1. No matter the suit your characters are wearing your characters will still act like their original class.  IE infiltrator WC Phoenix still attacking scrapper World War Hulk even though there is a tactician available for psi-blast.  Another example is bruiser WW2 Captain America attacking blaster Phoenix when there is an open scrapper begging for a shield bash.  My most annoying example is blaster modern Thor still charges up two stacks of Might of Mjolnir when he starts the battle with them.

2. There are exceptions to the rule but your characters will never use their aoe unless it is their level 9.  IE Scarlet Witch never uses her level 2 on defense.  Other examples are Hulk, X-23, Captain America, etc. Storm rarely uses blizzard and Fantomex always uses his level 2 are exceptions. 

3. As far as I can tell we are all grouped in attack pools that the server can select our opponents.  It doesn’t matter on what level you are or if you’re rating is higher or lower than your nearby competitors.  You will not be able to attack them unless they are in your attack pool.  But if you are in your competitors attack pool they can attack you all the time with no repercussion. 

4. The demon set is broken.  The reason I say this.  The Dots from the fury and the hotshot will still be applied if the attack is dodged.  I have even seen fury apply dots to a phased agent.  And yes you can still dodge the hotshot’s attack and get stunned.  The grief’s paragon exploiter does not work.

5. If Phoenix and Quicksilver are on the same team and Quicksilver and another member of the team are taken out at the same time Phoenix will always rebirth Quicksilver.

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