Let me start off by saying this is by no means meant to be a complete comprehensive Android MAA guide.  I will attempt to touch on many of the areas I had a question on when I first started playing.  This guide may or may not be updated by me since there is no guarantee that I will continue to play Android MAA.  If you have comments please feel free to make them but understand that I am not obligated to answer any of the comments. 

Why play on Android?

The short answer is convenience.  You can refresh your flights on the fly, start a Pvp battle and pause it until you are ready to continue or do missions on your lunch break.  If you play on Android you should realize that you are playing the fourth version of the game.  The benefits are most of the time you will know where the game is headed but the truth is the Android flavor of this game has changed in many ways.  The Android version of MAA doesn’t even follow Apple’s IOS progression at all. 

Game modes

There are three different game modes available at this time.  Story mode where you have to complete requirements to open the next mission and chapter.  These battles require 10 energy to attempt.  This is where you will spend most of your time grinding away earning command points and farming weapons.  The next mode is Special Operations.  In this mode you need to complete 25 tasks to unlock a new free character.  You can also receive several check point rewards as you progress through the 25 tasks.  In addition the individual mission bosses have a chance to drop a useful weapon.  Special Operations are typically 26 days long and include a new resource called UISO.  UISOs are Spec Ops specific and will expire if not used before Spec Ops ends.  UISOs are required for battles, deployments and researches.  The final mode is PVP.  PVP is not player versus player in the traditional sense it is more player versus players team controlled by server AI.  This mode requires a different resource called challenge points.  Beside your normal characters stats you have two additional resources that you can build to boost your parties’ stats.  The first resource is your armory and the second resource is your hero bonuses.  I will explain each of these later on. 


Energy – normally energy regenerates over time one per six minutes.  You can also visit allies and receive multiple 2 or 10 energies each day.  Additionally you can receive 25 or 60 energies from Spec Ops deployments, Pvp daily roulettes and the daily roulette. 

Silver – You can acquire silver by completing story mode/Spec Ops battles, deploys, visiting allies and completing remote flight deck missions.  Early on silver will be your most limited resource later on it will be an afterthought. 

Gold – You can acquire gold by leveling, 4 staring missions, from the daily roulette and the Pvp roulette.  You can also receive 10 gold by finishing the Pvp tournament in the second tier.  This game like many other free to play games gives you the option to buy gold from the google play store.  You can also acquire lots of free gold by using Tapjoy.  Tapjoy is accessed by clicking on the plus next to the gold icon at the top of the screen and clicking on the info button on the Earn free gold window.  Once there you will either have to sign up for things that you have no intention of completing, installing useless applications, reading corny adds or watching videos.  Tapjoy also has double gold weekends where you can earn twice as much gold for doing the same things. 

Shield points – Shield points are used to train heros and purchase items from the store.  Shield points are acquired by visiting your allies and receiving gifts from allies.  You can receive a maximum of 62 shield points each day, twelve from visiting your allies and 50 from gifts. 

Command points – Command points are the currency used to buy heros and alternate hero uniforms.  Command points are acquired mainly through boss roulettes.  You can also receive command points from completing Spec Ops task, five starring missions and trading gold.   Normal bosses drop rates are one, three and five command points.  Epic boss drop rates are three, five and ten.   Your goal is to gain as many command points as possible for as little in game energy as possible.  Do yourself a favor click on the epic boss link and read up on which characters are required to open up epic bosses and do not five star the mission you are farming.  You do this by aborting your progress once you have defeated the epic boss. 

UISO – Unstable ISOs are only available during Spec Ops and are acquired by visiting your allies, receiving gifts from your allies, the daily roulette, Spec Ops deployment rewards and Spec Ops boss roulettes.  You can receive 15 UISO from visiting allies and 50 from gifts.  The daily roulette will have 20, 100 or 1000 available during Spec Ops.  More than a few players respin the daily roulette until they receive the 1000 UISO reward.  Something to consider since you can only receive 50 gifts a day and you need shield points to level your heros. 

Challenge points – Challenge points regenerate one energy every 20 minutes or according to this wiki it is one every 25 minutes either way it takes some time to build up.  Challenge points are also acquired by visiting your allies, accepting gifts from allies, the Pvp roulette and Spec Ops deploys.  I have built up a kiddie so that I can play nonstop during the last few hours of each Pvp season. 

How to develop resources

Allies – Everything begins with having good set of allies.  You can receive a maximum of 150 allies and cannot remove them currently.  Once you have your allies you are stuck with them until Playdom does an update to allow us to remove them.  I only added allies when I needed flight deck staffing.  I currently have about 120 allies worth of dead weight, meaning inactive accounts.  I have found many sites but these three main sites to add allies: Playdom, this wiki and gamefaqs.  I have hyperlinked each of the add allies threads for your convenience. 

Flight Deck – This is your main source of silver.  Getting your allies to staff your jets is paramount here.  Hopefully you never have to spend your gold staffing your jets.  Click on the link to see the upgrading cycle.  You can use your jets to train your low level heros but I prefer to send my max level characters out to collect the maximum silver possible.  Keep in mind that the shorter the flight the higher the silver yield and the more experience you can receive for your heros.  I send my heros on one hour flights when I am at work, twenty minute flights when I have time and six hour flights when I sleep.  Even if I don’t get to it right away in any situation at least the silver will keep flowing. 

PVP Resources

Hero bonuses – If you want to do well in Pvp you will want to raise this as soon as possible.  The more heros you own the better your bonuses in battle will be.  You will want to not only buy all of the heros but you need to level them to get better bonuses.  Heros from levels one to nine have the same value.  Heros that are ten, eleven and twelve add an even greater bonus.  You also get points added to each category for each level you gain.  If you do your research you will find that most sources will tell you to buy blasters and level them as quickly as possible to win in Pvp.  Not only should you buy blasters but you should find other heros that can be changed into blasters and purchase their alt costumes. 

Armory – The armory adds bonuses just like your heros bonuses.  The difference is instead of heros you insert items into slots for your bonuses.  Each season the store will sell items during the pvp season for two gold each.  These items only purpose is to add offensive and defensive bonuses to your teams.  The items cost two gold each.  Here is some bad news the items you receive for free in the daily roulette currently are not able to be inserted into your armory.  Kill zones are built around adding additional pages to your armory so keep in mind that levels 60, 100 and 150 are the rough spots.  

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