Some background

When I first started playing the game I had no idea of all the things that matter, I didn't even had anything slotted in the armory so I had 0 bonus there, lol. Then since everybody had bonus and I didn't I obviously figured something was wrong so I looked up what was it and how to get mine (that's one of the ways I found about this wikia btw ♥).

I made diamond in my first play time ever, without knowing much of the game or having played by lots of time (started on the last 30 mins of 31 dec), not having a huge army of max leveled heroes or any big weapons. I was new so I couldn't do much but hey you just have to give it some thoughts, come up with a good strategy and it'll pay off. I got my Scroll of Angolob! And that really helped.

That got me going in PvP. In the following seasons I was easily going to adamantium in the earlier and middle days of the tournament, even in the last days, but I had to fight to hold it on the last day, and that screwed me since I have to work. I only once actually made it to Adamantium, I got Fantomex and it felt great. (Season 9 doesn't count, lol)

Sadly after that those times, 12.2 hit live and I went from L115ish to L200ish in a frenzy to get Command Points and every hero; I did got enough cps to buy all the heroes, but of course my agent leveled way faster than my heroes, and that got me unbalanced, which is really, really bad for PvP, making me end in Diamond every season from a while back, which also made me lost interest in the game, so I started playing barely the 5 daily wins just for the bonuses, and to avoid the annoyance and frustration. Knowing you can't play the last day -the day that matters-, really is a turn down.

Despite of that I still keep trying every season, knowing that I'm an underdog because no wallet, no big armory bonus, no big hero bonus, and not so much time, but I always try to find the right strategies, trust me, I change mine thousands of time throught the whole season, since in this game the PvP strategy is more like a trend <everybody uses the X hero and Y weapon>, you just have to think out of the box, maybe use the trend but with your own twist to favor you over the others, or thinking what can beat that trend, maybe take it to the next level, what if others do that as well? You'll have to be ready to beat the team that beats the trend team as well, pretty much be ready for anything that PvP can throw at you. Keep a record of your fights, see what are you facing the most, and what's giving you troubles the most, that helps a lot, and I do all of that.

Season 11

I REALLY wanted to get the new Empowered Infiltrator Armor, I REALLY fought hard to get that one, even bought some Empowered Isos (both CP and gold ones, and I had said to myself I wouldn't) juuust to be able to have a chance in this tournament. I was doing great then, got a nice strategy, leveled up some key heroes to 13, I easily went to 1400+ on sunday before last monday, I figured hey, I can do this, MAYBE I can even be able to be in Adamantium again.

But again, work on monday, I managed to get early that day, got home with 3 and a half hours to play and 1031 rating (Gold league), here's the detail at that point:

Rating: 1031 (Gold league)

  • Wins: 422
    • Attacking Wins: 280
    • Defending Wins: 142
  • Losses: 381
    • Attacking Losses: 72
    • Defending Losses: 309

This was my score and amount of fights AFTER those 3.5 hours and after tournament end:

Rating: 1093 (Diamond, and barely made it out of Gold, where I was aiming AT LEAST Vibranium)

  • Wins: 480
    • Attacking Wins: 323
    • Defending Wins: 157
  • Losses: 430
    • Attacking Losses: 76
    • Deffending Losses: 354

So in sumary, I had +62 rating from 107 fights (mixing off and deff) in 3.5 hours... JUST 62 score, and I actually had luck, at some point I even had actually less rating than before playing (meaning less than 1031), now let's take a little bit of details sepparating my Offensive and Deffensive matches:

I had 43 wins and barely 4 losses. That's 47 fights, averaing +/-15 fights per score that'd mean +585, all that in let's say 3 hours, (since the game was down for around half an hour on top of everything). That means an average of 1 battle every 3.8 mins. What I got at the end? A lousy +62!

Why? because I had 60 deffensive fights (taking in consideration I was lucky and won 15 of those, but still I had 45 deffensive defeats, making useless my attacking wins). That's an average of 1 fight every 3 mins, higher than the volume of offensive fights I could do, and I was really finishing off everybody as quickly as I could (a bit longer than usual, since the evade tactics reining on the last 3 days).

As you can see the deffensive volume is just nuts, and I actually had low, I've seen people with way worse numbers (the higher level the higher volume and difficulty).

So I fought all weekend, plus 3 and a half hours NON STOP (ok just 3 hours, you have to take out the 30 mins while the server was down) to try to get AT LEAST my Empowered infiltrator suit, and I got so epicly crushed.

My Suggestion to the System

This system needs a change. There's already a % based and a Fixed Rating based... both can mean NOTHING with the current system where only the last day counts.

I've suggested something like: WIN 500 or even 1000 battles, and make adamantium for sure, that way people who can't afford to play big the last day, but can play a sustentable amount of time consistently through all the season can have a break, gaming time will increase in overall, and the big plus, it'd lower the last day frenzy for those who can actually play that day, the servers won't be crashing as they do on every season's last monday.

Seriously, give that suggestion a thought.

Maybe then I'll feel motivated to play like I used to, and not give everything out to try to get a new armor or hero (that's no big deal, they can also be bought 1 month later), and end up with annoyance instead.

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