Hiya! This is my first blog post!

I always want to try helping people achieving their dreams, any good dreams! So if your dream is reigning in PVP, I hope this blog post will help.

I also would like to congratulate you. I'd be brutally honest with you. PVP is NOT for everyone. It's for those who wants to learn and adapt! The fact that you're reading this means you're a learner.

Not everybody wants to learn. To those that does not want to learn, let them be. One of my mentor said, "Only teach those who wants to learn. If you're teaching someone who doesn't want to learn, it's like teaching a pig to sing. The ping will be annoyed and your atttempt will be futile."

So, I'd rather spend my energy on you who wants to learn. Agree?

Please note that last PVP Season 10 (Bishop) was only my second PVP. I joined on July 2013, when PVP 9 was almost over. So the first PVP was a total blur to me. Luckily, I ended in Diamond!

Second PVP was much harsher as I was about level 90+ when it started. I ended up in Vibra! One more thing, I don't have all the time in the world. I only do about 10-12 attacks per day. Sometimes only 5-6 attacks per day. This is obviously in contrast with serious Adamantium player who can do 20-30 attacks a day.

PVP 9 PVP 10
Diamond League
Vibranium League

Let's start!



I'm sure some of you are familiar with ICQ, IRC, Yahoo Messenger, Blackberry, etc. Each of them was king of the hill.

ICQ with its cool tying machine sound effect. 

IRC with its nuked script, chatroom, fserve.

Yahoo Messenger with I dunno what's really good with it

Blackberry with its push email & QWERTY keyboard.

Each of them are near extinction today. 

Why? They didn't adapt!! So, FIRST Rule of PVP is ADAPTING. You don't whine, you don't @#$&*%%^&, 

Instead, you stop for a while and think, "Why did I lose? What went wrong?" Take a rest, think it over, take a bath if necessary. Try to take your mind of it for a while, then analyze again. Then adapt! 

Below, you'll see that my heroes bonuses are worthless while the opponent has much better heroes bonuses.


So, basically if 'Nalds' who barely got to know PVP can make it to Vibra, of course you can too, if you want to ADAPT!! I don't post that picture to brag, only to show you that it's possible to win without parking or spending ridiculous amount of money. At Vibranium, these are the kinds of opponents that you'll be facing. So, suck it up & fight. Find a way to win! 

Don't Focus On What You Don't Have. Focus On What You Have!!

Before you ask if Phased - Mind link is still working, yes it does. I just checked it (18 Oct 2013) and it still is one of the best defense when you're heavily outweighed.

Let me be frank with you. I used ShadowCat KP (Kitty Pride alt suit) + WC-P (White Crown Phoenix). Why I use KP, I'll explain it later on. I just joined, so I don't have the fancy Magnetto, Juggernaut, Omega Sentinel, Rescue, or even Wonderman.  

White Crown Phoenix Portrait Art
Kitty Pryde-Shadowcat-iOS

I don't have Warbringer Axe, Hotshot, Second Amendment, Laser Cutter, Neurotrope, The Knight, Kuzuri, Arc Reactor, etc. Up to this day of writing, I don't even have a single scroll!!! No luck in farming it! 

High chance, most of you don't have those fancy heroes & fancy tools too! But you can always use KP + WC-P. 

You can always use Golden Screaming Eagle, Golden SA21, Golden Tyrant Blade which hits like a moon crash and always level up with you! Stop whining about what you don't have and start adapting, okay?   ^___^ 

Golden Screaming Eagle

Golden Screaming Eagle

Golden Tyrant Blade

Golden Tyrant Blade

Golden Enfield SA80 Assault Rifle

Golden Enfield SA21

Perfect Your Every Move

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.”  ― Bruce Lee 

If there's a fighter so good, that's Bruce Lee. He knows exactly what he's talking about. That's why the Shaolin Monks practice their foundation skills for years before advancing.

I know exactly when to execute the Phoenix mind link, when KP should NOT attack, when to give up my agent's turn. Yes, you read right, sometimes I give up my agents or heroes' turn by a simple recharge even though he / she doesn't need it yet. 

Simple truth. Right move executed at the wrong time = LOST 

Scene 1

'Holly molly, all your characters come first. So you set up a shield. WC-P mind link to KP which not only has Strike From The Shadow, but also Combat Reflexes!' You're ready for any blast that might come your way. KP will take all the hit & return it as hard as she can.  

