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After last's season outcome I felt once again demotivated to play the game. Haven't played much, barely completed Spec Ops since that's a piece of cake, and got both Thor's new LE alts with the command points I got in the way, because well, they're LE. Other than that, haven't really worried to buy Bishop, or the recently released Brother Voodoo, because I haven't felt in the mood to play, even less to farm repetitively for Command Points.

Didn't even feel in the mood to write a blog post in the beginning, but once agaain, here it is. (Sorry for the delay, lol).


Before the season went live we got to see the rewards and the shiny patch note, with -among other things-:

  • Lots of nerfs (no big deal, nothing new), but I'm glad, since this means new strategies, and I always have fun planning mine.
  • Some important changes in the game mechanics (more important than the nerfs), the stat increasing buff stacking change, and the avoidance change. I'm ok with both of them, I'd say good adjustments, making the game more balanced.
  • And some adjustments in the armory, this ones got me thinking, since I was planning on buying 60 LE PvP resource items next season (I really want a good Bruiser armor, I don't have any), and they came and change the armory this season, so you get half of it for ATK half of it for DEF, and added a new armory tab, making it a max of 36 items for each side -luckly they didn't made 2 separated armorys, that'd have meant twice the items, twice the gold to spend.


(in the end I decided to wait for next season, since the Bruiser armor is the one I really want, it's best to buy 72 items next season, to maximize my chances as much as I can, that'd mean 144 gold, but hey I've saved plenty of it, and it's mean to be spent, right? anyways, what I say to myself when in doubt of using gold: it's just a game)



They seem really nice this season, we already knew Domino was coming, and we could also asume she was going to be a Blaster (making it 2 of each class for the PVP rewards heroes as of now), and the armor was going to be Empowered Scrapper with that passive. The weapon seems worthy, as well, screwing the cooldowns, I like it. :)

Fanged Collection

Proud Owner: OmarFPG
Fanged 1 Fanged 2 Fanged 3 Fanged 4
Set # 15,16 1,13,14 23 8,10,20
Fanged 5 Fanged 6 Fanged 7 Fanged 8
Set # 2,7,12,17 4,6,9,18,21 3,5,19 11,22
Collection Complete!


The Race to L300


I'm at L277 and it finally happened: out of nowhere L300 started beating me in PVP Defenses. Other than that I was doing great, winning a good share of my defensive battles, even won one of those L300 guys, lol. But hey, I can't afford to face guys with 23 levels above me (luckly, I'm still facing people my own level on offenses).

TctxdfG.png wozh.png 9aK5r9b.png

Time to run.

As I said, I'm at L277, currently 1112/4000 exp plus another 88000 exp to cope with the other 22 levels I need almost 90k experience.

Luckly, I got this 4 days ago in the daily roulette, it'll help to kill some time to farm exp while maybe I can get some shiny new SO weapons, and some command points, to get Bishop and Voodoo.



Wasted a day already, didn't do a single thing since yesterday. But there are still 22 days to go, even going 1 - 2 levels per day I can be at 300 by the last weekend (the only days that really matter are the last ones), so I'm not that worried.

I'm more inclined on leveling up just to farm CPs, gold, and start the farming fest at L300 (every single weapon in the game, max leveled).

Update: I did 5 stared everything in Spec Ops 14, I got the 15 cps, and I think only once, 3 cp in roulette. At least on my last two runs I got Weapons, ironically, both on Mission 1, lol. I wasn't even that eager to get that one, but the epic and the M3, but ok. I still have 767 Isos, so I may (or may not) farm more later.

Leveled up two times today, I'm at 279 now, and I started noticing that as soon as my rating goes above 1000, the L300 punch me back below the 1k line.


  4. And I got another 3 deffensive losses against Spartans (L300) while taking / uploading the screenshots.

(I'll post the combat logs like this to avoid combat log spam fest) Other than that, my def team is still doing great, against the people around my level.

Oddly enough, I've yet to see my first Loki, Heimdall or Spiral in PVP, what's more odd, I haven't seen that many people with the Empowered Infiltrator armor.


Leveled up twice, once more yesterday, once again today, doing 12.2 and other missions from time to time, since I'm really annoyed on 12.2, I don't want to sound like that guy, but I feel it's been nerfed, or I'm having the biggest dry spell ever, lol. Sooooo low CP drops, barely none, and IF I get a drop, it's 1 cp in normal, 3 in epic. :|

Currently L281. Still bouncing from 900 to 1000 to 900 to 1000 thanks to defensive PVP, still doing just 5 daily wins for the bonus. Oh and I got my first not one, not two, but three dupes. /stare @ScarlettOlivia. xD


Couldn't play much during the week, even on saturday I was kinda busy ♥, but I managed to play some, leveled up other 5 times, currently at 286 and noticing my def team finally needs an adjustment (I even hit silver during the week, jeez), went from having around 50% defensive wins to around 44% defensive wins, I'm at 164/205 Defensive W/L right now.

