I quit playing MAA some time ago when I was far ahead of the curve, even without buying gold.  It had become boring winning all the time.  Recently, on a whim, I decided to play it for old times sake and did well in the new Chapters, but was more on a equal footing with those in PVP.  Because I am a landscaper, and there is not much call for my work now, I started playing every day for several hours. As a result, I leveled up quickly and began to get whipped in PVP.  Currently I am at Level 120.

   The issue that I have run into is that I am playing Spec Ops 6 but I need to recruit Deadpool which cost 135 Command Points.  Currently I have 4 gold and 0 CPs as I just recruited Beast and Tigra.  That leaves me with farming Command points.  

   My solution, to start, was to play 7-3 over and over and try to gain points that way.  But I have noticed that I have a dozen chapters with only 4 stars.  Getting the fifth would give me 5 command points automatically.  However, to reach that, I would have to play out each of those chapters 4 or 5 times to reach the fifth star.  Or, since I have already recruited Luke Cage, I could go to level 10-6 and play that over and over as is recommended by Potkettleblack in a note he made on my comment at the end of his excellent blog about CP farming User blog:Potkettleblack/Best Farm - 4.4 vs. 7.3 vs. 9.6 (Math Heavy).

   My question is this: should I go and complete each mission in order to farm the CPs that I know will be forthcoming, or should I take the chance that I can farm the 135 CPs in enough time to finish Spec Ops 6 and thereby  recruit Havoc?

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