PVP is BACK. So am I, vaguely. Playdom is doing a good job to keep me hanged to this game, I finish Spec Ops 13, on monday, they launch PvP 11 on Tuesday. Well played. But same as the last couple of times I'll (try to) do just the 5 dailies, won't stress out until last day.

On the other hand, there are some side tasks to do, I had that half-right from my speculations' post (updated it already with what I got right and what not).

To go with the Hype, blog post with a song reference, here's the vid for the one I choose:

Moloko - Fun For Me03:48

Moloko - Fun For Me

Off to blogging!

Today's Topic: PvP Season 11.

Along came a new PvP Season, with a very greatly welcomed brand new revamped loading screen. A new tier of Armors, and 17 side tasks.

Re-Iso your heroes, plan your new strategies, and try your best.

Season Rewards


Diamond - Mystic

Mystic Shroud just for the first round? At least please, PLEASE tell me it is not removable. Bane and Obsolete Tech aren't things I use frequently, but I guess if you're planning on going with a magic team against a tech one, this is your best bet.

Now with the Synthetic Cube, it makes me wonder if it'll block it somehow, I doubt it right now, since it isn't labeled as tech anywhere.

Vibranium - Infiltrator's Empowered Armor

Not Power Armor, but Empowered Armor. They lose the trenchcoat and added thunders instead of... whatever the Power Armors have in the background. First and only one (so far) armor in the game with a slot for Empowered Isos (hence the name) for the Agent.

I'm totally intrigued by the Quick Reflexes on this one. Does it means it'll counter enemies offensive Quick Actions? There are some good theorys in its page, but I don't know man, can't really say about this one until the tournament ends, or Playdom explains that somewhere.

One thing is for sure, everybody wants this, and everybody will slot a relentless eiso on this. And so do I.

Adamantium - Spiral

Interesting Hero, good moveset and kinda brings a new gameplay to the table with the dances, every move changes her L6, all her L6 versions are great to mee, it's just matter of seizing the correct one for every time, planning next turn for it I mean.

Her other moves are good as well, but her real power is in her L6s.

Daily PvP Rewards



  • Initially the Armory Items in the Daily Roulette went 1 step backwards, instead of going to the next one in the list. Odd, and sad. Then it was fixed and the Soulfire Blade was gone (Luckly I got two or three before that), then fixed again and Soulfire Blade is up again.
  • The old LE wep is Soulfire Blade, my third piece of the AvX set and I didn't get to play that SO.
  • I'm just glad I got the 5 Rift Essences in time, even got gold a couple of times and 10 cps once too.

Random Thoughts

October 1

  • The Patch was a heavy one, we had lots of revamps, Phased and Tanking being big ones.
    • And that came just in time, now that I got a Siniester Scepter and a Tanking weapon the Phased gets totally nerfed and Tanking totally revamped, but it's ok, with everything being Stealthy or Psychic, Cornered and Stuns everywhere and lots of other ways to prevent that build.
  • Again, the revamp on the loading screen in PvP is so greatly welcomed.
  • Speaking of Revamps, I loved the revamps on the heroes, specially Gambit, he was pretty neat before, just needed a small push and he got it; Spider Woman is actually good now, great new L9.
    • Did anyone else noticed they revamped almost every hero needed for the Heroic Battles in S2C1? Except the ones who were refactored already (Wolverine and Nightcrawler) and Hercules, for some reason.
  • Tanking and counter attacking is a bit messy now, though I just did 5 battles before going to bed, not much time to pay attention but at one point I even managed to kill an Agent and one of his Heroes with two counters in one same attack: first counter (from the weapon) was received by the tank and died, second counter (from Brawling/Combat Reflexes) was received by the initial attacker. I loled.
  • There's a display bug in the Battle Report, where you see yourself in all your deffenses.