Trying up a few different things now, though I really miss the AoE despair on Ares L2, rendering the Light Fantastic useless, and the ethereal fatal blow with very nice damage on Thane's L1, even more mixed with Ares' God of War passive, but oh well, the game evolves into new strategies.

I was also noticing I stopped facing the Spartans at some point, but I attributed that to the fact that I hadn't popped my head above the 1k rank line, I did it again today and this was the result:



Farming mostly 12.2, or some Character Restricted Empowered Isotopes mostly and leveling key heroes to L13.

On other news, the spec ops roulette has given me 20 uisos almost every single day -so I have 963 at the momment, may farm for the epic later; the pvp roulette has given me a few lockboxes, and I've opened 4 more, 1 new, 3 dupes. Doing some math on worst case scenarios I'd another need 14 batches of 10 to get Sabretooth, giving 5 daily boxes, I can only get 7 batches, I hope I Get Lucky with the PVP roulette and the Covers per se.


10 levels away. Defenses went down to 41.52%, still high I guess, but not good enough for me. 213 W - 300 L on defense so far, due to some poor choices, lol.

Already finished S2C3, got almost enought CPs to get Bishop so I did a bit of farming with a bit of good luck on the beginning and got him quick, finally I have all the buyable heroes again. Still hunting for that last cover for Sabretooth. 7-12 so far and I'd need a maximum of 40 boxes (have 1 so far, already did my dailies), hope I get more boxes on daily pvp roulette, or get him in the next batch or two. Don't feel like using gold on boxes.


Last night I was needing almost 40k EXP to level up and had two choices to level up, 12.2 or 12.5 (explained in comments). If you're not in need of Command Points 12.5 is the best way to go, hands down. You can even level up without burning Energy Supplies, since you get 595 per run, a full charged Energy Bar would give you 3570, and every run takes around 12 minutes (that's what it takes me anyways), plenty of time to recharge another 10 Energy points for the extra run you need for the extra run to get the remaining XP to level up and a free full recharge. Repeat until 300.

I've done 6 levels like that since yesterday, not playing that hardcore actually. I think I'll leave the other 5 I need for tomorrow. I'll be so happy when I reach 300 and I don't have to re-gem my heroes every now and then, and get the weapons at max level, no worries for them becoming useless over time.

P.S.: STILL no Sabretooth. Even wasted 4g on 4 boxes, no luck yet. At least I know I'd get him in one or two more batches of 10, thanks to the Progress Bar.



As I reach closer to L300 I could notice the volume on defenses grew higher and higher. At L298 it went nuts, and as I went from there to L300 my rating went back and forth from 800ish to 900ish, every time I checked my rating it was different, even seconds away. Too. Much. Volume. But anyways, the race is over.

My race to L300 is complete. I even changed my name for the screenshot. BRING IT ON, PVP!


PVP Strategy and Current Stats

Soon to be discused. Now that I hit 300 I have to re-gem plenty of heroes and see what's the deal in here to come up with a good strategy to keep up with the cat-and-mouse game.


My numbers at the time I reach L300 and before starting to actual PVP:

  • Rank: Silver
  • Rating: 838
  • Wins: 440
    • Attacking Wins: 138
    • Defending Wins: 302
  • Losses: 430
    • Attacking Losses: 21
    • Defending Losses: 409

Low volume on offense, since I was focused on reaching 300, very high volume in defenses, because well f*** lucky me, right?

Update: Did a few offenses today, reached Vibranium. And I could notice the defensive volume tuned down, a lot. Maybe the 800-1000 ground is just that active.

I could also notice, The "Nope" man (Heimdall) can be a pain. Kinda makes me regret not having leveled mine that last level to 13. I also saw some Captain Americas, not bad with the Cube.


My current offensive setup is Mockingbird + Moon Knight, I switched to that one about a week or two ago, I was bored and wanted to try something different. Also bought Gen armor (long overdue) to complete the Generalist line-up.

So far it's been proving to be a good setup. I like how Moon Knight gets OP as I get hit, and as soon as he has enough stacks he can one shot whoever he wants (~7 are good enough to finish off anyone), even after Cube's Light Fantastic, a Quick Action on the L2, consuming one retribution and still having plenty to one shot, some times even clearing all three enemies and one shoting one of them.

Mockingbird is also a destroyer on her own, the L6 -> L1 -> L9 combo works great, and I tend to save her L2 for the times I have to get rid of The Light Fantastic and I can also (maybe) do a stun, with low damage (heal).

