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    This is just my summarization of some of the blogs here, i.e. heroes review. And to give the best value for our Precious Command points.

    Lastly, hopefully, to answer the ageless questions like “who should i recruited next?” and which is the best heroes per class”...

    In this List, I will breakdown the heroes per CP prices and per class:

    - BEST:

    - Honorable Mention:

    - Investment Hero:

    o means STRICLY for Buying for their alternative uniforms. Not included limited edition uniforms (Avengers Movie/Phoenix Five)

    List may differ per class and per price

    CP Prices.

    15 CPS.

    These heroes come cheap and could come free upon locking the PVP tutorial. Here my list:

    • · BEST: Invisible woman
    • · Honorable Mention: Iron Fist
    • · Investment Hero: Fututre Foundation Invisible Woman


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