Hi all,

I was just reading a post on getting Magneto.  Some people seem to have had a lot of good fortune in getting ISO's, and/or gold which allowed them to farm/buy lockboxes.  This is something that I've been thinking about for some time. 

Here is a question for all to get a conversation going: 


Eenny, Meenny, Minny, Moe.

Do the roulettes (daily, deploy, and/or Bosses) have a pattern?

If not, how do people choose which box to pick?  Do you pick the same one every time or different one each time?

I pick either top left or middle left boxes.  I choose mostly the middle left.  I'm going to chart my next 100 roulettes and let you all know what kind of luck I have.

Thanks to all who participate in this discussion.

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