Let's face it. We all love and hate PvP in this game. We all want to get the best weapons out there, level up all our heroes to L12 and get some Armory Bonus as well and think of countless strategies, the same way we all get frustrated by the poor system, the IA doing a bad job and the matchmaking pairing you up with 1000000 people at day, among other things. Despite all its flaws, it's the biggest atractive to the game, what keeps us most of us interested for, it's human nature, we all love some competition (and PvE isn't that much of a challenge anyways, though I'm a completitionist, so it keeps me busy as well).

Pre-Release Speculations

We also love to speculate, make hypothesis and come up with crazy theories about what's coming next, or just wish with our favourite heroes being included in the game next.

So I joined those two things in one post, now let's see how much I got right now that the time has come.

New set of Armors [Tier-8]

I'd gladly welcome the Power Armors once again in the game, imho they're far supperior to the Aegis versions, and I'm missing the Infiltrator, Scrapper and Bruiser ones, since I joined the game late -I'm also missing the Bruiser and Tact versions of Aegis, so as you can see I'm badly needing a Bruiser LE armor.

For now, Power Armors and Aegis Armors are history, maybe they'll be re-released for a litimted time in the future by any means, but right now I just hope the new set of armors are good enough to try, and that I get the Bruiser version in PvP Season 13, lol. (Yet again, the patterns: Inf -> Scr -> Brs -> Blst -> Tact)

No chances of LE Gen armors, they've made that pretty clear already.

Uniform Infiltrator 6 Male Uniform Scrapper 6 Male Uniform Bruiser 6 Male Uniform Blaster 6 Male Uniform Tactician 6 Male
Uniform Infiltrator 6 Female Uniform Scrapper 6 Female Uniform Bruiser 6 Female Uniform Blaster 6 Female Uniform Tactician 6 Female

Uniform Infiltrator 7 Male Uniform Scrapper 7 Male Uniform Bruiser 7 Male Uniform Blaster 7 Male Uniform Tactician 7 Male
Uniform Infiltrator 7 Female Uniform Scrapper 7 Female Uniform Bruiser 7 Female Uniform Blaster 7 Female Uniform Tactician 7 Female

I got the Inf part right:

Uniform Infiltrator 8 MaleUniform Infiltrator 8 Female

Side Task

I've been seeing this one for a while now, almost a month or two, I'm not sure now. Looks like a very strong and awesome weapon, and I thought it'd be the next 64g item (it wasn't, and it hasn't been since then), then I thought maybe a bundle with a gold sale, two gold sales has been out since, one with a random weapon, one with none.

So then I thought, maybe, it's a PvP weapon, of course, not so simple as the Diamond Reward, no.

You see, In PvP season 8 they introuced lockboxes to this side of the game; PvP Season 9 didn't repeated the lockboxes, but came up with something else instead to keep the players entertained with the [at least] 5 daily wins: The Shepherd's Staff; Then another season of Lockboxes for PvP 10.

If there's something we've learn about Playdom is that once they make a pattern they tend to follow it. So who knows, maybe PvP Season 11 will bring us another OP weapon through a Gathering / Craft set of tasks.

This is what I'm talking about:


(Yeah, the PvP bonus seems iffy and the overall weapon seems to good to be true, but we'll see)

Still no Pulse Blade, but I got the Side Task / Craft wep part right, just the Prototype/Synthetic Cube instead.


Hero Reward

I have no idea who could it be this time, suggestions are open to discussion, with any random pattern you want to put on the table (Mercenaries, Big guns, 3x X force -> 1 Thunderbolt, just pick your poison).

The only two announced heroes left in the list are Doctor Voodoo and Moon Knight, and both were said to be recruitable by command points on SDCC 2013.

Doctor Voodoo Portrait Art Unknown Icon 1 Moon Knight Portrait Art

Giving the fact there have been 2 Scrappers / 2 Tacticians / 2 Bruisers / 2 Generalists and 1 Infiltrator / 1 Blaster, I'd say Inf or Blaster this time, and I want a Blaster.

I had no idea about the hero, but I got the Inf or Blaster right, sadly no Blaster... And hey! Another X-Force.


Release Date

I'd say next friday, Oct. 4, and if it comes with Bishop for sale right away, even better. (Same as it was with Angel, though I doubt it this time).

Missed this one by 3 days, it was Oct 1st.

The Actual PVP 11

Detailed here:

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