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  • I live in Maracaibo
  • I was born on January 27
  • My occupation is DBA
  • I am male
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    PvP 13 and the Birthday Fail

    December 23, 2013 by OmarFPG

    Season 13 was the season I said I was going to reach Adamantium, and even more Vibranium for the Empowered Bruiser Armor, giving that I don't have any good Bruiser Armor, since I was new in the game by Season 3 (still made it Daimond and got Angolob haha), and I had to work on Season 8's finale, but I told myself that day, I'll bring my A-Game on Season 13 (following the PD's pattern I could easily conclude it'd be S13).

    Plus, out of the Empowered Armors, the Infiltrator (Free counter), Bruiser (Free enrage) and Tactician (Free extra turn (?)) seem like the best ones to me. I even prepared myself to spend 144gold (hardly saved) in a full armory of 2g gold items to be ready for everything (not like it was really necessary, but that was my co…

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  • OmarFPG

    New Special Operations is out and I'm glad because I was bored to death. Game On people! 

    (Side note here: I'm guessing everyone has noticed how this Spec Ops is listed as Heroes VS Lockbox Villains, and Taskmaster is Part of it, possible hint for the future?)

    There's also a patch note, and since the forums are still down, they posted it right here, no big changes this time.

    I really like this, and since I wasn't around the game when SO3 was launched, this is a first for me. Deppending on which side do you choose the missions will be different, I'll list the differences for each one of them as soon as I have them.

    Anyways, most important are the Deploys for Epic, and that's been covered already in its own section (Scroll down), and the weapons, t…

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  • OmarFPG

    Here We Go Again - PVP S12

    November 16, 2013 by OmarFPG

    After last's season outcome I felt once again demotivated to play the game. Haven't played much, barely completed Spec Ops since that's a piece of cake, and got both Thor's new LE alts with the command points I got in the way, because well, they're LE. Other than that, haven't really worried to buy Bishop, or the recently released Brother Voodoo, because I haven't felt in the mood to play, even less to farm repetitively for Command Points.

    Didn't even feel in the mood to write a blog post in the beginning, but once agaain, here it is. (Sorry for the delay, lol).

    Before the season went live we got to see the rewards and the shiny patch note, with -among other things-:

    • Lots of nerfs (no big deal, nothing new), but I'm glad, since this means new…

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  • OmarFPG

    PVP: The Aftermath

    November 10, 2013 by OmarFPG

    When I first started playing the game I had no idea of all the things that matter, I didn't even had anything slotted in the armory so I had 0 bonus there, lol. Then since everybody had bonus and I didn't I obviously figured something was wrong so I looked up what was it and how to get mine (that's one of the ways I found about this wikia btw ♥).

    I made diamond in my first play time ever, without knowing much of the game or having played by lots of time (started on the last 30 mins of 31 dec), not having a huge army of max leveled heroes or any big weapons. I was new so I couldn't do much but hey you just have to give it some thoughts, come up with a good strategy and it'll pay off. I got my Scroll of Angolob! And that really helped.

    That go…

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  • OmarFPG

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