Hi all,

I am currently on task 22 in Special Ops 4 with 14 days left. Woot a couple of days I'll have Ghost Rider.

I currently have 19 heroes in my roster...soon to be 20. Nine of which are at level 10 or above. See list below.

My plan once I get GR is to level up all my heroes to level 12 before I get more. This will allow me to save CPs to get those that I need/want. My goal is to get all the heroes that I can. Is this a good plan or do I just need to have these 9 at level 12 for deployments? Let me know what you think.

I'm not big on PVP. For one, I don't believe I can get to where I can earn Cable. I had a hard time trying to get to Deadpool. Secondly, I just do the five PVP daily fights to raise my heroes xp.

Hero level Points to next level
Agent 74
Iron Man 12 Max
Black Widow 11 2900
Cyclops 11 2200
Iron Fist 11 Train
Ms Marvel 11 Train
She Hulk 11 Train
Hawkeye 11 2900
Colossus 10 1100
Hulk 10 Train
Invisible Woman 8 1100
Scarlet Witch 8 1800
Emma Frost 7 100
Phoenix 6 900
Spider Woman 6 30
Black Cat 5 500
Spider Man 4 300
Luke Cage 3 200
Magik 2 200
Storm 1 250

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