Then it's the opponent's turn. Rescue does a status reset on your team. Or maybe the agent use his legendary Scroll of Angolob. You're left 'naked'! No Strike from the Shadow, No Mind Link, no shield. You're a sitting duck! 

Lesson: never execute a mind link exactly before status reset or Scroll of Angolob.

How do you know when an agent has SoA? You write it down! 

Scene 2

Your KP just came out from Phased. No more ghost tank. You're facing the armies of enemies with full health. It's KP's turn. Which move should you execute first? Should you use her deadly Sneack Attack? No, use her Shadow Kick" first. It doesn't hit very hard, it doesn't have Deadly Crits, but it'll reduce the opponent's defense by 25%. Thus you can finish the opponent character easier. Resist the temptation to always hit the hardest.

How do I know this? I play with KP + WC-P until I know exactly which move to use. I know the sequence. I perfect my move 

Question: Can I use another heroes combo once I perfect my move? Answer: Sure, when you're done perfecting the move, go ahead and practice with another team. 

Know Thyself


  • Question: Is armory important?
  • Answer: Heck yeah! 

  • Q: Should you spend gold on it?
  • A: Heck yeah! 

  • Q: Even though at the next PVP cooler item would be released?
  • A: Do you buy the latest iPhone even though you're SURE that the next one would be cooler? 

  • Q: What if I spend the gold in armory and then some freakin' cool weapon come out?
  • A: Bite the bullet & do it anyway. If you don't want to buy the LE weapon, adapt! If you really want the weapon, buy more gold. Caution, LE weapon always look so tempting while in the store, while in reality not so. 

  • Q: Should you get a balanced armory or high on attack? Or maybe high on defense?
  • A: Make your attack high, but don't neglect your defense. Prepare for the worst. Prepare for all the enemies to have the first turns, a few times, consecutively. Prepare for Emma Frost's Mental Trauma + Modern Thor's Summon Thunder + Restored Lewis Machine Gun. Set your attack high, but never neglect your defense. 

  • Q: Should you buy all 64G LE weapon and put in the armory
  • A: No, unless you're VERY COMMITED to PVP. Willing to spend lots of time, money and energy into it.

Heroes Bonus

Ha, this is interesting. When you can, you should really invest in a LOT of heroes. Better to buy lots of cheap heroes than waiting for some expensive good ones. E.g. Buying Luke Cage will increase my accuracy by 23 points. Leveling him up to level 2 will only increase my accuracy by 4 points!

So, even though you'll scream when you buy Daredevil, Lukecage, Lady Sif, do it anyway. In PVP, you need "Health", "Attack", "Accuracy".

Modern Armor Sif Portrait Art

For me personally, I'm not much of a dodge artist. Because most enemies have their accuracy bonus up to the roof. So I'd rather buff up my def & health. A lot!

No point having lots of attack with only 85% accuracy. You'll be punching air.

Also, those alt unis are useful. e.g. I have Iron Patriot in both Blaster and Tact class. Whenever I lack attack, I"ll use the blaster uni. By now you might be wondering, which suit will affect your Heroes Bonus. Is it the one in Attack or Defense team. The answer is neither. It's the suit in PVE that counts toward the heroes bonus! Remember this well.

Some heroes are worth the class bonus. Invisible Woman & Angel, for example. Move them both to Blasters. 

Whenever you need more accuracy, move your QuickSilver or Night Crawler to Scrapper.

You get the point!


This is tricky. Everyone have their own favorite item to use. Every one has their own style. As I said before, I don't have all those fancy ancient times. So I make do with what I have. 

I won't discuss every weapon available, only some that I found very very useful.

Void Gen

I used to use Void Generator for offense. Why? Because in 8 out of 10 fights, my heroes bonus will be outweighed, by far! So I need a shield. Not just any shield, but a shield which will prevent a debuff to come in. Also, every time the enemy comes into contact with my shield, he / she losses a buff.

Void Generator

Void Generator also remove harmful debuffs my team, which is awesome!! I don't mind the extra slot.

Mind you, the AI might not use void gen correctly. Sometimes AI use the Power cell then use some other item, sometimes it uses the void gen without the power cell. So, it's not the best for defense team.

