Last time I focused on characters that had the ability to tear through the defense Rescue puts up, now I'm gonna talk about heroes that simply don't interact with Rescue at all. Generally speaking, this is a better choice than trying to tear through her, and I'll tell you why. Rescue wants you to fight her, it is her goal, and even though the character I mention can get through her quickly, each turn you are fighting her you are ignoring the glass cannon that she is protecting, and that can be dangerous.

Really any infiltrator can kinda do this, but here are some characters that work especially well.

Nightcrawler- All his attacks are stealthy, meaning Rescue can't do anything to stop them, or block his AOEs. He's a solid choice, magnetized doesn't hurt him too much either. I like running him with Thundra or Captian Britian, but mostly Captain Britain. He can set up lots of debuffs very quickly making CB do a lot more damage with Paragon Exploiter. Swashbuckler Nightcrawler can also bleed opponents out, but that mostly just means a little extra damage once, because Rescue will apply Resist Bleeds immediately with Reconstruction Matrix. If using a paragon Exploiter Strategy, be prepared to spend 2 rounds before getting to finish her. Grade: B- *Reconstruction Matrix no longer gives resist bleed, Swashbuckler Nightcrawler is in, baby. Grade: B+*

Quicksilver- One of the cheapest, most useful heroes, Blue Suit Quicksilver is great. That said while can deal with Rescue, sometimes, he generally doesn't. Basically, one of his biggest advantages is that he can build up quickness faster because Rescue can prevent his counter attacks. Still, Blinding Punches and Tag Team are stealthy, so he can hit the back line Rescue is trying to protect, who are likely squishier due to not using as many isos for defense or health. He can also deal quite a bit of damage to Rescue when the stars are right with 1-mile punch. But honestly, he's pretty lackluster on this list. Grade: C-

Phoenix- Phoenix is good. Her main attack is effectively stealthy, her second attack has a good chance to stun, her third attack is lackluster, unless you use it to abuse Shadowcat's Incorporeality+Counter attacks, and the computer tends to be too stupid to not wildly flail into it. I prefer Infiltrator Phoenix of the White Crown, mainly because playing around Phoenix Fire is much harder against her, since she may be able to survive the cool down  on Phoenix Fire. But if you are running her with Shadowcat and want to use the Tactician Alternate, if you have it. Go for it. She's actually not a terrible choice as a Blaster due to the 'effectively stealthy' aspect of her first attack, but you know how I feel about giving tacticians free turns (Especially vs Rescue, Blasters should be right out). Grade: B+ *Mind Link is now a Quick action with a cool-down, ends up as a significant buff in my opinion, especially on defense*

Shadowcat Kitty Pryde- Seriously along with Quicksilver and Grey Suit Tactician Black Widow, Shadowcat is and awesome in terms of cost:power ratio. Now the interesting thing (for me here) is that I wholeheartedly recommend Infiltrator Shadowcat, in spite of the massive degree of redundancy (a 30% damage boost, is nothing to sneeze at for Shadowcat). Simply put, she already has 2 naturally stealthy attacks, and her other 2 become stealthy while phased (obviously). She makes a great team with Phoenix, who can make her protect while phased. Basically turn 1: Call Lockheed and hit a tactician, protect with double counters while phased for a round, Round 2: Sneak attack for a billion damage. If running her remember to bring Dark Sigil or Neurotrope, something that can give her a crit and that Sneak Attack will hit for a ton. Grade: A- *Rescue no longer Applies magnetized to attacks that avoid her Protect, keep a crit-enabler if running Shadowcat*

Emma Frost- I like Emma Frost, I think she still ranks in the top 10 most powerful heroes even after her nerf. Against Rescue, she does work. Like Phoenix her attacks are all effectively stealthy. Unlike Phoenix she's probably what I would categorize as a 'support hero' meaning that her real power is in setting up others, a lot like Rescue in that way. But while Rescue sets up a powerful wall and heals that are difficult to get through Emma Frost is an offensive support. Yes, removing all debuffs from an ally is a powerful defensive effect, but it also gets rid of Weakened and Magnetized, and all those other Debuffs that can lower damage. If you wait for the turn Rescue uses Reconstruction Matrix, then use Unlock potential, you can set up a devastating attack. I like pairing her with Iron Patriot War Machine in order to lay out as much pain as possible in a short amount of time, if using this strategy give the Agent a protect item in order to stop Rescue from Winding Iron Patriot. Grade: B-

Wolverine- Infiltrator Alt Wolverine is a great pick to go against Rescue, but also just a great pick in general, which is why I am giving him a better grade than I probably would normally. Thing is Wolverine is good for the same reason Rescue is good, they both come with a counter to many situations. Wolverine can use Savage Rend to remove Rescue's Protector Protocol, setting up the rest of his team for hard hitting attacks, and preventing them from being magnetized. Adamantium Claws can help punish Rescue if she uses Reconstruction Matrix too soon. And feral ambush can either attempt to give you a whole round without Rescue protecting or slow down one of the damage dealers she's protecting. All-in-all a great package of abilities, plus he has a passive protect and heals like a boss, what's not to love about this dude (I mean aside from gratuitous guest appearances). I like pairing him with X-23, personally in order to remove the protect and then use Blades of Rage. Grade: A- *Since the most recent patch, Rescue will no longer apply Resist Bleed, which is a decent buff to my favorite team with him*

Magneto- I didn't really know where to put him, it was either in here or under the offensive guide. In the end I decided to put hum here because the only reason he could be considered a counter pick is that Rescue relies on magnetism more than you probably realize. Point is, he will automatically magnetize her, thus automatically critting with every attack, and evasive Rescues will just be up a creak without a paddle. Its not a good position to be in. He will also preemptively counter attacks made against him, until Rescue hits him with Fly-by Attack, but still its better than nothing. He primarily wins by not really having to interact with her a whole lot. He will magnetize people regardless of what she does, crit regardless of what she does, and preemptively counter until she does something about it. If you pair him up with a protecting agent or hero, you can get the best of both worlds, he will preemptively counter, and then not get winded (Pretty sure that's how it works, correct me if I am wrong). Wonder Man may be a good teammate for Magneto. Grade: B- *Since the last Patch he had been nerfed some what, not sure how must 'slightly' less damage is on Electromagnetic Blast, but I will see what I think*

I may have left out some good counters, if you have some that play around Rescue entirely instead of powering through her, please leave them in the comment section it would be useful information to add to the blog.

Suggested by others:

Tactician Alternate Black Widow- Seriously this is the highest Bang:Buck ratio of any hero. If you are poor and want to know who to play, pick her, she is so good. The reason she's a hard counter to Rescue is that tactician alternate makes all of her attacks stealthy, so no magnetism and no protect. Then you Widowmaker and kick someone in the face. Grade: B

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