• Nabirius

    Last time I focused on characters that had the ability to tear through the defense Rescue puts up, now I'm gonna talk about heroes that simply don't interact with Rescue at all. Generally speaking, this is a better choice than trying to tear through her, and I'll tell you why. Rescue wants you to fight her, it is her goal, and even though the character I mention can get through her quickly, each turn you are fighting her you are ignoring the glass cannon that she is protecting, and that can be dangerous.

    Really any infiltrator can kinda do this, but here are some characters that work especially well.

    Nightcrawler- All his attacks are stealthy, meaning Rescue can't do anything to stop them, or block his AOEs. He's a solid choice, magnetized d…

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  • Nabirius

    Counter Play- Rescue

    July 2, 2013 by Nabirius

    I have been seeing a great number of people on the forums calling for Rescue to be nerfed, and a great deal more simply expressing dislike for the way she extends games in a manner that can approach infinity. Well I may do a blog as to whether or not I think Rescue needs to be nerfed, but for now I will just say that I am not opposed to the idea but do not think its strictly necessary. Anyway beating the crap out of Rescue, EXCELSIOR!

    All in all there are really a few good ways of dealing with Rescue. One, by powering through her, which is tough as you need to be able to deal a LOT of damage with very little set up in order to be successful and not fall into pattern. But here are some ways to do it.

    Captain Britain - Save the Queen exploits …

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  • Nabirius

    Well another 5 battles down, 3 Sephim Feathers, 1 Caudicite, and 30 Gold Nuggets, and some pvp item I don't really care about. I am currently in the top of Vibranium, but not make much movement toward Adamantium (Not that I really care). The day went okay, I raged a bit when I lot to an Agent due to a missed Sunday punch from Juggernaut. But I got over it a bit later, the person's team was really solid and the strategy, while infuriating and hyper-defensive was effective and I feel like I should discuss it a bit, showcasing it for people in the level range of 50-70. Not sure how good it is at higher levels. But I also felt that it could be improved, even in our bracket.

    My Team:

    Agent Nabirius (Scrapper)- My agent is probably the weakest lin…

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