October 2

  • There's more variety in the teams, I will always welcome that. I saw an Ares / Rogue team, it was dangerous, Rogue seems to be countering a lot with Absorb Class, gaining class benefits and some times stunning others.
  • Stuns seem to be way more dangerous now, or proc'ing way more? Dunno but almost lost a couple of fights because of them.
  • Lost my first Deffensive Fight thanks to the Stuns... and Phoenix Fire being able to use on first round.
  • The volume of deffenses is pretty high for the first couple of days.

October 3

  • Isn't Task 4 defeat Proxima? What about when Spec Ops are over? I have to get moving on my side tasks.
  • The reward weapon effects are OP, again, I have to get moving on my side tasks.
  • Deffenses are getting heavier, and my afk win rate decreased to 50% should think of a new team, new offensive as well, I want a change.
  • There's a new research to be done: Not much about that yet.
  • Looks like they just fixed the Battle Report visual bug.

October 4

  • Everybody is running Armory of Attilan in deffense now, at least piece 3 with 1 and/or 2, And I wanted a change on my team, so I decided Ares, and that I needed something stealthy, I went ahead and try Daimon Hellstrom, with his L2 everyone can be stealthy, and 50% chance to dodge, with his L6 enemies can tank for me, if on top of that Ares' God of War Procs, it's so much fun.
  • I'm gaining so much exp, I may have to rush to L300 if I reach too close for it (around L270, I'm at 259 right now, and I'll just start working on the side tasks), at least all my heroes are L11 or 12 now, except BB and Thane because new.
  • Aaand the visual bug in the reports is back.
  • Turn order isn't a bitch anymore, new system took care of it, no more 3 enemies in a go. Though there are still plenty of ways to have lots of attacks in one go.

October 27

  • The L13 and the Empowered Isos made a big difference in this season, everybody is inmune to stun now, so that play is out of the game, the avoid death is out of the game as well with Ares' AoE despair and Nix's nerf. Season is about to end, everybody is running a "Try to touch me" team which is the new strategy nowadays, with the Synthetic Cube, Vigilante Toolkit, 3/4 Attilan Set, and some are even running Fantomex / Scarlet Witch.
  • If you can't beat them, join them. I'm glad I finally got the oversized usb thumb drive, also have a vigilante toolkit and 3/4 pieces of attilan set, SoA, WBA, Reboot, Shepherd's Staff and so on. Testing out combinations of all those and tyring to hit the perfect set, or at least something that gets me a solid defense, since I doubt i'll be able to play much tomorrow (I hate this ending on mondays)
  • I started playing more than 5 wins per day since about 1 week I believe, it was hard since I'm a free player and everybody had big eisos, cubes, big armory and hero bonuses and so on. I'm trying to catch up as a free player, hanging on in there.
  • Currently leveling up Key heroes to 13, so I can EISO them and PVP like a boss, I have one or two strategies in mind.

My PvP

Where am I standing


  • League: Vibranium
  • Rating: 1,382 (Top 1.43%)
  • Wins: 354
    • Attacking Wins: 246
    • Deffending Wins: 108
  • Losses: 296
    • Attacking Losses: 66
    • Deffending Losses: 230

What am I running


Trying out this now, an old pair of winners in PvP, never got to try this combo because I didn't had Emma back then, now it's out of style, but I came to think and in theory they should work wonders in this meta, (though I'll miss the AoE Despair from Ares L2); If everything goes right I may even try them in defense.


(If you can't beat them, join them. Oh how I wish the Counter worked fine)

Another Dimension


The PvE part of this PvP Season. Lots of tasks to do, they seem fun, making you pair specific heroes, going through all the aspects of the game (PvP for task 1 collection), Season 1 and two, Spec Ops, Research, Heroic Battles, Incursions, everything.

Plus, the reward is awesome

The full list of tasks is in the title of the section, including tips and everything you need to know.

Luckly I got this yesterday, I was just about to use 10g in the last Rift Essence when I got it on roulette, yay me.


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