Of course you are free to use any items you might think useful. Hotshot is great for AoE stun. Second amendment is also cool. But, once again make do with what you have. You might not have void generator but fear not. The newer items tend to be more powerful and better!

What if you don't have the gold to buy any weapon at all? Use sudden support & a Golden Screaming Eagle. You can obliterate almost any enemy.

Do bear in mind, that "Attack is the best defense" can not be translated as is. I suggest you to bring a protection item. Whatever it can be: mirror image, curative reach, SoA, MFG or any other protection. You'll b grateful, trust me!

Restored Vickers Machine Gun

Other items that you might find very handy for facing Elektra is Restored Vickers. This baby is very powerful. It keeps on adding your ammo, whenever you're not using it. For example, you're a scrapper, you do a follow up attack towards an infil, it will keep adding ur ammo.

Restored Vickers Machine Gun

So, if your agent counters or moves a lot, this piece of gun is marvellous. By the end of the 2nd or 3rd round, you can have 8 ot 10 ammos already. You can simply shoot Elektra to death. Obliterate Emma's Diamond body, or even take out Rescue shield & send her to nothingness. This is also perfect for handling Phoenix. When she revives, shoot her again!

Do pay attention not to use a tact agent when shooting an infil with this beast, or you'll finish yourself instead. Get it at challenged mode 2.1.6.

Dragon's Foot

Dragon's Foot

I know, I know, I know, this is a 64G item. But when you have it, use it. Even when outleveled. Especially when using KP & WC-P combo. You don't want KP's attack to miss. Before nerfed, this itemis marvellous. Almost every unarmed attack will be crit. Know that KP's Sneak Attack is Deadly Crit.This way, I can ISO KP strictly for strength!


Each class has its own advantages. By now you should remember already what each class' advantages & disadvantages. e.g. Blasters always critical hit a bruiser. Let me stress it once again, you should KNOW and REMEMBER what each class does.

When deciding a class, it's always try and try and try. Lots of trial and error.


I use a blaster Phoenix mainly because of two things:

  1. Infil Phoenix would be eaten alive by scrapper QuickSIlver, Wolverine or Omega Sentinel. When tanking with Kitty Pride, I'm less of afraid of Wolvie & O.S. But QS always use his first move which is stealthy. His attack seemed neverending. Not to mention his "Blast from the past"
  2. Blaster Phoenix can effectively kill some very strong tank like Modernman, Herc, Omega Sentinel and also the Warbringer Hulk!
  3. Blaster Phoenix will be so much fun with a protect character. Simply attack a tact, he'll get a double turn. The tact attacks your tank and gets countered. The tact died quite fast this way. Btw, just don't attack Rescue!

Of course there are weaknesses too, such as:

  1. Most tactitian would be so happy to see a blaster. So, NEVER ever use a blaster as a tank!
  2. Rescue can deploy her full skill set in 1 turn. From flyby attack, status reset, magnetic attraction to the shield.

It's not a matter of which class is better. It's always, can you TOLERATE the consequence of a class? I'd rather tolerate tacts + Rescue then having to tolerate QS neverending turns.


When you're running a ghost tank like me, tactician is a bad choice. The infil can gain his / her stealthy attack, thus rendering your tank useless. Also, there's a 30% bonus damage too!!

When you're fighting without tank, this is a formidable class indeed! Stop any blaster & gain and extra turn immediately. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


My favorite class! Double attack when attacking an infil, plus CQC afterward! When you use items that has to gain lots of turn like Vickers or Celerity, this class comes in very handy!

Of course when facing Wonderman + Molecular Reconstruction, my head goes itchy. Bruiser Omega Sentinel just wouldn't die. Bruiser WW Hulk can obliterate the whole team with a single clap. 

Again, which consequence can you tolerate?


Interesting class which get stealthy when hit or being hit by a tactician. Bypassing any tank, any protector like Rescue. But when attacked by a scrapper, got hurt, badly!

I honestly don't know which stat to raise for an effective Infiltrator agent. Evasion does not always work. Defense is okay, but when facing a hard core scrapper, it helps a little. Raising attack & accuracy would be good but it also means neglecting defense & evasion.

