Well, after a few weeks of boredom and nothing to do (if you're like me and finished Season 2 Chapter 1 in less than a week), a new PvP Season has arrived, a month later of the Angel fail win, along with some nice improvements to the system, a Bruiser that everybody thought it was going to be a Blaster (or a Tact), a long awaited lockbox Elektra, the most expensive alts in the game so far, the most Rescue and Phoenix infected PvP season so far (will discuss this later on), and my first blog post in the wikia.

Without further to do, let's talk about this season:

The Improvements

  1. Separated PvP Offense / Deffense and PvE loadouts: finally, this just couldn't be better, you can now fully separate your team basing on PvE / PvP (before it was only the two heros, now it's the whole team including agent and fully gears / alts), not only that but you can also have offensive and deffensive teams for PvP, you don't have to worry about changing your team every time you stop playing, or that your great offensive team doesn't do that well on IA, and you can still have your Po4 in PvE if you wish to sandbag.
  2. Selection System: from the patch note : "We have spent a considerable amount of time on changing the opponent selection system for PvP Season 10. Users should no longer face the same opponent multiple times in a row, and the list of challengers should be much more vast.", altought I've seen a few oponents multiple times, moreover, twice in a row, I guess it's because it's the start of the season, everybody needs to place on their own rating with time, when there is enough people at any rating/level, competition should be more vast, more variety of teams, I hope. 
  3. Reward System: first it was % based, then a fixed rating, now it's both. Not the greatest improvement, IMHO, the % one will only be better at the start of the season, by the last couple of days fixed rating will be lower than the rating needed to achieve % for any rank. However, after this "improvement", I still think it's a bit broken, since you can break your back fighting the whole season, but if you're not able to play last day to mantain it, you're pretty much screwed. They should come out with a new option, something like win 1000 fights and you'll be adamantium, no matter what. For those who can play a lot, but can't deffend well on a monday (work, school, sleep, whatever it's your case).

The Offense

You're attacking, you'll face everybody's Rescue and Phoenix's team. Be ready for that, almost every team will have one of both, or both. Dobcom is doing a blog with some usefull info about this. I'm getting tired of this and I hope it changes soon, bring me some variety, please.

As for my team, I like to try a lot of teams and combinations, this season I've tried Phoenix (yes, but not Rescue, maybe on deffense, lol), the brand new Iron Fist, War Machine, Juggernaut, Magneto, Quick Silver, Omega Sentinel, Emma Frost, Cyclops, Hulk, Black Widow, Archangel, Daimon Hellstrom, Satana and other heros just a couple of times, and weapons like Warbringer Axe+Soa (are always on my arsenal) Hot Shot/Hard Knox, Shepherd's Staff, Lewis Automatic Machine Gun (need to farm again for the restored one), Nanite Inductive Nailgun, Heir of Hell, Chalice of Souls, Siniester Scepter and so on.

The trick is find out what works for you and your meta and go with it, think of a good combo, what are you facing a lot? What do you have in your arsenal that can take care of that with no problem? Try to neutralize your enemies strong points, or take best advantage of turn orders, either by stuns or giving your team more turns somehow.

Some tips and thoughts on heros and weapons ahead.

The Deffense

RESCUE AND PHOENIX, RESCUE AND PHOENIX EVERYWHERE! No wait... You're deffending now, this is the good part, you don't know what you'll face, since when you attack you see the deffensive team of your enemies, you don't know what they have stored for your deffense team when they're attacking, and this is where it gets interesting, what's it going to be your deffense? Who do you have to deffend of?

Same as offense, I like to try a lot of combos. Right now I'm being a little radical and NOT using nor Rescue nor Phoenix, and I suddenly started to win more on the deffense side, I guess if everybody is geared to fight Rescue/Nix, it could be a good idea to make your deffense to fight those who fight Rescue/Nix? Whatever it is, always keep in mind of the synergy of your team . That helps a lot too.

PKB has a guide for AFK PvP, you should check it out.

