score): all right, I'm out of work and about to end this (so I can get back to bed). Iso count is at 114 and I think, I believe I need 140 for the epic, that means 3 gold, but I won 10 today (plus I'll get another on level up and another one when I'm done and I 4 star this mission)... and I maay get some isos on the deploys or boss roulette... Let's try that first... (15 miutes later) Nope. And I'm 1 low fight away for the Epic with 4 isos (getting them from fights it's not an option, I've gotten juts 2 of them in 3 and a half hours and lots of fights). Whatever, gold it is.
    • Reward: 1 Command Point, Ares and Void Generator and gargage on roulette (it'd have been so ironic if I get the isos on the epic roulette, thanks god I didn't).
    • Grand Totale: 910 isos, 370 energy, 500 silver, 5 gold.
    • Warning: spam of images ahead.





Thanks for tagging along! :) This was fun.

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