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    Which hero(s) or villain(s) do you want to see in future releases either in Season 2, as a future Spec. Ops. reward, as rewards in the PvP Tournaments or as Lockbox heroes, vote here;

    For the above heroes and maybe even some villains, I've chosen to create info-boxes for them, like the ones used for the current heroes on sale. (The information used for some of these characters is from other Users like DrParadox and I take no credit for their work)

    Poll Character info-boxes;

    • Iceman - [1]
    • Red She-Hulk - [2]
    • Elektra - [3]
    • Jocasta - [4]
    • Falcon - [5]

    Bonus Characters not on the poll;

    • Taskmaster -[6]
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