Well another 5 battles down, 3 Sephim Feathers, 1 Caudicite, and 30 Gold Nuggets, and some pvp item I don't really care about. I am currently in the top of Vibranium, but not make much movement toward Adamantium (Not that I really care). The day went okay, I raged a bit when I lot to an Agent due to a missed Sunday punch from Juggernaut. But I got over it a bit later, the person's team was really solid and the strategy, while infuriating and hyper-defensive was effective and I feel like I should discuss it a bit, showcasing it for people in the level range of 50-70. Not sure how good it is at higher levels. But I also felt that it could be improved, even in our bracket.

My Team:

Agent Nabirius (Scrapper)- My agent is probably the weakest link on my team, but being a scrapper is useful.

  1. Savant Spear- I should move this to an new slot. The fact that it won't tell you if there is a shield until you make your first action can screw you if you are running Juggernaut, or Iron Man Mk42 and exploit shields. Generalized stops infilrators from getting past Rescue, and Blaster from 1-shoting Juggernaut
  2. Target Pistol- Not a great item, but for some reason when I got it at level 30, it set its level to 50 so I haven't outleveled it. But mostly I keep it because its a great way to set up Juggernaut. Shoot them, they lose a bit all their stats, and get target focus. However it generally is no where near strong enough to break the almost ubiquitous shields, so Juggernaut can use Mountain Crusher for a ton of damage.
  3. Ionic Sledge- Shields from Rescue, Strengthened from Juggernaut, and Fortified from Rescue. For some reason Reconstruction Matrix doesn't count as healing, but it doesn't really matter, the Sledge hits like and heals me, that more than enough for me to keep it.

Rescue (Tactician)- Rescue is a meta-defining beast. Capable of turning immensly unbalanced matches against me into victories through sheer defensive power.

Juggernaut- Juggernaut is aptly named, he is an offensive powerhouse that can tank some serious, which is good if an enemy blaster gets to go before rescue turn them into massive liability with no upside. His utter lack of accuracy has a nasty habit of screwing you at the worst times, magnitism removes that liability.

This team is way more vulerable to turn order than I would like, but its been doing work so I keep it.

The Team:

Agent Swift XIII (Generalist)

  1. Kuzuri- This was important and useful, the team would not have been as successful without this exact item. A good choice.
  2. Ram's Horn- A generally good Item, but I felt it was a bit out of place on the team for reasons I will mention later.
  3. Scroll of Oceribi Nomaj- Not sure If I count this as 'key' but it worked well and was infuriating. I would switch for Scroll of Angolob if I or he had one.

Iron Man Mk 42 (Blaster) - This was easily the weakest link on the team. I get what he was going for, but it doesn't really work for reasons I will explain in detail later.

Rescue (Tactician)- This was key. Seriously. BEWARE. THE. RESCUE.

This team works due to having an unreliable second protect. Simply put, if you attacked him, you knew you were going to attack rescue, but if you attacked Rescue you didn't know who you were going to hit. Him being a generalist was also a stroke of brilliance, since he never helped my team. Were he a Blaster, Scrapper, or Inflitrator, I would have torn through his wall immidiately (and were he any other class some one else would). He and Rescue were basically impentrable as a wall be cause I could not keep buffs on myself, including my own protects, allowing his Iron Man and Agent Easy access to Juggernaut, who tanked it like a champ anyway.

And this brings me to the weakest link of the team. Iron Man does not fit. I realize that he can spread a ton of debuffs, most importantly being bleed. But other heroes can do that, and better. Iron Man is more unique in that he can do it with Stealth, which is very useful. But first of all he should not be a blaster. That opens you up more because Rescue, Captian America, and Red Hulk will use the extra turn you give them to pound you to smithereens (Or heal her own team into non-smitereens, and give her team Resist Burining, Resist Bleeding, Fortified, and Shields in the case of Rescue), either way its bad news. I suggest either Swashbuckler Nightcrawler for the AOE stealth bleeds with shadow dance, or X-23 if you are willing to give up stealth for extra power (also having a triple protect is a little wierd, I admit). Either way you can't shield a hemorage, and you can't protect the follow up attacks they are granted. With the sheer buff removal this team has, resist bleeds shouldn't be problem.

Lastly Ram's Horn is a poor Choice, Rocket Pistol spreads the same debuffs, doesn't have the cool down, and best of all can't be protected against because it spreads debuffs using splash damage, not an AOE. You may not have rocket pistol, and thats fine, but either way in 2 rounds between Kuzuri and Iron Man everyone should be bleeding, making Ram's Horn a little redundent by round 3. Still, if you are reading this great team, and I wish you luck in the tournament.

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