An all around performer wouldn't get very far either. As for specific infil hero / character ISO-ing, you can always refer to PKB's blog about how to ISO every hero . It's a freakin' good blog!


My second favorite class. When touching or being touched by a scrapper, can hit like a 20-ton truck! Tough, strong, hits everybody like they're flies. Wear some items like reboot or Guardian of Attilan which offers heavy metal, thus highest resistance to critical hit and also immune to bleeding and internal bleeding. Hopefully you won't meet a Blaster. 

Guardian of Attilan

Know Thy Enemy

Turn Based Game

Do remember, this is a TURN based game. Any character thaat can maximize turns, will benefit greatly. That's why some characters are very popular:

  • Cyclops (Combat Awareness + Incap)
  • Uncanny Cyclops (Chance for extra turn)
  • Ares (War Never Changes + Mass tun)
  • QS (Always get the first turn & two turns every round + stun)
  • Rescue (Flyby grants another turn which can be used to protect the whole team)
  • Omega Sentiel (Overclocked)
  • Rogue (Southern Hospitality + Absord class --> stun)
  • WW Hulk (Mass stun + Warbound)
  • Herc (Column Down)
  • Phoenix (Stun)
  • NC (Stun + Follow up ambush)
  • Captain Britain (Mass stun)
  • Wolvie (The Best There Is + stun)
  • etc

So, there's no reason that you shouldn't use them either.

There's also class based heroes such as infil, scrapper and tacts which gets turns from counter or follow up attack.

Status Effects

Needless to say, this is NOT a hack and slash game. Any person who tought so, will NOT win for sure. This is a smart game. A collection of BUFFs and DEBUFFs. So, always, always, always read every enemies status before you attack. 

Let's say, there are are two enemies left. You only have Phoenix. It's your advantage and you know that you can kill them both. So which attack do you use? Her L1 or L2? Her L2 is more powerful. So you decided to use hit. Then you just realized that one of them is a protect agent. You shoud've got a clean kill. Yet, because you use her L2, it got protected. You'd be doomed.

So always, always, always read enemies status, especially at the beginning of the battle!

Kill Him / He First!

Not all enemies are the same. Some of them are extremely lethal + cause lots of trouble. So, if you encounter these enemies, try to kill them first. They are dangerous because of some qualities that they have. Such enemies are like:

  • Ares - War Never Changes
  • Agent with WarBringer Axe - Increases attack & accuracy everytime being hit
  • Phoenix - Ressurection & Phoenix Fire
  • WW Hulk - Increases attack & accuracy everytime being hit
  • etc

How To Beat Him / Her

Below, I'll list down how to counter some of the hardest opponent.


Ares-B Dialogue

He isn't called the God of War for nothing. He is GOOD! There are a few methods that you can use to beat Ares.

QuickSilver Method

QS always gets the first turn. When you see Ares, beat him to a pulp. Since Ares is a bruiser, of course avoid Scrapper QS. Always use his second skill first (the combo setup). Then beware of the second move. See if there's a protect character. Watch out for protector agent or wolvie. When there's a protector agent, ALWAYS stick to his first move, the stealthy one. Which also build his quickness. That quickness is always handy for a counter-attack later on.

Quicksilver Dialogue 2 Right

When there isn't a protector agent, you can use his 'One Mile Punch' (his third skill) which does Wohoooo damage!! I strongly suggest that you get his alt suit. Because if Ares turn comes right after yours, you can be glad. You can almost be sure that QS 'Blast From the Past' can reduce him to ash, right before he can do anything. This way, with QS alone, you can beat him within the 1-2 moves.

If his turn does not come right after you, all the better. Kill him with all you got! You can also try QS Vortex Lariat, hoping Ares will be stunned. I don't recommend this.

Now, some of you will cry so loud, "But QS is weak!!!!". He is weak when you don't know how to ISO him. Now, when you ISO him, only ISO these atrributes, "Health, Strength, Defense". Don't bother with accuracy & evasion. B'cos QS can build his own accuracy & evasion. Also, when you move up, your opponent will stack on accuracy so much that evasion won't be dependable. Don't go for all around QS.

The Exhaust Method

Every opponent has a pattern. Learn it! Ares always use his third skill first. The quick action to improve on his accuracy. Only then he will use the multiple stun. So, before he can do it, put exhaustion on him. Once exhausted, that Ares will only shoot those puny bullets and you'll be able to laugh at him.

