• Nalds

    Last One From Nalds!

    November 25, 2013 by Nalds

    Hiya!! So glad that I finally find the time to write this FINAL blog!

    I have decided to quit the game for good. It takes too much toll on my life and mainly my health. A friend of mine "AdmantiumArrow" asked me, "Can't you ration your time?" Well, honestly I can't. I'm a very competitive guy. I play with a clear destination that I must rank in Ada, despite everything!

    So, finally last Season at PVP 11, I ranked a very well Ada!! As this will be my FINAL post here, I'll post all my secret sauce, hoping that you'll be better in PVP if you wish so. The fact that you're reading this post already proves it.

    Many guys and girls have improved their rank reading my previous post. Rising from Silver to Diamond, Vibra and even Ada!!

    I asked them, which …

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  • Nalds

    Hiya! This is my first blog post!

    I always want to try helping people achieving their dreams, any good dreams! So if your dream is reigning in PVP, I hope this blog post will help.

    I also would like to congratulate you. I'd be brutally honest with you. PVP is NOT for everyone. It's for those who wants to learn and adapt! The fact that you're reading this means you're a learner.

    Not everybody wants to learn. To those that does not want to learn, let them be. One of my mentor said, "Only teach those who wants to learn. If you're teaching someone who doesn't want to learn, it's like teaching a pig to sing. The ping will be annoyed and your atttempt will be futile."

    So, I'd rather spend my energy on you who wants to learn. Agree?

    Please note that l…

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