Hiya!! So glad that I finally find the time to write this FINAL blog!

I have decided to quit the game for good. It takes too much toll on my life and mainly my health. A friend of mine "AdmantiumArrow" asked me, "Can't you ration your time?" Well, honestly I can't. I'm a very competitive guy. I play with a clear destination that I must rank in Ada, despite everything!

So, finally last Season at PVP 11, I ranked a very well Ada!! As this will be my FINAL post here, I'll post all my secret sauce, hoping that you'll be better in PVP if you wish so. The fact that you're reading this post already proves it.

Many guys and girls have improved their rank reading my previous post. Rising from Silver to Diamond, Vibra and even Ada!!

I asked them, which section in the post did you find most useful? They all said, the MINDSET!! That's what changes them most. Not the strategy! That mindset that I've written before is incredibly important both in this game and in life. So, go ahead and read it. Strategy always changes, but the mindset will stay the same.

Adamantium League
Rating 1,746 (0.36%) - Top 135

Let's talk about that Season! First of all, many of you already know that I often fight underpowered. Most of my enemies have much higher stats, and it's okay!

What you can't compensate in power, you compensate in strategy and luck, of course!


From there you can see clearly which team I was running! Lots of you are surpised to see me running Iron Fist.

Heroic Age Iron Fist Portrait Art



Heroic Age Iron Fist

At first, I don't like him either. He can punch very hard, that's it. But what really shines about him is not the punch. It's the Team Healing plus Buff Blocker which lasts for 2 full rounds.

Usually, when my IF gets the first turn, I always use that move first. I go to his Lv. 9, put buff blocker on my team. Even though I'm at full health. I use it for the BUFF BLOCKER. That's how important it is!

Also IF's Lv.1 gives cornered. So, no more protect agent!

When another round has passed and anyone is dying, IF can heal him to full health again. Also, there's always "The Light Fantastic" from the cube!

This is important. Any tactic will be useless if your team is dead! Keep all of them alive as long as you can.

You can see above that I was running a protect agent, with reboot, even if I have the buff blocker. Because buff blocker doesn't last forever. More importantly, there are lots of Elektra on the ground. A bleeding protect agent will go out in a jiffy! Not nice at all.

Thane Portrait Art



Let's talk about Thane!

This guy is amazing, I got him to Lv. 13 and strapped Ethereal EISO on him. He can hit anyone hiding behind Reality Hacking. His fatal blow was incredibly useful as well as his shield. When IF was taken down, he can clean any debuff with his shield. That shield also healed when removed. 

It can't be removed by blackest void. It's one of the sweetest shield available!

His Lv. 1 is awesome. Two turns later and the enemy is stunned. It also removes protect & counter effect. Protect Agent? Rescue? OS? Wonderman? No problem. Just a touch from Thane and he'll no longer protect.

At season 12, this is where my life changes. I locked out my account, cleared all my bookmarks, cleared all my notes on MAA, and quit and MAA group on FB. I need a better life. A more quality life. But let me tell you about my final team. It was Modern Thor and Cable.

Modern Armor Thor Portrait Art

Modern Thor

Cable Portrait Art


Modern Thor Cable

Let's talk about Thor!

Modern Thor is awesome. Season 12 is filled with Mystiq everywhere. I can't put any debuff on the enemy. Also, there are lots of Modern Thor around! Either he killed me first or I kill him first. This is where luck plays a great part on the game. However, you can tip that luck in your favor. This is how u do it.


If there's no protect agent / character, I'll throw Thor's hammer to the most dangerous opponent. Most often, to another Modern Thor! However on throw is hardly enough. So I do what most people don't do. I did his Lv.3 first, even though the Might of Mjolnir is already maxed out.

I did it just to get 25% extra strength when attacking. This way, I can FINISH most enemy in one throw! Of course this all would be for nothing if the hammer didn't connect. So get him his ethereal EISO.


Modern Thor will do great if and ONLY IF he gets his turn before anyone else kill him. This is where Cable steps in. With his Lv. 9, he can give a TURN to Modern Thor. 

Thor will gladly finish the enemy. What if.... oops... the enemy's still standing? It's Cable's turn right after Thor.

Cable's Lv. 1 has True Strike which ignores most avoidance effect. Boom! There went the enemy!

Cable EISO is a must. He pre-emp a lot! 

Cable also shielded himself a lot. Thus, even at Lv. 9, he can outlast even the agent and Lv. 13 Thor.

That's about it. Happy playing to all of you. 

I LEARNED a lot from this game and that was enough.

I will NOT open my account anymore. You can always contact me through

Cheers. May you reside in Adamantium!

Defeating Better-Stats Player

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