For defenses I'm running Mags + Havok, or maybe Thane. We'll see, the volume tuned down so I haven't been able to figure out which one would do better. Or if I have to re-do it all round. Thinking on giving the nope man a try, even on L12.

Numbers right now:

  • Rank: Vibranium
  • Rating: 1264
  • Wins: 474
    • Attacking Wins: 167
    • Defending Wins: 307
  • Losses: 435
    • Attacking Losses: 24
    • Defending Losses: 411


Early in the morning

and I didn't see my rating drop so bad. The nope man seems to be working descently. I'm thinking, however in adjusting my offenses, sometimes the randomness of Moon Knight is too risky for this ranking, an inf Nightcrawler Swashbucker wiped the floor with my team partly because of it.

After doing my 5 wins, got my 5 daily boxes and a +5 fights from the roulette, of course, no new Cover, so I reached this dreaded point:


And had to spend another 10g for Sabretooth. Thanks god at least now we know there's an end, thanks to the Progress Bar. 230 lockboxes total.

As for PVP I'll keep doing fights to reach somewhere around 1400 - 1500 so the last hour rush is less dangerous, hoping I don't get below 1250 at the end, and maybe I'll give it a try to the nope man in offense as well, or someone else or just stick to Moon Knight.

5 hours to go

And I switched my Moon Knight by Havok. Being so annoying in defenses with his L6 Spam Fest, everyone exhausted and pressure points, good combo for Mockingbird, so I figured he was a great choice.

Of course, as soon as I placed Havok in line, I started facing Tacticians all over the place, not kidding, two Tacticians per team Tact Agent / Rescue / Mags / Cyclops / Emma, etc.Makes you wonder. I can handle it anyways, exhausted helps and his L9->L2 is a killer, combined with the 10g Blaster Gem and you don't have to worry about the Cube. If it comes to be a real trouble I'd switch my line up once again for something else.

Considering on replacing Shepherd's Staff for Mystic on Defense, looks like Mags and Heimdall are doing descently so far.

Numbers right now:

  • Rank: Vibranium
  • Rating: 1376 (1.91%)
  • Wins: 504
    • Attacking Wins: 190
    • Defending Wins: 314
  • Losses: 459
    • Attacking Losses: 31
    • Defending Losses: 428

The 2 hours rush

All righty then. This is about to end and the defensive volume is rising up. This will be the last update until the end of the tournament. Did some eisos change on my defense setup, let's hope they were worthy as well.

Numbers (just to compare before and after and see how bad was the 2 last hours rush)

  • Rank: Vibranium
  • Rating: 1403 (1.66%)
  • Wins: 519
    • Attacking Wins: 202
    • Defending Wins: 317
  • Losses: 472
    • Attacking Losses: 31
    • Defending Losses: 441

See you in about 2 hours. Good luck everyone.


All right, time's up. And you know what? I got what I wanted (Vibranium), and almost Adamantium.

At first the defenses were high, Win 1 Offense, Lose 1 Defense and so on. Then at some point it was just win after win, no more Defensive losses, actually got 1 Offensive loss by then lol. I was amused of how quickly I was dishing out the teams, and my rating was going up non stoping, thanks to the luck on a calm Defense.

15 mins left in the clock and I hit the 1500 mark, a few more fights and I'm there. One more fight just to be in case. 1562, bam lose two on Defense, so I keep going, with 6 minutes left, two more wins on Offense.

1 minute left. Still holding on steady, should I try for another battle? No way, there's not enough time! I'll just have to hold my breath and cross my fingers. 49 Seconds left... 1 Defensive lost.

Burn another +3 Battles and fight, I win, but the timer was up, my win didn't count, and I actually had yet another defensive lost.

QhWeC8E.png C9rNGn3.png 6426.png

Boy I had fun, and almost unexpectedly got Domino, but it's ok. I'll just farm the 135 Command Points later. (Still have to farm the 135 for Spiral)


  • Rank: Vibranium                      <--- So close, but I'm not mad, I was really lucky to get that high because of a calm Defense, of course when I get there I knew that was bound to change.
  • Rating: 1533 (0.98%)               <--- +150 in the last 2 hours
  • Wins: 550
    • Attacking Wins: 230       <--- 28 in the last 2 hours
    • Defending Wins: 320     <--- 3 in the last 2 hours, PS: Lol actually had more wins on Defensive than Offensive. :)
  • Losses: 498
    • Attacking Losses: 33     <--- 2 on the last 2 hours
    • Defending Losses: 465 <--- 24 on the last 2 hours

That's it everybody. Let me know how you did.

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