To achieve exhaust, you can use Tact Aegis Armor which has 50% chance for exhaust. You can also use Sonic Blaster which you got from the previous SO. You can also use Stainless Stell, Squirrel Girl first move, Wonderman Hollywood Hammer, Havok's annoying Plasma Sphere.

Use Blaster

That's right. You read it right. Especially when there's a character protecting your blaster. Use that blaster to blast Ares. Blaster is NOT the weakest class. In fact, there are many blasters in the upper leagues. Blaster IP, Cyclops, Phoenix, Iron Man, Agent, Havok, Daimon. You name it! They all give me a hard time! Just make sure not to hit a tact with your blaster, unless you really know what you're doing. When a tact hit your blaster, suck it up.

Use Stun

This game is a turn based game. Those who can maximize stuns, will reign. So stun that Ares. Use anyone who can stun. Tundra, Phoenix, WW Hulk, Magneto, Wolvie, etc. If possible, use your own Ares first and stun the enemies. When your Ares miss a lot, increase his accuracy!! His accuracy & attack sucks_ indeed. That's why he relies on his third move.

So have fun countering & using Ares. Remember, next time a good character comes in & you're defeated so good..... Think! Why not, you can also use him! When not nerfed, Ares is fun to use!


Rescue Icon Large 1

So many people despise her as opponent. Which means she does her job very well! If you can, try to kill her last. It takes lots of time to kill her. When everyone on the enemy's team is dead already, she won't have anyone to rescue. Believe me, she's not very good at rescuing herself.

A few methods that work:

  • Use exhaust, thus she'll only do the flyby attack and that's it
  • Use Guardian + Protector of Attilan. Thus you'll be immune to cornered or off-balanced. Everytime rescue hit your tank agent, she'll get knocked
  • Use stealthy weapon. Which means you can attack everyone without being countered e.g. Mercurial
  • Use catasthrope weapon, which means can't be protected. e.g. Restored Vickers
  • Use despair, then she won't be able to heal. Ares is very good at this


Elektra Right Portrait Art
Many people don't like her Master Assasin. She always use her third move first. Thus any melee stealthy weapon like mercurial will be useless.

When I don't bring any range weapon, I usually kill her last.

There are a few methods to counter her:

  • Range weapons. She can't pre-emp them. Any choice will do. Restored vickers, Watcher of Attilan, Void Gen, or any other. This include any range character like Cyclops or Invisible Woman
  • Reboot. Offer protection for bleeding. Also, Elektra's Master Assasin will not proc often but NOT everytime. If she pre-emp your reboot, let it be. Reboot is a QA, so you still have your main melee attack
  • Stun her! She can't pre-emp when stunned!


Phoenix Five Phoenix Right Portrait Art
Well, you can use despair which will ensure Phoenix or her teammate die once.

However, be very careful when facing her. When you want to kill her, make sure you can kill her twice without pause. When you give her a moment, she'll explode with the Phoenix fire which very often will wipe your team clean.

It also applies when you kill her teammate. Try to kill her next without her being able to explode. So when hitting any of Phoenix teammate's, gauge the damage beforehand.

Even with 50% revival chance now, she's still a big threat.

Phoenix is also good, because her L1 attack will always be stealthy, no matter what. It can even go through phased. She's a great asset. Also great as an enemy too!

World War Hulk / Warbringer Axe

Hulk Dialogue 2 Right
This is not gonna be a pretty fight. That's why so many agents still wield that axe. When you can, no matter who the other opponent is, kill the Warbound bringer first. It can be the agent or WW Hulk.

Avoid any area attack. Because once you do an area attack, all of the enemies will get 1 stack of War Frenzy. Resist the temptation of stun area attack. 

Always use a single attack, and try to concentrate your attack. Sometimes you will need 2-3 characters hitting the warbound source. Don't give him / her any chance to fight back. You don't want 5 stacks of warfrenzy raining on you.

Don't ever use scrapper QS on bruiser WW Hulk. He'll get enraged so fast, stack the warbound so fast. His clap can really treat your team like flies. 

If you have any character that can remove that stacks, USE it! It can be SoA, Void Gen or even Rescue's Status Reset.

Kill that character, fast, without pause!


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