The Thoughts on Heros and Weapons

  • The nerfed new Brute works great against Rescue/Nix, Despair and Buff Blocker can pretty much neutralize their good atributes almost entirely, it's a shame I don't have it, but I've gotten my arse kicked because of this.
  • Some weapons in Season 2 and Spec Ops 12 are awesome, you should farm for some of those as well.
  • Imho, Shepherd's Staff is way better than QJ, despite the fact that you lose next turn, it's a quick action so that balances that. In a turn based game, every extra turn counts and some heals on top of that + DoT reduction, yes please... and it's free if you were lucky on the roulette last season.
  • Uncanny X-Force Archangel has PainNanoplague, one of the best debuffs (1 step better than Soulfire), Despair and Brutal Strike/Fatal Blow; he's a good neutralizer, despite of this I still feel his attacks are a bit weak, sadly.
  • Heroic Age Iron Fist... If only his Tenacious worked right... oh well, with Hidden Potential he's just pure awesomeness, you can either heal and clear your whole team and get Prevent Debuffs or K.O. anyone with his L1 which hits hard and has Brutal Strike/Fatal Blow and some other debuffs in case he's still alive after that truck, if that isn't enough, his L2 does massive damage with High/Deadly Crits and Ignore Defense, and it's Stealthy so you can smack whoever you want (avoid you-know-who tanking).
  • Phoenix 5 Cyclops is great as well, go Tactician of course, since his Phoenix Potential: Flames of Destruction has a chance to grant you Crit and Ignore Deffense and we all know every Blaster can do that already if there are Bruisers around, so it's kind of a waste for Blaster Cykes, on top of that you'd give Rescue another turn. Also, with Tact Cykes if there's a Blaster around you could do something like L6 (quick action and everybody can counter now) -> L1 (place Flanked and get Tact bonus) -> L2 (Weak Point + Disadvantage this is a neutralizer as well) -> L1 again (Thanks to Flanked placed on the first L1 move, and this time with Deadly Crits due to the Weak Point on his L2) combo. His L9 with AoE Incapacitation is awesome, that thing is better than Stun, since it doesn't procs Recovering, and you can spam it every turn, Just remember not to use it if the enemy is already stunned, since it overrides it, and a sure Stun Turn Lost > a possible Incapacitation Turn Lost. 
  • World War Hulk, if you don't have Warbringer Axe, and if you have it you can just change it for something else. Get him bruiser, just picture a 2x Enraged + 3x War Frenzy + 5x Hulk Up Hulk Performing an AoE Stun. Just make sure to build up his accuracy a bit with some Isos.
  • White Crown Phoenix, despite the fact there are now a lot of ways to neutralize her greatest good (Brutal strike, Despair... well just 2 ways, but there are more heros / items with those available now), she still rocks, both Blaster (despite Rescue) or Infiltrator to actually fight of Rescue. She has a good L1 move, stealth and can hit Phased targets, she has a Stun, a way to make anyone a tank and a built in SoA + Resurrect + Damage + DoT in her L9, just take good care of turn order, specially when fighting her, lol.

Side note here: I'm not saying you should use those, I'm just commenting on whatever I found it's great by trial and error and so should you, experiment and let me know how it goes. If you're interested I can discuss any other hero in here, I tried lots of them (see paragrahp 2 on The Offense section), or we can discuss them in comments.

The ProTip (Managing your PvP Hero Bonus right)

At the beginning of the tournament I noticed something really cool, which can help a lot strategicaly speaking. I've mentioned this in the comments somewhere, but I'll bring it up here again, just in case:

Your PvP Hero Bonus is based on your PvE loadout, what does this means? Well little grasshopper, this means that, for instance, you can change every alt and their mom to Blaster to fully stack your attack power, and still use some of your Blasters as other classes for Offensive or Deffensive PvP.

A bit more detailed and practical example: Imagine Phoenix, go to your team page (PvE loadout) and equip her as a Blaster. Now go to the PvP Page, Offense tab, equip her as an Infiltrator, and go to your Deffense tab and equip her as a Tactician. Which of the three bonus will you get for her on PvP Hero Bonus page? Blaster, the PvE loadout one.

Keep this in mind and you'll be able to maximize your bonus for anything you want, while still being able to use any alt of your choice for offense or deffense (Inf Phoenix works best against Rescue than Blaster Phoenix, to continue with the given example).

The Rewards

  1. Season Rewards:
    • Other than the usual 100k silver and 10 gold,
    • The weapon isn't driving me crazy,
    • The Tactician Aegis Armor isn't the best one in the world, as all the previous ones, the Power Armor is better than the Aegis Armor,
    • And Bishop, well... we'll see if I can get him with the hassle of the last day, if not I could always farm another 135 cps, so no big deal.
  2. Lockbox Rewards:
  1. Daily PvP Roulette:
    • Not bad, the usual, but with some lockboxes. I hope I can get something good (anything but the 5 challenge points). Remember to do (at least) your 5 dailies.
    • Reboot: meh for me, since I already had two from Spec Ops, and as expected, I got another one in (my very first) roulette this season, while the past two seasons I didn't get the reward weapon, and I didn't had them, oh the irony. At least I got the scepter in lockboxes (twice now, lol). :)

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