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New Special Operations is out and I'm glad because I was bored to death. Game On people! 


(Side note here: I'm guessing everyone has noticed how this Spec Ops is listed as Heroes VS Lockbox Villains, and Taskmaster is Part of it, possible hint for the future?)

There's also a patch note, and since the forums are still down, they posted it right here, no big changes this time.

Choose your side


I really like this, and since I wasn't around the game when SO3 was launched, this is a first for me. Deppending on which side do you choose the missions will be different, I'll list the differences for each one of them as soon as I have them.

Anyways, most important are the Deploys for Epic, and that's been covered already in its own section (Scroll down), and the weapons, there are twice as many drops this time, every Hero / Villain side has its own particular weapon, including the Epic, two Epic Bosses, two Epic Drops (pieces 3 and 4 of the set).

Plan your way

You should always look at the Task List before doing any move. So you know what's your best choice, like:

  • Task 2: Collect 10 U-Iso (I really really hope you haven't collected your allies maps or daily gifts yet)
  • Task 3: Complete 3 Deploys (so don't collect the deploys prior to collecting the 10 uisos, it can be done outside Spec Ops anyways)
  • Task 4: Defeat a Boss in M1 (self explanatory, and if you do everything right (You can 3 Bird), you may achieve 2 stars, for task 9)
  • Task 5: Complete a Fight with Arcade (at this point you'll get at least yours, and you want to do it since you want those sweet 10 LBs when he's done)
  • Task 7: Defeat Angel (be sure to enter on Villain side the first time you go through M2, you can finish it after defeating Angel, or start-over for Task 10, if you're low on Isos)
  • Task 8: 5 PVP battles (PvP is on, go have fun. You can also do it in practice, and you don't even have to win them)
  • Task 9: 2 star M1 (what did I tell you? Anyways, if you haven't done it, I'd suggest you drop M2 after facing Angel for Task 7, and do a quick run of M1 to complete the 2 stars, then chose Hero side for...)
  • Task 10: Defeat 5 Robo Toads (This. M2, Hero side)
  • Task 12: Moonstone's L2 three times (Back to M1, boy you won't have any problems 3/4 staring this one. Just make sure you go into Villain side this time. If you were extra lucky with Lockboxes you can do it anywhere)
  • Task 13/Side Task 1: Defeat 4 Mini-Bosses (Perfect to be paired, try to achieve this in any way you can, side tasks are up along with task 7, so you'll be a bit advanced on the Side Task 1 over Task 13, but still can be paired to spare at least 2 Mini Bosses)
  • Task 14: Collect 5 Psycho LBs (you may want to save your Arcade fights / collects for this one, you can also pair this with a Side Task Reward)
  • Side Task 2: Defeat 15 Robots (try to kill as many Robo thingies as possible, 2 runs of M2 will get you amost there, you can complete it with another fight in another mission, you want to advance in this one quickly to pair Side Task 5 with Task 15).
  • Side Task 3: Use Emma's L1 three times (Piece of cake if you have her it'll be a freebie, if you don't, go M2, Hero side)
  • Side Task 4: Defeat 30 Thugs (located on M1, jesus christ how many times we'll go into M1? WELL THERE'S GOOD NEWS, at least when I did it, any thug would work, even outside Spec Ops. Go into S1C4M4, so you can farm CPs while you do that)
  • Task 15/Side Task 5: Fight Arcade 3 / 5 Times (See? I told you you could combine this. Btw Tasks 14 and 15 should be in the other order, but anyways, even more, save the Arcade fights specially for this one)
  • Task 17: 2 stars on M2 (Should be way more than done by now)
  • Task 18/Side Task 2: Defeat 10/15 Murderword robots (Sadly again, the order doesn't match, but if you can pair them by any means, go for it)
  • Task 19: Nico's L1 (M3, hero side, a mini boss fight)
  • Task 20: Win 3 PvP matches (take a break, go do your dailies, or practice)
  • Task 21/22: Defeat Thor/Loki (and this is where it gets annoying, remember task 19? it was hero side, now task 21 one is villains side, and guess what? next one, task 22 is again on heroes side. I'm telling you, they're playing with us here xD)
  • Task 23: 3 star everything (should be more than done by now, with this task-progression flow they made us go through xD)
  • Tasks 24/25: Defeat the Epics (this time they did two tasks for this since we have two epics bosses, one on each side. Villain side for 24, Heroes for 25)

Deploy for Epic

They seem to change depending on which side do you pick

Heroes Side




Villains Side




Take a look into Murderworld

Rot Their Teet​h

Piece 1 of 4 comes from the Daily Roulette:



PIece 2 of 4, the 64g buy:


Payne In The Tail

Piece 3 of 4 comes from Epic Boss (Constrictor) Roulette, I wouldn't be surprised at all if the other side of the mission has another Epic Boss / Weapon (Part of the Set):


(Of course, I got the Iso gem, the only thing not worth it there xD)



(Looks like we got another Synergy Set! :))

Better Than A Sword

As expected, there's another piece in the other side of the mission, Piece 4 of 4 comes from Villain's side Epic Boss (Captain Britain and Spidy):



Get Psycho

Proud Owner: OmarFPG
Psycho 1 Psycho 2 Psycho 3 Psycho 4
Set # 9,10,13,14,17 16 5 2,6,7,8,11,15
Psycho 5 Psycho 6 Psycho 7 Psycho 8
Set # 3 18 1 4,12
Collection Complete!

Go Arcade

Arcade is the Group Boss for this Spec Ops, every version of him has an annoying passive, of course. But this time the GB doesn't seem to come with grunts, that's a plus for us players.

He's unlocked at Task 5 (right after Task 4 = defeat a boss and before Task 6 = do the first research), once you unlock yours, you can start seeing your allies' as well.


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