So, since the Demon Set (which I missed out on badly) I have been pretty successful at rounding up at least 2 pieces of the subsequent Spec Ops Gear Sets. However, since the Demon Set most of the others have not been that impressive...Im hoping this StarkTech set marks a turn for the better. I think I like it. Im going to run with it til at least qualifying (Attack Count) for Vibranium. Since I also failed at making a proper push on the last day of S07 I also have a personal redemption chip on my shoulder... Hopefully my team and this Gear Set works out for my campaign. Especially if they release Moon Knight as the Adamantium prize!

If anyone here on the Wiki has any insight as to how I could max out potential with this set that would be sick. Also im looking to add a wave of active allies. Im a Facebook player, so if you are as well you can post to my wall here to work it out.

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